UI Goodies

I know, last time I said I wouldn’t work on OCTGN before mid-february… Well then consider this as an extra gift and that I won’t work again before end of february!

I have published 0.9.3. It contains several bug fixes and a major UI change: the main window now contains a ribbon instead of the menu.

The ribbon takes a bit more place than the menu. If you have concerns regarding available space I think you’ll run full screen anyway (where the ribbon is hidden unless you move your mouse to the top, just like the menu). If you really need a “collapsed” option in windowed mode, let me know why. EDIT: I don’t even know my own application! If you right click on the ribbon there’s an option to collapse it! In my opinion it only needs to be a bit more visible, but hey, it’s there.

Some icons are a bit ugly, if someone wants to donate some time to create better ones, you’re welcome. Icons take an indecent amount of time to create. I assumed that you’d prefer a release with temporary icons than no release at all. For the story, the “Load” and “Limited” icons have a player because at first I thought I’d need a “Load Shared Deck” with some world instead of the player… turns out I don’t. More about that below.

Another change took place after the ribbon. Limited games no longer use the “player” area for their “Start” and “Cancel” commands. A new tab appears dynamically in the ribbon for that.


As you can see in the screenshot, I grabbed the opportunity to add a “Save deck” option to limited!

Another new feature is that you now can load “global” decks, which makes “global” zones more useful… 5 years after their creation! Simply use the normal “Load deck” button for that, it works automagically (deck files can now have a “shared” attribute inside).

Unfortunately shared decks are not supported yet in the deck builder. So you have to tweak an existing deck by hand. More info on the needed work on game definitions and decks is available in the comments in the related ticket here:

I hope you like the change!

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15 Comments on “UI Goodies”

  1. Senator Says:

    Are you aware that there is no longer life total and cards in hand listed on the player tab? I didn’t know if this was on purpose?

    • jods Says:

      No I am unaware of that.
      I haven’t touched the player area for a very long time, are you sure that it didn’t get removed from your game definition?
      I’ll look into that anyway…

      • Senator Says:

        Would there any reason to have to reload the game definition? I haven’t updated the game definition for a couple weeks so that is unchanged before and after the update was applied.

    • jods Says:

      I just checked. This is a regression, indeed. I’m going to fix it ASAP.

    • brine Says:

      the option to save limited decks is great! Adding the option to load a limited pool of cards into the limited deck editor would allow us to integrate with drafting websites (such as tappedout.net)… they have an awesome drafting app on there that can handle bots for empty seats and everything, but their deck builder is kinda bad though.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Is there a way to get this fixed by tomorrow? Having a tournament using OCTGN and now users are mad they can’t see life counter on tab etc. 😦

  3. Muller_Factory Says:

    Looks great THX a lot

  4. Kurt Says:

    Also, wanted to mention the chat box seems to have changed a bit. Don’t like how it’s now on bottom and the line seperating chat box from where you are typing is so hard to see as it’s white.

  5. Igor Soloydenko Says:

    I’m using an eee-pc. Couldn’t you use splitters in the OCTGN in order to separate the deck building area from the chat and counters + hand + grave and other areas? Now I can see not more than six cards at a moment because of it and my small display.
    Second thing. After the last update there is one more trouble: card images became blurred and almost unreadable.
    If it is required, I can send you a screenshot.
    Thank you for nice app.

    • jods Says:

      I don’t think I have changed anything related to the way card images are rendered, but you can open a ticket and submit a screenshot on the bug tracker if you think there was a regression. I’ll have a look.

      There’s no splitter above the player area because it is constrained by the height of the groups. There IS a splitter between your pool and your deck though, so feel free to grab more room by switching the side you work on.

      eee are cool, small and lightweight, but I’m unsure whether they are suited to games like OCTGN, which really benefits from big screen…

      • Igor Soloydenko Says:

        Ok. I see. I have just made a screenshot and will attach it to the newly created ticket in the bug tracker.

        Do you want to say that you just don’t want to support other PC’s than common computers with ‘large monitors’?
        I can convince you that eees are suitable for the game. I don’t have any other problems except of sliding splitter absence, small font for card text and impossibility of desk movement.
        Thank you for reply and sorry for my poor English.

      • jods Says:

        No, I don’t mean that I don’t “support” them. O2 should work on eee and I would fix bugs.

        What I mean is that your experience isn’t going to be optimal on small screen / low resolution. Hopefully using the other splitter will help.

      • Igor Soloydenko Says:

        If you will have time to put the splitter, I’ll be happy. It should take couple of minutes to write several lines in XAML, right? Anyway thank you OCTGN.

  6. Alari Says:

    First, I want to thank you for wonderfull application. First time, when I used it, I was disapoointeв that there is no Mac version. But I undestand, that it’s very difficult to develop it for several OS. The idea is grate! I spend a few days digging inside game creating and set manegement. Now I use it to test decks and new card games. You did a good job!

    • jods Says:

      It’s not because I hate Macs, I would love if people on Macs could join the OCTGN community (and if they use virtualization software they can. I heard that WPF applications work nicely inside Parallels).

      I choose WPF as the underlying presentation framework because it is very powerful and I like it. The result is a nice, feature-rich and animated GUI for O2, without too much work from me.

      .NET is kinda portable thanks to the Mono project, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be willing to port WPF… Unfortunately without Mono support for WPF, O2 will be a Windows-only app.

      See this page at Mono:

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