Closing tickets and fighting spammers…

I haven’t worked on OCTGN for a long time now. I felt a bit bad about it, so I figured I’d look at the ton of tickets people opened recently.

The result is the 0.9.4 release, which closes 13 tickets in the tracker. There’s a fair number of bug fixes and a few new features exposed in Python (for a complete list please have a look at the tracker activity).

– players is a global array containing all players
– shared is the “global” player for games that have one
– whisper() writes to the local player chat only
– card.targetedBy checks if a card is targeted (and by whom)
– table.create() now returns the newly created cards

(API details are in the wiki and usually the corresponding tickets.)

Also, this release is slightly leaner because I totally removed the XML scripts. If your game still uses them, it will NOT work in OCTGN 0.9.4.

In other news, since the beginning of 2011 spammers have started to try to register on our forum massively. I have to filter out hundreds of registrations.

The consequence is that I may easily have dropped a few legitimate users. If you are (or know) one, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am not willingly rejecting players.

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8 Comments on “Closing tickets and fighting spammers…”

  1. huevopelu Says:

    Good Job. When the Lobby will arrive officially at the normal OCTGN software? I hate to decide which OCTGN software to open up when I get to play.

  2. jods Says:

    Good question! I know it’s lame but I still haven’t had a chance to look at it :-(((

    Since it’s something that’s done and works, I really ought to try to merge it with the main O2 codebase.

  3. db0 Says:

    Ah, so that is why I still am not registered. I’ve been trying to do so for a month or so. Just tried to register again today with the username “Db0”. Can you approve me (This is Divided by Zer0 from the 16bugs page.

    Also, on the main page of your site, you only say that one can download version 2 of OCTGN but you don’t mention the exact version. I had no idea that we had moved to 0.9.40 already 🙂

    Nevertheless, thanks a lot for all the new features. The shared stuff will really help.

  4. Db0 Says:

    PS: Abot the lobby, why instead of merging it don’t you invite its developer as a commiter to the main codebase? You two should be able to cooperate better this way.

  5. HeWhoRoams Says:

    Just started my first game in 0.9.4, and none of the deck functions work (playing wowtcg).
    I can’t shuffle or draw. Something I can fix?

  6. Pandapaw Says:

    Thanks for adding the shared and players array. Was quite easy to set up functions to deal with games with global/community decks.

    Also, if you could approve my account as well. It’s Pandapaw. Thanks.

  7. fantsu Says:

    Sounds great! I hope to have time soon to try new OCTGN out. 😀

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