Nothing worth noticing but I fixed two regressions in 0.9.3 and added one small “feature”:
– Fix: Click on Quit in the ribbon when the ribbon is minimized results in a hang;
– Fix: Player “indicators” was not displayed in the tab header anymore;
– New: one can remove packs from the limited dialog box.

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5 Comments on “”

  1. Alari Says:

    Good! I see you are spending more time developing game. It getting better and better. I version 0.7 I had some troubles playing with 3 players or more. I guess It is fine now. I’ll trst it)

  2. kristijanH Says:

    Any news on better draft support?

  3. Mack Says:

    So how far away are we from getting out of beta and onto a public release?

    jods, what do you wish to implement before you can call this a release? Draft support?

    There can’t be much left to implement can there?

  4. spindlethin Says:

    have any of the devs ever run into Roozz? It’s a service that promises to take a windows exe and turn it into a web based program without recompiling or loss of speed. I don’t know a thing about the logistics of it, but the cross-platform potential is exciting.

  5. jods Says:

    @Mack: don’t know… There surely are things that could be bundled into a 1.1 release rather than 0.15 😉

    Given the current rate of progress it’s probably not going to be 2011, but in the end who really cares if the version number is 0.13 or 2.5?

    I never heard of Roozz before, but it surely can’t do miracles. Basically it looks like an ActiveX plugin that runs your binary inside the browser.
    They are announcing Mac and Linux support in the future but what does it mean?
    I see only two options:
    1. Mac apps can be run inside the Mac Roozz plugin. It’s unintersting for us.
    2. They embedded an emulation / virtualization technology. But then it would be no better than what exists today.

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