0.7.4 was published today.

Changes since 0.7.3:

– Fixed a crash when expanding/collapsing piles;
– Fixed a crash when moving a card with a keyboard shortcut and holding the mouse button down at the same time;
– I’ve changed the position of markers on cards (now centered);
– It’s now possible to write a “clone” action using the <newcard> action. Sample usage in the comments of this feature request.
– It’s now possible to know how many markers where removed by a <removemarker> action. Sample in the comments of this feature request.
– It’s now possible to look at a pile without taking controlship first!
– More consistent controls style.

EDIT 2010-05-17: I made a quick update to fix some issues, which should have fixed by 0.7.4.

– Fix: It was still possible – although harder – to crash OCTGN by expanding/collapsing piles;
– Fix: The new remove marker “outVar” isn’t properly set when the marker doesn’t exist at all on the card;
– Enh: “outVar” now reports the total number of removed markers when applied to several cards at once;
– Enh: Choosing a folder in the patch dialog automatically checks the associates checkbox;
– New: Game can easily define rounded corners with the new cornerRadius attribute of cards (see wiki and/or .xsd).

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19 Comments on “0.7.4”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Anyway you can move the markers back to where they were? IMO it looks better on the top. Not a big fan of them being smack in the middle of the card.

  2. Benjamin Grant Says:

    I would also like to add my druthers – I liked the markers where they were, but no biggee.

    I notice that you are very actively developing this program – have only had it for a short while, and I see new features being added very often.

    Will the “peek” feature – that is, I play a face down card, when I hover over it I see what card it is but others when they hover over it only see the card back – be implemented soon?

    Games like VS System make extensive use of laying down face down card, but being able to check which cads you laid down in which place later without showing the whole table.


  3. jods Says:

    If the majority of players think that markers are better at the top than in the middle, I can move them back, it’s not really a big deal.

    Peek is probably the feature I wanted to include for the longest time — but didn’t!

    What you can expect next:

    “big work”: completing limited play; porting the work on limited to the deck builder.

    “smaller features”: annotate cards, peek.

  4. Joris Says:

    Just wanting to say that I liked them in the top left better as well. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the Limited support!
    I nice to keep watching the program evolve. So much has changed since mtgplay 🙂

  5. Xitax Says:

    Awesome sauce with beans on the side.

    This is coming along great. Thanks for the hard work! 😀

  6. fantsu Says:

    Is it just me or is the deckbuilder having a bug again.
    Removing cards without using numpad +/- can reduce the card count to zero (0), but doesn’t remove it from the list. Intended or not?

    • brinelol Says:

      its probably intended as a safety so that you don’t have to find it in the database again if you accidentally removed all of them.

      • jods Says:

        No, this wasn’t intended. It’s probably a regression, although I haven’t modified the deck builder for a looong time. Maybe it was caused by the .NET 4 migration and went uncaught till now.

        I’ll look into it.

    • jods Says:

      This was indeed a change in the datagrid behavior when ugrading to .NET 4. I’ve fixed it.

  7. “OCTGN” has an ugly icon (it uses a slanted octagon instead of just a normal octagon).

    Is there any hope at all that you will update it, and not include a slant for octagon?

    Thanks Jods

    • jods Says:

      The name and icon were chosen a long time ago. I think there was a poll and people involved in the community at the time choose that icon and that name over a few others.

      I won’t go against that decision unless I have a compelling reason to do so. The community is different today than it was at the time and if its majority today thinks that the logo is ugly, then maybe we can consider making a new poll with various icons.

      Such things are a matter of personal taste and there’s simply no way to please everyone. I, for one, think that the logo being slanted makes it more attractive and dynamic than a “bland” straight octagon. But, as I said, that’s a matter of taste and your opinion may differ.

  8. Gaspare Says:

    The logo is the last of the things to think about right now. I personally like it as it is, and would not touch it though.

    • Xitax Says:

      Agreed, don’t worry about that.

      I’m wondering how much change would be required to have Octgn remember window sizes/locations?


      • jods Says:

        Which windows are you talking about? The pile windows I suppose?

      • Xitax Says:

        Specifically I mean, main play window and deck builder window – remembering the last location from the last time I used them. The first thing I do every session is resize both of those – and in the deck builder, I also resize the card view. More minor, it would be convenient if it remembered the constructed limited window size, as I change its width to be able to see 5 cards a row, but it’s not as big a thing for me as the others.

        I suppose ideally it would remember every window the game opens since they are usually not perfectly placed, and since it’s impossible to create default settings which please everybody, being able to remember what I last used would be useful.


      • jods Says:

        OK, I see. Currently the windows are open at the default location (that is: Windows decides for me). It’s a good idea to remember user changes (it always is), I’ll try to think about it when I have the time to.

        If you don’t want the idea to get lost I suggest you open a ticket @ octgn.16bugs.com

  9. Xitax Says:

    OK, I have a couple more suggestions/requests:

    1) Allow filters in deck builder to be either AND or OR. Combinations could get very complicated, but to be allowed to set all filters to either type would help a lot.

    2) Be able to see oracle rules text of card in game, possibly in right-click menu.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  10. Benjamin Grant Says:

    OK, this is just a what-if sort of question, not sure if there’s any real way to answer it easily, but –

    I have a friend that I will be trying to play OCTGN with and he’s extremely vision impaired. Is there any way in which a feature is either already present or may be added where the ruletext of the card somehow gets read by his screen reader (the everpresent and popular one called JAWS)?

    One way you might be able to make it happen is if for example middle clicking a card locked the zoom window of the card, and then hovering over the zoomwindow of the card made another popup – a text one – come up with the cards database aspects in it – which JAWS would automatically read, because it does that.

    Another way might be a command that dumps into the chat box window the database entry for the card – like select a card and hit F2, and the database entry for the card gets dumped to the window.

    Either way, in order for the vision impaired to get the card aspects read to them it has to be present as text in some window or popup.

    Any thoughts on this, or is it pie-in-the-sky for now?

    • jods Says:

      Displaying the card properties is almost certainly going to be added at one point or another.

      I don’t know if that’s enough and I don’t know when, though.

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