Filtering limited card pools

A first (incomplete) draft of filters is in the next update (coming soon):


In order for those filters to work, your game definition needs to include some additional attributes (and depending on your sets, they may need some upgrade as well).

Game and sets authors, please take note of this:
The “property” attributes now accept a textKind attribute, please read about it in the wiki: (there’s a previously undocumented ignoreText attribute as well).
If you break the compatibility between your game definition and your sets, I remind you that pushing the major or minor version number of your game definition prevents loading older sets.
The property type “Char” is deprecated and I’m going to drop support for it. Games still work for now, but not for long. So please change your game definitions as soon as possible. You can easily use type “String” with textKind=”Enum” instead, without even changing your set files.

I also remind everyone that the next update will be a .NET 4 build, as I posted earlier.

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17 Comments on “Filtering limited card pools”

  1. brinelol Says:

    are those checkboxes going to be automatically generated by the client, or will we define them somewhere in the game file? I also noticed you had separate menus for power and toughness, as well as for type and subtype, but each of these pairs are combined into one string for the actual magic sets. I think it would be beneficial to have the sets separate these into the four properties, but that would require a mass update to every MtG set.

    If we do this, we’re probably going to make sure it’s not backwards-compatible with the older game and set files to ensure everyone has the updates. This may not go over well with most of the user-base if they have to download all the files again.

  2. David Says:

    What if a utility program were made to make the changes to the sets, so they don’t have to be downloaded again?

    I could probably do something like this.

    • brinelol Says:

      I was thinking of something like that after I posted it. If the program were able to search the entire MTG folder for all set files, unzip them, then split the power/toughness and type/subtype for every card (mostly creatures), and change the version number, then it certainly would be possible and save people lots of time.

      If you can get the program to read through a zipped file, then we have a good foundation to start on.

      • Gaspare Says:

        Would be sufficient to make a tool that take xmls and patch them. Then we could just make a zip zontaining all the xmls with a readme to explain what to do with them…

      • David Says:

        Alright, well I’ll try to get some work in on it tonight then.

      • David Says:

        Alright, I have something most of the way working now (reading the o8s file, parsing the xml file, splitting out the power/toughness and type/subtype). I need to stick the new xml back into the zip, and also clean things up a little bit, and probably slap a GUI onto it for file selection.

        You mentioned changing the version number but I’m not seeing any version other than the “game version” which is currently showing 0.0.2 (?) for ROE.

        Are there any concerns over the PT Box deprecating, and the Type being replaced with only the Type portion (previously it was Type & Subtype both)? Basically my logic was to split the PT Box into Power and Toughness fields and the Type into Type (itself) and Subtype.

        I’m not sure how the filtering works exactly, so I may need to tweak a few things. The type and subtype can result in multiple values stored in the single property (ie. “Legendary Creature” for type and “Vampire Shaman” for subtype).

  3. fantsu Says:

    This looks amazing! Waiting already!
    Btw. one card type is “Tribal” is it included?

  4. Strainer Says:

    This truly looks great, .NET Framework 4 is installed and waiting for the new version! 😀

  5. Joesnuffy Says:

    Hey guys i know we have mirc and it has wored great but has anyone used any other means to find a game? I know a few other sets using openfire server and Spark chat program. Seems to work great.

    I took their idea and set it up for my IT office. Not sure if this is something you would want to use. Can be incorporated in .net so you can have chat built in. Let me know and I can get ou more detail on it.

    • jods Says:

      Here is my take on it:

      Having a “community” module directly inside OCTGN is clearly something I wish but can’t do now. (Contributions are welcome, though.)

      I already have thought about that, and here’s my take on Spark.

      Spark is in fact simply a Jabber client. Jabber is nice because it’s standardized and supported by several important servers, like facebook, Apple iChat, Google Talk, ICQ.
      What is less nice is that all those servers require you to register. Moreover, we’d have to choose one of those. Although they use the same protocol, they don’t work “together”, in the sense that you aren’t visible to ICQ users because you are logged inside facebook.
      Of course this could be mitigated by hosting our own server, but I don’t really like this idea much:
      1. Servers cost money.
      2. That would be an easy target to attack the OCTGN community.

      That said the general idea isn’t a bad one. There are for example .NET librairies to work with the IRC protocol. (The advantage of IRC over Jabber is that one doesn’t need to register to enter the channel.) So we could all chat in the same channel as we do today, through OCTGN itself. Plus some additional features like an easier way to connect people together, filter them by the game they have, exchange sets, and so on. And the channel is always accessible even to people who don’t have OCTGN installed.

      Pushing this further we could build our own p2p network… Chat and exchange files without even having a server. It’s not really hard, the required libraries are in fact in the .NET framework itself…

      • Strainer Says:

        Well, this sounds just awesome, being able to see everyone that currently has a certain plugin installed would really help.

  6. Soda Says:

    This is cool. When can we expect to see this? guesstimately, of course 🙂

    • jods Says:

      o_0 right now?

      The code has been published and can be used. The main problem is that not all games have good enough data to really have a great experience. E.g. I know MtG currently doesn’t have separated card types, subtypes, color, etc.

      I think you will see games updated in the weeks that come.

  7. Savage Alien Says:

    Will we get something like this for the Deck Editor?
    It’d be nice to have a “collection” manager, perhaps as an extension of the deck editor, built into OCTGN for players to sort through a collection of cards.

    I mention this because I’d like to have a way to catalog my existing, physical collection and build my octgn decks from there. I’ve found free Magician, and pay MTG Studio, which are along those lines, which both have MWS support, but it’d be much nicer to have this built right in with the program you use to play, and I like OCTGN.

    • jods Says:

      The long-term goal is to remove the crappy deck editor interface and replace it with something similar to the limited interface, yes. Notice how I said “long-term”.

      Having collections is a different question. I can’t say if I’ll do it or when. But I already thought about it for other reasons. If you could load/save card lists, then you would be able to save the packs you’ve open for a limited game and share that card pool with your friends, discuss what each one would have picked, start a new game with the same card pool, etc.

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  9. heru priadi Says:

    thanks for share 🙂

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