Happy 2011!

Hello fellow readers!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the end of year celebration and I wish you all the best for the new year.

Here’s a little gift for you, I just published a minor update 0.9.2. So what’s new?

  • A few bug fixes. Most importantly the issue were queued Python scripts (e.g. calling shuffle several times very quickly) weren’t executed until the end of game is fixed.
    Because this issue motivated some people to keep scripts such as shuffle in XML, XML-scripts are still included in this release. Now that there is no more blocking issues regarding Python, please update games to use it. The 0.10 release won’t support XML-scripts anymore.
  • I’ve included a lot more debugging information with the release, so it’s about 1 Mo bigger than the previous one. This enables more detailed error reports, which is required by a few bugs that I can’t identify properly at the moment. I may remove this later when OCTGN is more stable to trim down the client size.
  • The Peek feature is now enhanced with indicating precisely who’s peeking at which card. When someone peeks at a face down card, an “eye” icon appears on the top right corner of the card and if you hover the icon with your mouse, the list of people who have peeked at the card appears.

And that’s it for now. I am working on another small project at the moment and there probably won’t be any release before mid-february, except important bugfixes (if any).

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2 Comments on “Happy 2011!”

  1. muller_factory Says:

    wooooo!!! At last peek works like a charm. THX for hear us out.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Happy New Years to you as well!

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