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Poll: What’s your config

August 19, 2007

Thanks for your input in my last post (about group windows). As I thought most of you have one monitor and it’s not gonna make any difference if the window is inside or outside the main one (well if you run full-screen at least, which I suppose most of you do). So I’m going for the easiest solution: the group window is “inside” the main one. The result is quite cool and I’m gonna post about it as soon as I can (timewise).

BTW, if the “outside” option ever appears the situation may not be as bad as I wrote last time: it looks like WinXP SP3 will bring hardware acceleration to WPF layered window (which was one drawback bothering me).

Anyway, let’s focus on today’s topic. I’d like to know what computer the “average” OCTGN user runs. It will help me draw the line between “cool features” (especially visual effects) and performance.

So please take the time to leave a comment! The more answers I get, the better OCTGN will be suited to your computer.

I would like to know:

1) Your operating system: XP (SP?), Vista, Other.
2) Your CPU. How many cores (if applicable) and its speed.
3) How much physical memory do you have.
4) Your graphic card.

Thanks for answering!


A new blog for a new OCTGN

January 13, 2006

Welcome visitor!

I open this blog to discuss the development of the next OCTGN version. OCTGN is a virtual table that lets you play collectible card games online. But if you didn’t know that, you probably better start here:

I am known as jods at the cardfloppers forums, and I am the one in charge of development. Why do I say “.net” ? Because this software is built with Microsoft .NET 2.0, and another team is making a compatible java implementation, code-named jOCTGN. Unfortuneately they don’t have a blog yet.

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, let the adventure begin! Lots of fun and gaming lie ahead!