Small but important

I just published 0.8. If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time you know that the jump from 0.7 to 0.8 means a breaking change in the network protocol…

…because I added the “Peek at a face down card” function!

I know this is big news for several games and it has been on the “to do” list since day 1 (or almost). It’s a shame it took several years to be done!

I still have to find a way to better indicate which card has been peeked at (suggestions are welcome) but at least you can use it now.

The feature appears in the context menu if the card is face down and has a Ctrl+P shortcut. The card you’ve peeked at is written in the log and from this moment on, the card preview shows the actual card rather than the card back (until the card moves to another group).

In addition to that I fixed an important bug preventing the correct reordering of cards inside piles.


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8 Comments on “Small but important”

  1. brine Says:

    I know a ton of people who will be very excited about this!

    As for identifying which cards have been peeked at, I can see how it could become an issue to some people who don’t trust their opponents. Perhaps have a small text box appear underneath the mouse when you hover over a facedown card that says “visible to: (PLAYERNAME)”.

    Another possibility, whenever a card name is mentioned in the chat log, a player could hover over that name, and the referenced card would appear highlighted (or have an icon show up like the target reticule) as long as the mouse is hovering over the name. This would allow a player to see exactly which card was peeked at by your opponent.

  2. Roo Says:

    Small but indeed important. Showing the actual card in the preview instead of the card back is also excellent to save having to repeat click ad nauseam if you have multiple face-down cards.

    Looking forward to seeing the scripting engine in this baby. Great work! 🙂

  3. muller_factory Says:

    Well got to say this is a great addition. THX for hear us out.
    Nice to know that brine noticed that little bug. But i trust you will find a way around it.
    Got some work to do now arranging my games again but its worth it.

    Well keep up the good work guys

  4. Kurt Says:

    Thanks for fixing to “Looking at top X” cards bug, as well as the nice addition for peeking! =)

  5. Sydnelson Says:

    Peek needs to be fixed. Once peeked octgn don’t give the option to unpeek the card. Also don’t see a way to transfer card to table already peeked.

    • jods Says:

      Previous comments have seen remembering which cards you’ve peeked at as a good thing. I tend to agree.
      Moreover, without the Men in Black device to erase your memory I don’t quite see how I could make you forget a card you’ve seen…

      I hesitated to automatically set “known” cards in the “peeked” state. (E.g. when turning a card from face up to face down, or when playing a card face down from your hand).
      To keep things simple and not confuse users (as people are quick to call bugs behavior they don’t fully understand) I chose not to. This may change in the future.

      Before “fixing” Peek it needs to be broken… I don’t think it is.

  6. Kynetik Says:

    This may be the wrong place to post this, but i wish there were functionality to set a group so that even if you click “View all cards” it’ll bring them up in the window face down.

  7. gualdo Says:

    Thx for the addition. Hope there will be a way to set in game definition xml options that will automatically peek the cards you have in table faced down and don’t allow opponent to peek “others” cards. Tecnically I don’t know if this issue is difficult to implement, but now the fact that my opponent can peek my card and the log specify only “peeked general card” may be annoying in official online tourney where people don’t fully trust eachother. At least should be great to have the log specify “Player A peeked a card he doesn’t control” so the cheater can easily be discovered. thx again to listening us.

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