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It’s holiday time!

July 14, 2011

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy the summertime… I sure do and I’m going to visit New York for 10 days so don’t worry if I don’t answer your messages the next 2 weeks.

BTW if you have suggestions on things that I positively have to do while in NY, let me know Winking smile


I’m back!

August 1, 2008

Hi everyone!

I survive my trip and I’m home again! In fact, I’ve been home for two weeks now, but there was so much to do… Catch up with my family, friends, work and e-mails. I can’t believe there were 150 non-spam mail in my inbox!

So, now I’m finally managing to come back to “normal”, which means I may give OCTGN some attention. What I wrote in my previous post is still 100% accurate because I’ve done nothing since then. The goal is now to prepare alpha 2, hopefully by the end of this month. But don’t hold your breath for it, it may be available a little later than that. Anyway I’ll keep you informed about progress through this blog.

For those interested in other things in life than OCTGN, here are a few pics of my trip. I’ve seen lots of beaches, lots of jungle and many incredible sunsets!

Keeping the blog alive

March 9, 2008

Hi all,

You surely have noticed that the blog has been incredibly quiet in 2008.

This is because my life has been very busy but thankfully in a positive way. I haven’t had a single restful day since January 1st. I am practicing sport, music, climbing mountains, attending birthdays, keeping in touch with my friends and so on all the time.

While I enjoy this situation very much it also means that OCTGN has been a bit “on hold”, although I found the time to correct all the bugs, which were reported to me after the alpha release last year.

Next week is the last week of volleyball championship, so this may mean more time in my hands… We’ll see!

This week-end I was skiing here:

Mont-Fort (3330 m.)

and it was awesome!

See you!


Summertime (and the livin’ is easy)

July 15, 2007

I hope you all got the quote in the title. If you don’t, you really need to refresh your standards.

Anyway it’s now summertime and having worked hard the whole year till now I deserve a break. I am finally going on holidays. 😀

So I’m going to enjoy the sea, sex and sun for a while. I won’t have any internet connection so don’t worry checking this blog, leaving messages or sending me e-mails. For your information I come back mid-august, so come check this blog at that time.

I hope you can do (or have done) the same, too.

Enjoy the summer!

Home sweet home

September 15, 2006

That’s it, I’m at my new home!

The move was terribly exhausting, I hope I’m gonna stay here for a very long time! But it surely was worth it, this place is awesome.

Now, I would have liked to say: “and on with the good news”, but unfortunately:

And on with the bad news:

1. You probably don’t care, but my piano hasn’t followed me yet, and I feel very bad without it… Can’t wait to put my hands on it again!

2. My new internet provider says he’s “victim of his own success”. So they won’t be able to give me an internet access before 1 month, maybe less. This means you’ll have to be patient before you get some news from me. I am not dead, quite the opposite: I have exciting new bits for you. But please wait till I get a decent permanent connection.

Everything should be fixed by october. See you then!

May you all live a happy life at a peaceful place!

I’m moving

September 1, 2006

Hi everybody.

Because the CIA is after me, I have to move to a new place.

As you surely know, moving is very complicated and time consuming. I have tons of things to prepare, to pack, administrative work to do, and so on.

So I won’t have much time for OCTGN in the week(s ?) to come, and I may have access to internet in a very random way.

To keep you all teased: I have coded something new which should be quite nice to have, or so I hope. It’s a change from how OCTGN 1 used to work, and I’m gonna talk about it as soon as I have time to write my next entry, and an internet access to post it!