A delay and a poll

Luckily, Thronner found a bug in the new IPv6 code before I published the update. It looks like some parts were not compatible with Windows XP.

In theory this is now fixed, but I’ll wait until all proper testing has been done before publishing OCTGN 0.7.3. It would be unfortunate if XP users couldn’t play anymore!

Speaking of operating systems and compatibility, I wondered if you would think acceptable that OCTGN gathers a few statistics about your computer and sends them to me? I’m not interested in any of your personal data, but I would love to know things such as:

– how many people are using Windows XP, Vista, 7 ? Which service pack exactly?
– what’s your screen size?
– do you have a dual (or more) core CPU?
– how fast is your network connection?
– what’s your graphics card?
– how much RAM do you have?
– how many people are using OCTGN? Do they all have the latest release?

I could ask here on my blog or in the forums, but many users wouldn’t answer. If OCTGN reported that information accurately, it could be interesting.

Supporting several OS is a limitation and requires effort… The sooner I can drop support for XP, the better. If many of you have multicores, it may make sense to take advantage of them (e.g. speed up sets installation). And so on…

The update should be available next week-end.

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16 Comments on “A delay and a poll”

  1. Strainer Says:

    If you clearly limit the amount of data collected to the necessary minimum, I guess it wouldn’t be a problem.(At least to me)

    Good to hear a release date, still working on some new game definitions and sets, can’t wait to update them to the newest version.


  2. Strainer Says:

    I think the best idea would be a question at first start of OCTGN, asking for permission to send (non-personal) data for making it better. Just doing it without permission could keep some people away from this program.

  3. Kempeth Says:

    I’d be willing to provide such information but I have to agree with Strainer – you should ask the users. Like you said not everyone reads this blog and will know why you’re gathering that information.

  4. fantsu Says:

    I dont mind about the data collection, but there might be some people that would be totally against it. Maybe just include somekind of “readme” survey-file that has bunch of questions and your e-mail or something? Opening the program for the few first times, and it would suggest to send that survey to you. I don’t know really anything about programming, and dont know if this kind of thing would be even possible, just a thought.

  5. Strainer Says:

    Speaking of set installation:

    I think the most confortable thing would be to have all sets packed into one release (but still installing as if you would install every set by your own) probably with a new ending (like .o8p), also packed like normal .o8s, and OCTGN installs every set inside this package automatically.

    This would speed installation of a lot of sets (thinking of MTG here) up a lot.


    • jods Says:

      It is often overlooked that you can select multiple sets at once when installing them.

      I don’t think selecting one single .o8p or all your .o8s actually change the time required to install them.

      It may change the way sets are distributed, but I don’t think it would influence installation much…

      You can already package several sets in an archive and distribute it as a single file if you think it’s more convenient.

    • Kempeth Says:

      I don’t think a lot of people really need this. Considering the complaints I often hear about downloading big sets I’d say packaging them into even bigger files isn’t very popular.

      Just assume you have one big MTG Package and then a new edition comes out. Would you prefer downloading just the new edition or the whole package?

      I think a much more interesting idea would be updates. In it’s most primitive form it would be an incomplete game/set file. If you specify a tag in the update it overwrites the information if you leave it away it remains the same. Ideally there would also be a way to delete tags – maybe through an attribute or a separate file…

  6. Kurt Says:

    I wouldn’t mind at all providing my information. W/e helps OCTGN, the better. =)

  7. Sean Says:

    How about pulling the info, displaying it to the user and then asking if it could be emailed? The user gets to inspect exactly what it is being transmitted and, if there is something odd in what you have pulled, you could reply to the senders email address.

    Yes, this would remove the no-personally-identifiable bit but only in an “opt-in” and transparent sort of way.

  8. Joris Says:

    Absolutely no problems with providing non-person-identifiable information about my system.
    I agree with the permission asking bit. I think that the most users agree with their information when they know which information will be sent. So some kind of summary screen at the next update/install about your system with a question if this info may be sent to the programmer would be the best option.

  9. Album Says:

    I have no problem with a hardware survey.
    Theres also this:

    heres my info:

    – Windows 7
    – 1920×1200
    – Quad Core i5
    – Internet speed is 10mbps/1mbps down/up
    – GTX260
    – 4 GB

    • jods Says:

      Nice rig.

      I’m aware of the steam stats. They provide an excellent idea of what machines gamers have. But they aren’t necessarily representative of the OCTGN users.

      E.g. I don’t really care how many steam users still use XP. When less than 10% of OCTGN users report an XP OS, I’m going to stop worrying about it. Even if the global stat is higher.

  10. Caspid Says:

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    2GHz core 2 duo
    internet connection: 15/5
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS
    3GB RAM
    Yes, using latest release.

    hope this helps!

  11. Noobma Says:

    Good thing I stopped using OCTGN, looks like you want to drop support for XP, which is fine, since I randomly use ubuntu now. Anyways, kinda of sad it looks like I won’t have a choice of playing or not.

    • jods Says:

      I have no intention to drop XP support at the moment. Quite the opposite in fact: I’ve had to do some urgent fixes because the last update was broken on XP.

      This is unless – of course – some statistics showed me that 90%+ of my users aren’t on XP (I don’t think so… yet).

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