Don’t call the police (yet)

I know that I have been quiet for far too long…

I have been on holidays for a month, and have enjoyed the summer before that 😉

The consequence is that I have not touched OCTGN at all since my previous post (wow… two and a half month already) 😦

But I intend to start working again soon! Just to keep you informed the Python engine is working well. I have to define what OCTGN functions are available for scripting before publishing the update.

So be patient a little more…

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20 Comments on “Don’t call the police (yet)”

  1. Gaspare Says:

    I was starting to worry…

  2. brine Says:

    yeah I was afraid that you were gonna go all MWS on us

  3. pkt-zer0 Says:

    There’s no hurry.

    Still, you shouldn’t have ended your previous post with “Next time: more awesome stuff!”, and then not post for months. That’s just MEAN.

  4. SahuginDra Says:

    ;~; I was soooo worried too. Thank Cthulhu you’re okay.

  5. jods Says:

    that’s so true… sorry about that!

    I had the intention to blog some examples of the cool things you’ll be able to do with the new Python API.

    But then life got in the way.

    Note that I said “Next time”, not “Soon” 😀 There definitively IS cool stuff coming!

  6. Kurt Says:

    jods is there a way you can check some of the bugs? OCTGN isn’t even playable for most part anymore as it is crashing 2 out of every 5 games or so. It’s because of this bug and I did list it in tracker:

    We have had to stop using OCTGN, as it’s happening so much. 😦

  7. Kurt Says:

    To continue from last post, glad to hear you had a great time enjoying the summer, and looking forward to the updates!

  8. jods Says:

    Can you provide me the link to the ticket in the tracker. If it’s preventing people to play I’d like to fix it.

  9. Kurt Says:

    Yeah, sure.

    I’m not sure if these are the same (I believe they are), but here is the issue, trying to provide any info I can to help:

    Hopefully that is enough to fix it.

  10. Kurt Says:


    Sorry to disturb jods and keep at you, but OCTGN is really becoming unplayble. Too many issues with the program now and constantly dropping. It never used to do this. =\ I’ve reported the bug you wanted in the bug tracker, and just reported another one.

  11. defmoose Says:

    Hey jods! Glad to hear you’re alive and had an eventful summer! Hope all the new python stuff is going well. I look forward to the next release! =D

  12. Joris Says:

    Hey Jods,

    Nice to see you’re good and well. I don’t know about octgn being unplayable. I haven’t had any problems myself and the times I was in the chat I haven’t heard much (any?) cursing and swearing that octgn wasn’t working. Even new players got it to work.
    Hopefully these gamepreventing bugs are only effecting a small amount of people.
    Keep up the good work!
    Although I can’t seem to think of much improvements to the game except for a “use this cards ability” button and an inbuilt draft.

    Have a nice time!

  13. Niss3 Says:

    We’ll be waiting patiently! Take the time you need and don’t rush anything.

    Me and everyone I know appriciates your work with OCTGN alot and send you our regards and thousands of thanks!

    If there’s anything we could help out with, don’t hesitate to ask us!

  14. Simbioz Says:

    Don’t rush it! Take your time.

  15. Kurt Says:

    Def. want you to take your time, but hopefully you can fix those bugs ASAP. Have had to move on from OCTGN until they are fixed. 😦

  16. Simiboz Says:

    It’s true there are lots of crash with octgn

  17. Patrick Says:

    I want to start by saying I’m loving OCTGN so far. I only found it recently after having used Apprentice for MtG for several years, and I’m finding OCTGN to be much more to my taste. I do have suggestions to make though, pertaining to flipping cards over.

    1) As of MtG Definition 1.0.1, face-down spells seem to be announced as they are played. This poses a problem to decks relying on Morph to mask which creatures are attacking, as opponents know which cards are on the board (and if they’re paying attention, even which is which.) Can it be changed to something like, “Patrick plays a card face-down”?

    2) As of MtG Definition 1.0.1, there does not appear to be a way to peek at a face-down card without revealing it to the other players. Perhaps when you hover over one of the cards under you control, the zoomed-in card image that comes up could show the card itself (rather than the back of the card)?

    Apart from that, I’m totally blown away by what OCTGN achieves. 🙂 Keep it up.

    • brine Says:

      actually, it announces the card name on your side of the table. To all your opponents, it will show up as “Card” so it is still hidden.

      As for the peek, its not possible with the current OCTGN build to allow it yet, but hopefully it will be possible in a future update.

    • jods Says:

      brine is correct.

      The log displays all information you actually know. This answers the question: “what did I just played? was it really the card I think it was?”. You can observe the same behavior when drawing a card (provided you don’t it through a custom action that simply writes “XYZ draws a card.”. You can always do it by drag-and-drop to see what I mean).

      Now if you notice that OCTGN logs the cards your opponent plays face down… I’d like to be notified of this!

      I think this is the most useful behavior but seeing how often this remark comes up I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t default to the same “sanitized” log for every player.

  18. Kurt Says:

    jods, any luck looking into those errors I posted above? We still can’t use OCTGN, until something is fixed. If it’s the game patch, I can get right on it, otherwise guess I’ll need to wait.

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