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May 27, 2007

First, for those who don’t know: it seems that the web site now lives at

As I previously wrote, it has always been my intention to make OCTGN 2.0 open source, so that anyone could create mods, clients and tools. But the development of the first release would have been done by me or a small team. The goal was to have a good, stable, well-designed and thought-out frame before opening Pandora’s box.

But I have to admit that I currently have much less time to spend on OCTGN than I had when the 2.0 project first started. While much has been done, progress is now too slow. Because of this and the many requests I have received, I’m going public with the source code right now.

First a few rules:

  • Only the development and administrative team of the OCTGN community may call a software OCTGN – or a derivate of OCTGN (like jOCTGN, OCTGN++, OCTGN reloaded, etc.).
    To prevent any confusion for the players, there will always be the “official”, supported client(s). And the rest. You may state that your build is “an OCTGN modification” or “compatible with OCTGN”, just don’t call it that way.
  • There is no definitive license right now, and the code is mine.
    I still don’t know under which license the source code will be published in its final form. Currently it uses a library under GPL, so the project would be GPL, too. But I don’t like this license much and I may try to get rid of this library before the first release.
    If you commit some code to the project, by doing so you give up any right or claim about your code. Of course, credits will be given to all the contributors.
  • The software is not ready for a beta yet
    Please don’t do this. I understand that you may be eager to play with the new client. But it’s not ready yet. So don’t use the source code to build a beta and distribute it.

Now, those who want to contribute to OCTGN. The latest source code is available at sourceforge. The SVN repository root is here:

The project is coded in .NET 3.5 using C# 3.0.

Get yourself familiar with the source. When you feel ready for some real work, contact me and I’ll tell you the many things you can code.

If this really takes on and people start contributing, we will definitively need a wiki and a ticket tracking system. Any good one will do, the main problem is hosting them. Practical solutions are welcome.

Now, let’s see what happens…

[EDIT] It looks like sourceforge changed their svn URL. Look in the comment for the latest one.