You guessed it…

OK, some additional fixes today:

– There was an important regression in the last update. Double-clicking a card with a default action that moves it (e.g. from hand to table) would result in a crash.

– An unrelated but similar crash would happen if you double-click the close link in group windows.

– You now can “sort” by set in the deck editor. I use quotes because you actually sort by set id rather than set name. So while the cards are grouped by set, the set order may seem random. This is an improvement, I will finish the fix later.

– Finally, the messaging code has undergone some important changes, which you should be totally invisible to you.

Regarding that last change. For the few people, who are building from the SVN trunk, you don’t need NVelocity to generate the messaging code anymore. The project now builds completely inside visual studio 2010, using the built-in T4 templating engine instead.

Sorry, limited isn’t ready yet, but it’ll be your christmas present 😉

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13 Comments on “You guessed it…”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Very happy to see some of these bugs fixed! =)

  2. Kurt Says:

    Just wondering after limited play is finished will we start to see some changes such as more in game functions available such as selecting multiple cards in hand / selecting multiple cards in piles, as well as a deck editor improvement?


  3. defmoose Says:

    Whoa Jods! Multiple updates in a month with limited for xmas! You’re gonna spoil us! =D

    Thanks, as always, for the hard work!

  4. Etienne Says:

    Awsome Jods, Great work.

    When do we get sounds! 😛

  5. Siviram Says:

    Wow, limited play by christmas. That sounds FANTASTIC. Thank you jods.

  6. tourniquet Says:


    I want it, I need it!
    …16 days to Christmas and counting…

  7. Splendid Says:

    4 days!! I don’t think it’s going to happen guys. 😦

    • ThatGuy Says:

      Im with thi guy limited is gonna be a no go… But thats what I expected from the start… We will be lucky to see limited by 2011

    • tourniquet Says:

      Oh ye of little faith. Jods said it would be our Christmas present. All good little boys and girls know that you have to wait until after Christmas Eve to open your presents. Have some patience my friend; have some faith.

  8. ThatGuy Says:

    But I like feeding the trolls…. When they are nice I pet them on the head and feed them from my hand…. But seriously it would be encouraging if jods would even just post something like “Almost done im wrapping it as we speak” or something like that

  9. Gaspare Says:

    Don’t you think that maybe he’s not answering just because he doesn’t want to waste programming time (or simply “time”) with people that only complain, in this case for a sentence that will expire in 4 days from now?
    Come on, you have no point and you know it, so please stop whining and wait patienly and hopeful like us all 🙂

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