Welcome to 2010!

I hope everybody had a great time during the holidays! The landscape is covered with snow where I live and it’s just beautiful.

Today is the first 2010 release (0.7.1), with the following changes:

1. New support for more complex packs definitions in sets files. E.g. this allows Mythic rares and other stuff like that (foil, whatever). Here’s how it works, for those writing sets:

<pack …>
    <option probability="0.125">
      <pick qty="1" key="Rarity" value="M" />
      <pick qty="1" key="Rarity" value="R" />
  [possibly other options and/or pick tags]

Basically, you can use an <options> tag instead of a <pick> tag. It contains as many <option> as you wish, each with a specific probability (the last one is not mandatory, it’s the whatever probability is left). The same tags are allowed inside an option as inside the pack itself (that is: as many <options> and/or <pick> as you want).

2. Since the introduction of the new “View” operation on piles, there has been some confusion between this newcomer and the old “Show to” menu, which has more or less always been there. I have done some renaming to make things clearer.

“Show to” is now “Visibility” and it indicates the default group visibility. That’s what you would change if – for example – a card asks you to play with your hand face up (revealed to everyone).

“View” becomes “Look at”. I hope it makes clear that you are temporarily looking at the cards in a pile, whatever the visibility of the pile is.

Moreover, the “Look at” command wasn’t available on collapsed piles (those little groups stacked on the right side of your panel). So you had to first expand them before being able to use it. This has been fixed, the “Look at” command is now available, whether the pile is collapsed or not.

3. Kind user Brent Paschall has submitted a patch to allow multiple selection in hand. After a bit of reviewing I have merged the patch and so you now can select multiple cards in hand, as you already can on the table. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple cards. I know the selection halo is barely visible, that’s something I intend to change in the future (I wanted to change it on the table as well, but never did). I did a bit of testing, but not extensively. So if you find bugs (e.g. when using actions on multiple cards) report them at the usual place (octgn.16bugs.com). This also prepares the way for multiple selection in groups, if you need it… Thank you Brent.

Happy 2010 everyone!

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10 Comments on “Welcome to 2010!”

  1. Gaspare Says:

    the option feature is really cool!
    Can the key be a name of a card? In that case one, knowing the print runs of oldest sets, could recreate the old rarity structure (various levels of Uncommons and Commons, No Rares). It would just be sufficient to change the probability for the various cards…

  2. Gaspare Says:

    I forgot one thing… Happy new year to you too, and thanks !!!

  3. jods Says:

    Yes it can be the name – or even more efficient the id.

    That said, if the goal is to implement print runs, it would be much better and more efficient to have some kind of “printrun” tags.

    As I asked about print runs in a previous post, there wasn’t much interest, so if you are interested you should try to open a discussion about it in the forums.

  4. Haplo Says:

    Hello Jods,

    I am a .net developer with experience in Silverlight (and some WPF). I’m interested in helping out with your development efforts. Please send me an email if you are interested.

  5. Gaspare Says:

    Out of curiosity, which is the schedule for future releases, besides possible bugfixing? Draft, the already announced overhaul of set files or what else?

  6. Kurt Says:

    Just wondering would it be possible for you to add a click and drag action to select multiple cards in hand, just like how you can with cards in play?

    Having the cards yellow isn’t so bad when you have them selected if you had a dark background (which I do for DBZ), but the problem is the hand area has a white background which makes the yellow hard to see. If you maybe just made it something like Red or a darker color that works on dark backgrounds, I think it would work great.

  7. Kurt Says:

    Also wanted to ask how much longer are we looking at would you say, for the ability to view your opponent’s graveyard/RFG pile without ownership?

  8. kristijanH Says:

    I have a question about WoW.
    Will the newer sets be done?

    • kristijanH Says:

      and another question: how long does it take to get the conformation email for regestring on the octgn forum? I’m waitinh for it 10 hours or so.

      • jods Says:

        should be ok.

        I’m sorry about that, but as soon as I remove the approval requirement for new members, tons of spam is posted on the forum.

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