New script features (mostly)

Here’s your usual changes log for revision 0.7.2. This time it’s mostly aimed at game authors, with several improvements to script actions.

– Orientation filter wasn’t working properly (fixed);
– Orientation filter now has an additional “negate” attribute, to make it work the opposite way. See the wiki

– The card markers count wasn’t always easy to read, depending on the card background and its size. I’ve added a black frame around it. It’ll probably change in the future, but at least I hope this fixes the issue for people, who had problems reading the digits.

– Two actions have been added to get and set counters (like life, poison, etc.). See getcounter and setcounter in the wiki:
– Counters now have a “reset” attribute (defaults to true), which allows game author decide whether the counter should be set to its initial value during a game reset, or not.

– Script variables were only scoped to the action that used them (their value would be lost as soon as the script completes). It is now possible to declare a collection of game-scoped persistent variables. The syntax to use them stays the same, but since they are declared inside the game definition, OCTGN keeps their value in memory all the time (either globally, or per player). Only integer variables are supported at the moment. See the required definition in the wiki:
Note: this hasn’t been tested much, so if you encounter problems, don’t try for too long and ask in the forum or open a ticket in the bug tracker.

– One could manipulate piles in some ways during a shuffle (especially if the network latency is high). This would produce bugs, so I’ve prevented all the manipulations that I could think of. The result is that OCTGN should be more stable during shuffles.

The game XSD has been updated as well, for the game author who understand that:

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8 Comments on “New script features (mostly)”

  1. Kurt Says:

    “Inconsistent state. Missing markers to remove” wasn’t fixed, when setting a new number for set counters. 😦 Was hoping this would be fixed in the update.

    Also is there a way to have the counters number to the left side without any marker image?

    • Kurt Says:

      Also sad to see we still can’t view opponent’s discard / RFG piles without having to take control. Lots of members are annoyed by this atm when using OCTGN. I know it was listed as high on your priority list so hopefully it’s fixed in next update.

  2. mib_noob Says:

    Thank you for update! I like the new card markers more! My friend agrees, he has old tube monitor, and he didn’t see the old markers very well. 😀

  3. Phil Says:

    The work you are doing is GREAT. I just started using the program and I’m really impressed with how polished the overall product is.

    The only things I would like to see are:
    – ability to change pine/wood table texture to black/grey cloth or other options (supposed it could be done in 1?), even if it is just on my local machine (and the others still see the wood/pine)
    – a bit more functionality in the deck building page such as the ability to clump them by type (e.g. land) and move them up and down in the order and from the side deck to the main deck.

    Again GREAT work – really impressive.

  4. jods Says:

    pine/wood texture would be something defined by the game you’re playing. Until there’s a way to override that, you can get rid of it by editing the game definition manually (ask in the forums).

    Thanks for the positive comments.

  5. Human_Fighter Says:

    Hi there I dont know if you are affiliated with the mods of the forums but is there any chance I can get my account there approved so i can post there… I’m experiencing major lag issues in the deck builder module where i havde all but the special sets and core sets installed but scrolling and selecting cards from the main list is un useable its so slow… im using the mtg game definition.

  6. Strainer Says:


    I have been trying to implement a new game for OCTGN 2, but unfortunately I’m experiencing some problems (the game is unique in some ways, it uses only a shared (community) deck for example. It is played very similar to Texas Hold Em Poker.

    I would have posted this in the forums, but I haven’t been approved yet. I hope you could do this soon.


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