and patches

I have published, which is a very minor upgrade:

– Fixed a .NET 4 regression in the deck builder: cards with 0 quantity may not be properly removed;
– Fixed a problem with patching installed sets;
– Slightly better sets manager, especially sets installation (now with progress bar).

For people who are managing games, you may be interested in the short description of the patch file format I put up in the wiki:

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5 Comments on “ and patches”

  1. Killcycle Says:


    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but here it is: Just a small thing I think would greatly increase the UI quality of the Deck Builder screen: A way to sort the cards in our deck so far. I find myself scrolling up and down the deck list searching for what cards I have, and etc. Just a few simple filters would be nice, such as by color, card type, or something of the sort.



  2. Killcycle Says:

    Oh. I should probably add that I’m referring to MTG.

  3. Gaspare Says:

    Next version of sets and game definition will contain all the filters needed. Soon there will be some news.

    • brinelol Says:

      I think he’s referring to the deck list on the left, where there is currently no way to organize it unless you manually edit it in notepad

      • Killcycle Says:

        Indeed I was! The deck list on the left, the ones currently ‘in’ your deck.

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