Small changes

Since I published the “Sealed” update, there has been a lot of activity on our ticket tracker. It seems OCTGN is getting more and more attention and as a result, more defects and ideas are submitted.

To keep the list of tickets under control and to prevent people from getting frustrated by bugs or simple-yet-important missing features, I’ve decided to put the limited play aside for a moment and close a bunch of tickets.

As a result here’s a small update, to version Most important changes:

– Several bugs fixed in some very rare conditions;
– Using the search box in the group window wasn’t working;
– Group action shortcuts now work globally (even if you don’t have your mouse over the group).
Deck editor was always incorrectly reporting the deck is “unsaved” when closing.

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12 Comments on “Small changes”

  1. Kurt Says:

    It’s great to hear the shortcut now work globally!

  2. brinelol Says:

    the global shortcuts will make a lot of people happy, that’s for sure! I’ll have some game definition updates to make 🙂

    • Kurt Says:

      What are some changes your making with yours? Trying to think of ideas, that I can do with mine now.

      • brinelol Says:

        hmm, I don’t actually think this update requires any changes to the game definitions, if anything it will allow us to /remove/ some duplicate actions.

  3. HoiHo Says:

    search box works strangely.. When i type text in search its finding also by card rules, so for me its unusefull , because examply i type ‘land’ and it searches me all cards with landfall ability in mtg ..

  4. jods Says:

    That’s the way it’s meant to be used. It searches all text properties, which aren’t defined as “ignoreText=’true'” by the game.

    That always includes the name, and it looks like the rules as well in MtG.

    I think it kinda makes sense in MtG to be able to look for all cards related to “red” or “counter”, but that’s something game designer can turn off.

  5. Kurt Says:

    Hoping in next update you will be able to view opponent’s discard /RFG piles without having to take control. =)

  6. CP Says:

    The sealed support is amazing and has really increased my enjoyment and I play a lotm ore magic now. That said there are two things OCTGN _desperately_ needs: 1) the ability to “grab” the table and drag it around and 2) the ability in the sealed pool to drag around the cards like you can when look at your own library. This would make it a lot easier to sort cards by color when constructing your sealed deck.

    I’d add this to the tracker but I can;t find the URL

    • Kempeth Says:

      @CP: I believe you can pan the table by holding down the spacebar (or was it the middle mouse button?).

      I do agree that we need some way to sort and rearrange the card pool. What I’ve done so far is move every card into my deck and then back again in the order I want them. Cumbersome but it works for now…

      Another thing that bothers me slightly is that when you have more than one instance of a specific card in your deck and want to move it back into the pool there is this number prompt that pops up. How about this:
      When we double click on a card it moves back one instance of it. With Shift pressed it moves all and with Alt pressed it asks…

      • CP Says:

        “When we double click on a card it moves back one instance of it. With Shift pressed it moves all and with Alt pressed it asks…”

        I really like that and agree.

        Oh, and another pet peeve of mine: you can rearrange the order of cards in the deck editor. which makes it harder to see how much of what you have.

      • jods Says:

        Yes panning exists and it’s done by holding the spacebar down (which is common in drawing software).

        Limited play is not completed and there will at least be multiple ways to sort and filter the cards (don’t know yet if you will be able to move them around freely).

        Regarding your suggestion when moving multiple cards, I’m not too sure. Any mouse gesture linked to keyboard modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) is hard to discover for novices. See for example the pan example in this very message (and the same was said about counters or moving a card face down). So I’d rather try NOT to introduce more of those.

        When playing limited you usually don’t have many copies of each cards (except for lands) and you could quite quickly get rid of the box by hitting Enter, so I think it’s something we can live with at the moment.

      • brinelol Says:

        another idea would be to have the cards cascaded by name in the sealed deck editor (like in Windows Solitaire or the lands in MTGO). Drag/double-click the top of a card in the stack, and it and all cards underneath it are moved as one.

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