Massive OCTGN update

I’m publishing a big update today. It has a lot of consequences, so don’t hesitate to report problems as quickly as possible!

– This new release (0.7.3) is the first to need .NET 4. If you don’t have it, it won’t run. I blogged about it here:

– As usual, several small bugs have been fixed.

– O2 now uses IPv6 for its networking. This has some apparent changes for you. I also previously blogged about that:

– The IPv6 change also means that O2 is now able to traverse most NAT! That means that almost everyone should now be able to host games.

– I’ve done some work on filters in the limited card pool. If you missed my post about it, it’s there:

In addition to that, I also reworked the way OCTGN stores its data. Instead of prompting new users for a (confusing?) folder to store game data, OCTGN now uses the recommended %LocalAppData%\Octgn (you can type that into the windows Explorer if you want to look into the folder).
The benefits are mainly that OCTGN is guaranteed to be able to write there, and that the configuration dialog, which appeared at first startup doesn’t exist anymore.

As I’m moving the databases, all your games and sets are lost in the process, so you’ll have to re-install them. I take this opportunity to point out an often overlooked feature: you can select and install multiple sets at once.

Speaking of game and sets files, there’s another new difference. Previously O2 copied those files into its data folder. I think that behavior was a bit confusing (do I need to keep my downloaded set? Can I move it? or delete it?) and even dangerous since O2 would delete its own copy when you uninstall a set (so you’d better keep the other copy, which is just wasted space).
Starting with 0.7.3 OCTGN doesn’t copy your files anymore. It simply takes note where the file is. That means you must not move (or even remove) a file after installing it into OCTGN! A message will warn you against that.

Set files now have a version number, just like games. Those numbers are displayed in the game manager, so that people can more easily figure out if their definitions are outdated. There was previously no easy way to figure out the version of an installed game.

Regarding versions, this is a remark for game authors. Currently pushing the major or minor version number of a game breaks its compatibility with sets. I plan on changing that behavior and only break compatibility on major version number changes (probably starting with the next update). I think the current behavior creates unnecessarily long numbers like 0.0.2.

Finally, OCTGN now has a built-in system to patch sets. There’s a “Patch sets” button in the game manager, which opens the following window:


I hope it’s self explanatory. Don’t forget to check the “Sets in this folder” checkbox if you plan to use it (I know, it should check itself automatically if you drop a folder… maybe in the next release). Patch files are .o8p files. I’ll explain how they work later, I’m too tired / lazy to do it now.
You can either patch the installed sets, and/or sets in a folder. This is useful since you may have sets for an older game release, which you can’t install anymore… but have a patch for that.

Finally OCTGN should now have icons for its files:


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43 Comments on “Massive OCTGN update”

  1. kristijanH Says:

    Let me get this straight. I can’t chose where to install o2 no more? Because if that is true I don’t want to do anything with this program. I can’t speak for anybody else but I’m not that dumb that a question where to install a program is too hard. I really liked (past tense) this program but wont use it until I can choose where and how a program is installed. I can understand the thought of helping new users but trating them as imbecils is not a good way. That’s at least my thought.

  2. jods Says:

    Well, you’ve never chosen where OCTGN installs itself. So there isn’t much of a change here.

    OCTGN is deployed with ClickOnce and as such you can’t change where it installs (into your local profile actually).

    What has changed is the way OCTGN handles your data files (games and sets), which can be quite big. Previously O2 would copy those files into the folder you specified during the first startup.

    Now O2 doesn’t copy those files anymore, so you are even ‘more’ free to store them wherever you want.

    This change is partly to help you stay ‘in control’ of your files, which was harder with the unfriendly structure O2 used before (e.g. folders named after GUID).

    Regarding “I’m not that dumb that a question where to install a program is too hard”. Maybe you’re not. But a few people were, apparently. Some chose C:\Program Files\OCTGN2, which was unfortunate under Vista and 7, because OCTGN can’t write there under a restricted account. Maybe the distinction between “data” and “program” wasn’t clear enough…

    • kristijanH Says:

      I did choose where my files are. Corect? Maybe I should put it nicely. Is it possible to implement to still choose the “intall” folder or is it imposible with new system of handling databases of sets.

      • Xitax Says:

        It’s simple, man.

        Put the sets where you want them and then tell Octgn where they are.

        Not a good idea to go off the handle before you even know what the heck you’re talking about.

  3. Kurt Says:

    Upgrade problem.

    Is there a way to stop OCTGN from crashing when updates go through? I had a few people in a game, and when you published the update it crashed their game, and their not very happy about it. =\

    • jods Says:

      Sorry but it crashed for another reason…

      OCTGN checks for updates when you launch it. If you were in a game, none of you would see the update before the next time you start O2.

  4. kristijanH Says:

    My bad. Should have try to install it first and rant after. I thought the program copies the sets to a default folder. I have no trouble if it copies only a few files there. Sorry for my outburst. You can delete my comments as they are useless.

  5. Kurt Says:

    Just letting you know OCTGN is still wanting to open your decks in the C:/OCTGN Location. It’s not remembering the last location you opened the deck from. Pretty annoying having to go to the location where your decks are. =\

    • jods Says:

      Yeah, there is a ticket in the bug tracker for that. Nothing was done in this release regarding this issue.

      It may have gotten a bit worse, as the default location doesn’t make sense anymore.

  6. Kurt Says:

    Having people not able to open OCTGN now…

    “octgn has encountered a problem and needs to clos. we are sorry for the inconvenience.”

  7. Kurt Says:

    Yes they do, here is the error:

    • jods Says:

      That’s going to be hard to debug. 😦
      I suppose this happens at startup, as it’s not one of my own error handlers… Unfortunately there’s no detail about the error.

      I wonder if there’s a problem with Windows XP, but I’d need more details.

      There’s one thing you can try in the meantime. From “Add/Remove programs”, double-click OCTGN. There’s an option called “Revert the application to its previous state”, which should revert OCTGN to 0.7.2. I’ve never tried it myself, though.

      Note that 0.7.2 uses IPv4 and 0.7.3 uses IPv6, so you won’t be able to connect those releases together.

      • Kurt Says:

        Hopefully this can be resolved soon, as a ton of people use XP unfortunately still.

      • Kurt Says:

        This is a XP issue. Everyone who has XP, is getting the same error. =\

  8. Kurt Says:

    That’s a problem as everyone is going to 0.7.3 now. 😦

  9. Kurt Says:

    Have had 5 people try the new update on XP, and all are getting the same error.

    • jods Says:

      No need to post 4 comments. I can understand just by reading one.

      There was a problem with an icon, that Windows XP didn’t like. I just updated the update and everything should be fine now.

      • Kurt Says:

        My apologies jods. Chrome kept failing on me. and it wasn’t refreshing the cache correctly, so I kept thinking I wasn’t posting anything. =P

      • Kurt Says:

        Also, wanted to thank you for the speedy fix!

  10. Kurt Says:

    There is another issue for XP users:

    Their not getting two options for starting a game. The only option is for the text in white, their not seeing the Green option.

    • Kurt Says:

      Exact error is this:

      “No IPv6 adresses found. If you are using Windows XP, you may need to activate IPv6 using the steps indicated here” and there is a link.

  11. Kurt Says:

    Can we go back to the way IP address used to be? I can’t even play games now with people using XP. They can’t get IPV6 to work at all…

    If they don’t get the green text for the NAT (or whatever it’s called, sorry not all used to this yet), the game crashes for them every time.

    Hamachi is useless as well now with this new switch.

  12. jods Says:


    There was a crash on XP machines due to an icon (sigh).

    This is fixed and with OCTGN shouldn’t crash, even on XP.

    It seems that some XP users have problems with the IPv6 connectivity, though. Even after running the netsh commands to enable it. I hope we’ll figure it soon, or I’ll try to fall back to IPv4 in the meantime.

    If you have any problem, please report it. Don’t forget to tell me:
    – what is your OS;
    – do you have Hamachi;
    – what is the result of this command (especially the error part): “netsh interface ipv6 show teredo”.

    • Kurt Says:

      I posted something on the forums regarding this issue. Seems I am screwed now, as I can’t even downgrade to 0.7.2 anymore as I upgraded from and is the lowest I can restore down.

      If it’s possible to revert back to IPv4 immediately that would be great for now, as there is just a ton of issues it seems with IPv6

    • Esteban Says:

      where can I put the neths commands? I have the same problem, but I DOnt know where running these commands. I use OCTGN 0.9.1

      Can you help me?

      • jods Says:

        The IPv6 stack turned out to create a lot of problems on many configurations, especially on XP boxes.

        In the end I choose not to “officially” support it. Please have a look at this thread as it contains every piece of information we have to make IPv6 work:

        If it still doesn’t work for you, please use the IPv4 option instead. In 0.9.1 you can choose to use either IPv6 or IPv4. There’s no difference in game features between the two.

  13. brian Says:

    Vista ultimate,

    ipconfig shows IPv6 address just fine.. buy OCTGN doens’t see it all.

    my group doens’t use hamachi, we were just conneting via IPv4

  14. brian Says:

    got it working had to use the netsh command to add a 6to4 tunnel



  15. Matt Says:

    Running Vista Home 64 and whenever I click ‘Start a new game’ Octgn hangs and refuses to respond until I kill it via Task Manager.

    Teredo Parameters:
    Type: client
    Server Name:
    Client Refresh Interval: 30 seconds
    Client Port: unspecified
    State: dormant
    Client Type: teredo client
    Network: unmanaged
    NAT: none (global connectivity)

  16. rymnio Says:

    Hello, there are few fixes that i don’t like in new release of octgn2. In sealed mode, cards are smaller, and i can’t hide this frame on left.

  17. Matt Says:

    Previous problem fixed itself, I can get to the hosting screen (where my ip is written) and yet nobody can connect.

    Please please please revert to ipv4!

  18. fantsu Says:

    Works great for me, XP Pro SP2.
    1. Installed the client file of .NET 4.0.
    2. Restarted the computer.
    3. Before started the new game, did run both lines where the application wanted me to: netsh interface ipv6 install AND netsh interface ipv6 set teredo client
    4. Did run the 3rd like “brian” adviced: IPCONFIG /ALL

  19. Strainer Says:

    Ipconfig/all is just there to show you the IP-Adresses of your network interfaces, nothing to help this thing to work. Good for you that it works though.

    It doesn’t work for me, as obviously my router doesn’t support IPv6, still investigating this.

  20. Mike Says:

    Error when I try to install Conflux.

    Error when I try to install 7th Edition.

    Error when I try to close a search parameter box in deck edit (which when crashes the whole program)

    I have to jump on the anti-IPv6 bandwagon here, also. Seems like loads of unnecessary hassle for everyone involved.

    • Mike Says:

      I got Conflux to install, but only after uninstalling and reinstalling. However, uninstalling did NOT delete the new folder in Local, and Conflux did not install until after I uninstalled, manually deleted that folder, and installed fresh.

  21. MrReaper Says:

    Well, I’m using Windows XP and dont seem to have any trouble as far as networking and everything is going.
    But, now when I’m using the deck builder and I try to close a filter, it crashes. :\ I dont know if this is because of the version of the game set I’m using or what, but it is very annoying indeed.

  22. Hoi Says:

    error, crashed: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    Uploaded with


  23. brine Says:

    The way the set files are installed now seems to be even more confusing than it was before. I can see many people moving or deleting a set file without even realizing it (especially if it was saved to the default downloads folder), and then encountering problems next time they load up OCTGN.

    The nice thing about how it worked before is that once you installed a set file, it was copied and “stored” into a relatively safe place inside the OCTGN folder. What’s so wrong about having an extra copy lying around on the hard drive, disc space is hardly a problem anymore.

    • jods Says:

      There a message box reminding you that you shouldn’t move files every time you install one (until you permanently dismiss it). I think that’s sufficient to make you aware of that fact, at least for the majority. I don’t doubt that someone will report a bug after moving one file 😉

      I don’t know if the new organization is really better than the old one.

      For one I don’t like the idea of having maybe 1Go worth of cards picture duplicated. It’s wasted space (does everyone have way too big HD? I can’t say until I’ve put some statistics reporting code into OCTGN). And it makes the install process longer without good reason (copying big files takes a bit of time).

      Then there was the risk that you delete your own copy thinking that now it lives inside OCTGN folder. And then OCTGN deletes its own when you uninstall a set…

      Finally, the new patching feature is tricky. If you patch an installed set, OCTGN’s copy and your own may get out of sync. (which may be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Especially from a file-sharing perspective.)

      Anyway, that’s the way it works now. Who knows how it’ll work in the future? I don’t. 😉

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