Since I am so lazy and can’t seem to do any serious work at the moment, I decided to fix a few currently outstanding issues and do a small update.

0.7.7 is now available for your enjoyment. Changes from 0.7.6:

– In an effort to reduce context menus complexity on the table, when you click on a card only the card actions are displayed. Table actions are still displayed if you right click on the table.

– For the same reason, it is now possible to define sub-menus for game actions. The XML syntax is described in the comments of this ticket:

– Plus your usual round of bug fixes. Most notable fixes this time: “bring card to front” was not working properly; “Reveal” warnings and crashes; Limitation for pack definitions xml size has been removed.
The gory details are in the tracker, as usual.

You may notice that this release is slightly bigger than the previous one (around 5Mo), that’s because it includes the new Python scripting engine, although you can’t really see it at the moment.

That’s all for now!

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13 Comments on “Intermezzo”

  1. brine Says:

    super excited about the submenus, that’ll make things a whole lot more organized 😀

  2. Gaspare Says:

    Submenus are a great addition 😀

    Ah, and by the way, happy birthday man! 😉

  3. pkt-zer0 Says:

    Congrats jods, you have a stalker!

    Anyway, I reserve my super excitement for the python scripting update, but submenus are a solid addition regardless.

  4. kookster Says:

    I like the change, those menus were rather overwhelming, so separating the two I think is a smart choice!

  5. Kurt Says:

    Can someone post a screenshot of how the new submenus look? I still don’t see the difference yet. =P Thanks!

  6. Gaspare Says:

    the submenus must be created into the game definition.
    Regarding MtG, two of them have been created, one for markers and one for phases (upkeep, main phase etc.)

    You can see the first one right-clicking a card in play and the second one right-clicking the play field.

  7. Kurt Says:

    Anyway you can post a screenshot? I do not play MtG. Thanks!

    Btw, after this update is anyone having problems now rearranging top cards of life deck? I do view top X… and make it 6. Whenever I put a card to the very right it dissapears. Made a bug about the issue, hopefully it can be fixed soon.

    • jods Says:

      When you move a card from the top X group to another place (e.g. to the bottom of the same pile) it disappears from the “top x” view.

      That said when rearranging cards *amongst* the top X they shouldn’t disappear. Moving to the end is an edge case that’s probably improperly handled. I’ll have a look at it, should be a simple fix.

  8. Kurt Says:

    Yeah, I figured as much jods. 🙂 Not sure why it is doing what it is doing. Hopefully it can be fixed soon!

    Thanks again for your great work.

  9. muller_factory Says:

    Nice work
    When does the peeking face-down will come??
    I’m kind of losing some potential players over MWS just for that only missing feature already mentioned for the first time 2 years ago.
    I’ll like to hear the status of it and believe me lot of people too.
    Here is some proof

  10. Kurt Says:

    Is the look at top X feature going to be fixed soon? Impossible to use OCTGN without it for me.

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