Under New Command 

First off I’d like to say hi, my name’s Kelly. I’m here to let you know that a new team has taken over development of OCTGN(scary, right?).

We’ve tried our best to make the project as open ,playable, bug free, and awesome as possible. We’ve fixed hundreds of bugs, moved the source code to GitHub, and added many new features that are sure to keep your drooling for days.

That being said I would like to formally invite you to join us. Try out the new client, join us on freenode.net room #octgn, and check out the GitHub repo .

So since I’m not one to talk forever, and I think we’ll do a later post to introduce the new main development team later, I’d like to say, have a nice day!

Oh and p.s.

Follow this link for the new website(we’ll get octgn.net up to date soon)

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4 Comments on “DUN DUN DUN”

  1. Db0 Says:

    Good News Everyone!

    yeah, the new OCTGN it the shit 😀

  2. curious Says:

    What have you done with jods?! And what are your demands?

    On a more serious note, it’s good to hear that OCTGN is still being developed, it’s been a long time since I tried it.

    • kelly elton Says:

      haha Jods is fine, just didn’t have the time for the project. You should give it a shot, there are lots of new features.

      • jods Says:

        Thanks Kelly for continuing the project. If you’re not going to keep the current server / forums, just tell me so and I’ll redirect the DNS to your new server. So that octgn.net goes to that new site as well.

        Fear not, I’m well. But as I explained in a previous post, I couldn’t cope with everything in my life and OCTGN got the axe. I’m happy the project lives on, though, and I hope I’ll have the time to play it!

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