Sorting in limited

Hello everyone, here’s your small update…

As usual, several bugs and crashes were fixed. Quite boring, details are in the bug tracker activity. Most notable bug was that the last card in packs was never picked up during sealed play.

There are a few new features as well:
– I’ve added “Move to bottom of piles” to the built-in “Move to” context menu. Those have the same keyboard shortcut as defined by the game for the regular “Move to”, but with the “Alt” modifier. I remind you that although the menu entries are only visible on the table, the shortcuts work everywhere.
– I’ve added a dropdown on top of the limited card list to sort cards. Notice that to be useful, it might be useful to reconsider the card properties of your favorite games (I know some games lack important properties like “color”, or have empty properties defined like “power”).

If you’re a game author and if you are going to update a lot of sets you should get in touch with me… so that you don’t do it multiple times (I think the coming filters may have some implications regarding that).

We have an issue here as I know there will be changes to the sets and I don’t really want everyone downloading tens of sets over and over again (but to be honest: that’s why OCTGN is still labeled alpha rather than beta).

Happy valentine everyone!


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15 Comments on “Sorting in limited”

  1. Swift Says:

    Thanks for the quick bug fix on the last-card-per-rarity-per-set limited draw bug. That will be very useful. Keep up the good dev work.

  2. brinelol Says:

    what’s going on with big set updates?

  3. Kurt Says:

    If I read that correct, it sounds like there is a keyboard shortcut you can use to put a card to bottom of deck?

    May I ask what the code would be for the keyboard shortcut?


  4. Kurt Says:

    Also wanted to mention, with his new update, can you remove the down arrow that appears over a life deck now, so users don’t accidentally put a card to bottom of life deck? I see this happening quite a bit.

  5. Kempeth Says:

    Thanks for the fixes, jods.

    I’m not completely sure what you’re saying that the dropdown will actually do? Am I correct to assume that you’ll be able to select one of the card properties like “Rarity” or “Name” and the view will be sorted by that? Is it also true that you are already working on a replacement for that dropdown?

    An alternative approach could be to re-use the deck editor interface to assemble a limited deck. All the filtering, sorting *and saving* is already there. You wouldn’t have the nice card pool view but a lot more functionality… It would require some tweaking to restrict the deck editor to the limited pool and then seamlessly hand over the deck to the play module again but if might be faster in the end.

  6. jods Says:

    Yes, the dropdown lets you choose a property to sort the card by (e.g. by color – if your game has such a property).

    I don’t think that the deck builder interface is good and the opposite may happen: the new limited interface may be ported to the deck builder.

  7. David Says:

    jods, could you do both? Have the current limited interface be a graphical appearance (improving on sort still, if reasonable), as well as using the current deck builder for a text appearance? I have all the sets loaded for MTG, and I like the text-only interface for deck building.

    While I know limited is on hold, do you have a rough guess as to when draft support may be coming? That is the #1 thing I’m looking forward to right now, though I love the product overall.

    • jods Says:

      The “big” plans currently are:
      – add filters to the limited interface;
      – support other kind of limited games (e.g. draft).

      Then we’ll see. Some “smaller” changes may happen before, but that’s the next big things.

      We’ll see how it goes with the new interface when it gets final (it may be a lot more impressive than what you see now). I suppose the grid may be an alternative view in the deck editor if people still want it.

  8. Kurt Says:

    jods, can you provide a sample code if you wanted to use the Alt. key to move a card to bottom of deck? I’ve asked quite a few people and no one seems to know how. I haven’t seen a game definition yet use this either.

    • jods Says:

      There’s nothing to do. If your game defines shortcuts to move a card (e.g. “Delete” = move to graveyard), then OCTGN automatically understands that “Alt + Delete” = move to BOTTOM of graveyard. Also, see my answer to your comments in the tracker.

  9. Kempeth Says:

    @jods: I don’t know what you have in mind for the limited interface but based on the current look I much prefer the deckbuilder. IMO the only thing the limited interface has going for it is the visual appeal of seeing all your cards at once…

    The deckbuilder is still far superior in terms of usefulness. When I am building a deck it is much more important to me to have a convenient overview of the card data than to see how the cards look. The deck editor also allows me to see all my deck sections simultaneously – the limited interface does not. When I need to base a card decision on the contents of another section I just have to look at it. In the limited interface i have to switch back and forth. I think these are important aspects to preserve in the deck editor.

    • jods Says:

      I have a big vision for that interface, but it’ll require some hard work. You’ll see in time and we can discuss the best options at that moment. I think the grid may always be an alternative to the graphical representation if people want it.

  10. brinelol Says:

    the grid may be a cool way to view your actual deck, but the actual database portion of the deck editor should always be in graphical form

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