The IPv4 stack is back

As I’ve announced previously, the new IPv6 networking has caused too many problems, especially for XP users and sometimes even for Vista.

So I put the old IPv4 stack back in place. Now you can choose when starting a game to use either v6 or v4


So what is the best option?

It doesn’t make much difference in most cases.
– Obviously, if you have trouble setting up IPv6 you should use IPv4.
– If you are behind a NAT and can’t receive incoming connections, the easiest option is to use the green IPv6 Teredo tunnel. Otherwise you’ll have to properly set up port forwarding on your router (assuming you can do so).
– If you have a direct connection to the internet and have no problem accepting connections, you can use whatever you want. It doesn’t really matter. Prefer normal IPs (white ones), the green tunnel is a little less efficient.

Why didn’t you completely remove IPv6, isn’t that confusing?

I hope the GUI isn’t too confusing!
I didn’t remove IPv6 for the same reason I did introduce it in the first place. On recent OS it works like a charm (at least on most Windows 7 machines) and allows everyone to easily host games, even when they are behind a router they don’t control.
I received excellent feedback from people with working IPv6 connections. They couldn’t host before and are very happy that they now can.

Overall I think IPv6 is a better stack than IPv4 and certainly is the future, with the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses coming soon. I understand that it doesn’t work for some people, that’s why v4 is back as an alternative option.

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8 Comments on “The IPv4 stack is back”

  1. kristijanH Says:

    Thank you. Works OK onece more.

  2. bushd Says:

    I think my main issue is the wireless cards. I’ve read that many wireless cards have issues and a few NICs can too. I think it may be laziness and monetary reasons why some companies have neglected to upgrade drivers because IPv6 isn’t mandatory yet. Most networks don’t give out IPv6 addresses and some cut off the teredo link from what I’ve read.

    I can’t wait to try out the new version.

  3. Caspid Says:

    yay, options! it’d be cool if you could somehow consolidate em all into one number/string and have the program attempt em in sequence to eliminate guesswork on the user’s part, but this is an awesome improvement.

  4. Matt Says:

    Not sure if other people have the same issue as me but posting my problem here with the solution in case it helps anyone out (don’t think this is much of a program bug, more of an issue with my setup and ipv6):

    Using Vista64.

    Same problem as previous version – upon clicking Start a new game Octgn becomes unresponsive and must be killed via Task Manager.

    Appears to be a conflict with ipv6 as I had the same problem in previous version. If anyone else has a similar problem I have solved this in the meantime by disabling Teredo (cmd netsh interface teredo set state disabled).

    Thanks for ipv4 again, being able to play while trying to figure out what is causing my v6 issues is great!

  5. brinelol Says:

    I don’t think there’s a tag in the XSD schema yet for setversion

  6. jods Says:

    I can’t really consolidate that (if you have an idea you’re welcome).
    Ideally you wouldn’t have an IPv4 option, but as we’ve seen it’s required because too many people have issue with IPv6.
    For IPv4 you need to have the distinction LAN/Internet. For many people this won’t be the same IP and the correct one to use depends on your opponents (which is unknown to OCTGN).
    Then you may get a list of IP if you have more than one. OCTGN can’t really know which ones may not work. I remember someone posted a bug about that (having more than one IP on the system, but only one displayed in OCTGN… the bad one, of course).

    Thanks for the great feedback. I’ve added that to the related bug:
    I can’t do much when Windows code goes unstable unfortunately. So disabling Teredo is kinda your only option (maybe this is just a timeout, though. Have your tried waiting for a few minutes?). If you can host on IPv4 I wouldn’t bother too much…

    yeah, forgot to update the files on the server. Updated game.xsd and cardset.xsd are now available. Same URL as before, e.g.:

  7. Kurt Says:

    Since this update I can no longer host via IPv6. I had no problem prior to this, when IPv6 was the only option.

    I am getting this error:

    “You seem to be behind a Network Address Translation (NAT). To be able to host a game, you may need to use a green IPv6 address, or setup port-forwarding properly on your router.”

    I have port forwarding setup fine for OCTGN, and now all of a sudden I can’t host via IPv6. =\

  8. jods Says:

    This isn’t an error, just a piece of information.

    Nothing has changed regarding IPv6 (at least not on purpose) so I am surprised that you can’t host anymore. Any details?

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