It’s nothing serious, no seriously.

Hey guys,
Just realized it’d been awhile since anything’s been posted on here so I wanted to jump on and let you all know what’s going on.

New Server

We got a new server setup that’s been running beautifully for us. Last time it went down it had been running for over a month.

The reason things were so shaky there for awhile is the server was being attacked, and the software we were using wasn’t able to deal with it. Now that we have the new software though, things have been great.

New Features

You can always find the changelog here, but here are some things that we’ve added:

  • Lobby users are now in alphabetical order(finally)
  • Lobby is now opt-in(that is, when you log on, you don’t auto login to the lobby chat)
  • You can now uninstall games
  • Added some lobby sounds(with options to disable I believe)
  • New database(sqlite)
  • Autoinstall from directory on startup
  • Python game error catching(as opposed to crashes)
  • Python game install syntax checks(so you don’t install a game that’s broken)
  • Added Game Rules window to play
  • No longer uses Google to authenticate
  • GlobalVariables for game devs.
  • Headlines on login page
  • Offline messages
  • Added About window and links on login page
  • Can set custom data directory for octgn
  • Can now filter game list by game name


We are currently in development of the next version of OCTGN, 4.0. This release will be cross platform(in every sense of the word), and include some pretty awesome things. Here’s a brief list.

  • Install games/install updates via URL’s(no more madness)
  • Cross Platform
  • Offline play
  • Better support for other games besides card games

The End of the Post

For those who stuck around through the server issues, thank you and we’re sorry. We hope you think it was worth the pain. For those that bailed when things got a bit rough, come back and check it out.

We are also still looking for help whenever possible.We have lots of people who just join up, fix a few bugs, and then leave which is totally fine. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

All in all we have some pretty exciting new features, and many exciting new features to come, and it’s been great developing working on this software for you guys.

Kelly Elton

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5 Comments on “It’s nothing serious, no seriously.”

  1. Db0 Says:

    The direction sounds great. Question, have you considered making installing from a URL also work with github generated downloads (those that put the files in a folder)? That would be great to allow developers to keep everyone updated without always have to upload a new version.

    • kelly elton Says:

      It’ll end up being quite a bit more fluid than that, but may include some form of git integration, I don’t know yet.

  2. […] I’ve talked a bit before about my favourite card-game playing engine on the net, OCTGN and the games I’ve developed for it. I just wanted to spread the news that the client is improving and even though there’s been few public releases since, this is because the developers were working on making the client cross-platform via Mono. […]

  3. J Says:

    Hey, I am really interested in possible porting this to Linux. I would love to talk to you, on IRC or the forums. On the forums my user name is CProgrammer and on IRC it’s Codegasm. I also used my email with this post.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Leon Says:

    Well never seen this article before: 1st of all many thanks for what you do with this stuff and lovely things you’re working on (cross-platform possible? hey i’m on Mac!). Did you progress on this v4.0, where may I find news about it? Tx LM – France

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