More fixes

It seems those fixes never stop 😉

Again, there is no new feature today, but a batch of 10 bug fixes. I’ll just mention the most important ones, if you want the full story you can check it out on the bug tracker.

– Fixed a crash when someone removes a card from the table at the same time another player adds a card to the table;
– Fixed a crash when moving a card to the bottom of a pile from the “Top X” window;
– Fixed performance issues in the token dialog with big databases;
– Fixed a crash when trying to use a variable in the addmarker script action.

I’ve also started to think of some more important changes, more about that later…

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13 Comments on “More fixes”

  1. Anthony Says:


    I love OCTGN. It’s completely awesome. I was just wondering, have you ever considered allowing the deck list to be sortable or arrangable in any way? It would be very helpful sometimes to sort by # of cards or name. Or even allowing drag and drop to order them in an arbitrary way. I think this’d be a great feature :).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Oen Says:

    Anthony, post it in the forums under Feature Requests. 🙂

  3. rymnio Says:

    Just…. Fixed Token performance issue creating..

    But common, let’s make seal and draft options all octgn players are waiting for that, too much time this project is in alpha…

    • Oen Says:

      “too much time this project is in alpha…”

      I disagree.. Virtual Play Table (VPT), has been in alpha for longer, and has made much less progress.

  4. AcydBurn Says:

    This project is in alpha because jods wants a complete and full functioning product to offer people when he is done. Not some half ass program with alot of features and an equal number of crashes. Jods is ensuring the program is stable before adding features which is the most logical way to continue. Adding features before fixing the bugs makes even more bugs. I hope you realize this and take a few moments to reflect on it. Jods is working when he can on this project in his free time.

    Thank you for fixing these bugs now I can finally un sideboard my tokens. Should I expect O2 to auto update or will i need to download it again? Also the fix for rearranging the library from the top x window is good too many players were having problems with it lately. Thank you for taking the time to do these fixes and thank you for writing a wonderful program. Also jods when you get a chance could you get back to me on the forums.

  5. jods Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments!
    So that comments don’t go completely out of hand as they did on previous posts, please use the forum to discuss unrelated issues (like the deck builder).

    This is in the pipeline. But when there are too many bugs, it’s a good thing to stop coding for a while and fix them. Otherwise the situation only becomes worse. I think at least the tokens and move to bottom bugs were major issues, which players experienced too easily.
    Unless there are new bug reports, I think the software is stable enough for me to add a major new feature (yes, it’s limited play).

    If you installed from the link on the website (and you should), the update is automatic. That’s actually the main reason why I use this publishing system rather than just giving the exe away.

  6. rymnio Says:

    But why you didn’t have more testers, more programmers to help, why you didn’t publicized on more pages octgn2 project, very small people heard of octgn2, still most of them are playing MWS, or apps.
    Also why you didn’t place your forum there , they have already MWS subforum so they could have also octgn subforum, octgn official forum sucks, there are just few people and rarely…

    Also when we can expect draft and sealed options it takes tooo long time, these options are mainly important for tournaments, so thats why most people still play MWS.

  7. jods Says:

    I think we have enough testers.

    Programmers I could do with more but it’s not that easy to find people with time, knowledge and willingness to contribute. (Although 2 people have volunteered recently, let’s see out it goes).

    I don’t want to make too much noise around OCTGN until it comes out of alpha and reaches beta. Precisely because I don’t consider OCTGN to be a replacement for MWS or any other CCG software… yet 😉

    We have our own forums because we don’t like depending on other people software and hardware (especially since the people at slightlymagic are biaised towards MWS). Moreover slighltymagic are MtG forums, OCTGN is a platform to play card games. It’s meant to play other games as well, and so on.

    On a side note, I feel totally fine if becomes the place to discuss the OCTGN software itself, and other game-specific portals are built by the community.

    For new features (especially big ones like draft and sealed), I can’t give you dates. It’s done when it’s done. I work on O2 when I feel like it, so it depends on my occupations, how much free time I have, whether I’m stressed at work (I create software for a living, so sometimes I like to do other things).

    • Oen Says:

      “I create software for a living, so sometimes I like to do other things.”

      I hear you there. I don’t exactly create software, but I do web applications all the time, and while I enjoy coding stuff for O2 (like new sets and such), I sometimes like to unplug during my free time. (Especially now that I am taking classes.)

  8. brinelol Says:

    what was updated in the release?

    • jods Says:

      The most important changes are described in the post. If you want the full story, check the activity on the tracker:

      (Note that since the tracker is live, it also contains work done after the release, you should check the dates as well…)

      • brinelol Says:

        If I remember correctly, the changes in this post were for the release, and you released an update sometime around october 17th that upped it to without posting any notifications about it. I wasn’t sure what bug fixes were part of and which weren’t included at that point

  9. Etienne Says:

    octgn is awsome so far, this is comming a software devloper. I hope sounds is high on the priority list.

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