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September 18, 2012

Hello again,
It’s time again for a little chat. There are a few new things to cover, and some current stuff that’s in the pipeline, plus some new resources.

New Features

You can always find the changelog here, but here are some things that we’ve added:

  • Added a HELP FORUM – USE THIS FOR HELP IF YOU AREN’T PATIENT ENOUGH TO WAIT FOR A RESPONSE IN IRC, and also to check if your question has already been answered!
  • *We tuned down the sanbox for python scripts.
  • There’s a new box that will allow you to close any background OCTGN’s you have running
  • If you log in, and you’re logged in somewhere else, it boots the other user properly
  • Unborked offline games
  • Added auto-updating
  • Moved the install directory to My Documents/Octgn
  • Added ‘Help’ to the file menu
  • Game list autorefreshes
  • Chat users are now sorted alphabetically(took long enough, eh?)
  • Adding friends and chatting works again
  • Added game isolation(Games are unaware of each other, for the most part)

*Python Sandbox
Alright, so the deal here is that we’ve tuned down the restrictions on the python sandbox. There are a few reasons we decided to do this. First off, we updated to the newest version of IronPython, and that blew up games with the current permission scheme. Truthfully I think though, the nice thing about tuning down the python sandbox, is it gives the game developers much more control over there games(For those interested, here’s one post

Incoming – New version on its way.

We have a new version coming out soon. We’ve been spending quite a bit of time redesigning the UI to give a fresh look. We’re also concentrating on making things as streamlined as possible(no more popup boxes that cock block your games). Here are some features it will have

Master integrated window
With this next version there will be no more Login window and then a Online window. These windows will be consolidated into one window. One of the main reasons for this is because we didn’t want to keep users from being able to access features if they don’t log in. For example, it is currently not possible to install a game if you are not logged in.

Clean new look
We figured while we’re at it, we might as well reskin this sucker. Many windows are being redesigned from the ground up to look and work better. The current theme was spawned from OCTGN 2 and a mutated RibbonControl having a child. Every single window is going to look different(even the gameboard).

The main thing(other than the new skin) is we will be tossing the RibbonControl out on its butt. To be honest, it’s been tough to maintain, deploy, and we just can’t make it look good. Besides that it’s quite bulky and doesn’t fit the current ‘view’ we have for the next version.

This one I think is going to be pretty cool. The idea is you click ‘Matchmaking’, pick a game you have installed, choose any game subtypes you’d be interested in playing, and just click ‘Find a Game’. OCTGN will handle everything else. No more joining a room while the admin is off in the backyard beheading chickens. Every user will have a certain amount of time to ‘Ready Up’, and if they don’t, the game disbans and you end up back in queue.

Please note that this feature may change by the time it goes live. We are open to suggestions.

Prove It
Just so you know that I’m not just making things up, here are some images of the new OCTGN

Image link(cause wordpress breaks the image) –>

Image link(cause wordpress breaks the image) –>

Alright, so what else?

Well nothing really? Just have fun, and stay tuned!

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