Minor update: fixes and improvements

Hello everyone,

after a far too long period without updates, I’m pleased to announced that I’m publishing

As you can tell from the release number, it’s a minor update, which is compatible with the previous one and even uses the same network protocol (that is: no new message is exchanged between clients).

So what’s new?

  • The way xml game definitions are read has drastically changed. The previous way required almost no code at all, but it was extremely troublesome to maintain the parsing of actions. This has changed and it is now much easier to extend the available tags for your game scripts. In fact I already fulfilled many past requests (like random card selection, bottom card selection, adding and removing markers, filtering by card orientation or highlight, and so on). An up-to-date list of the supported scripts is available in the wiki (that’s here for actions, boolean conditions and card selectors).
  • The xml parsing update contains the only breaking change in this release. If you’ve used <persist>true</persist> as a workaround for the bug preventing persist=”true” to be set on the <newcard /> action, be aware that this has been fixed and your game needs to be updated. Only the attribute syntax is now supported (as it always should have been).
  • Lots of bugs reviews and fixes. Too many to mention them all but if you are really interested you can check the recent activity at octgn.16bugs.com. Maybe the most important fix is the “cropped board image” regression some games had when I introduced the two-sided table.
  • You still get some very small improvements, like being able to change your nickname before starting a new game!

There are still bugs I would have liked to fix that aren’t. But I figured that you’ve waited long enough, so you deserved some update just to know I’m still alive and kickin’!

Next time: maybe a few more fixes, and some small features (probably).

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9 Comments on “Minor update: fixes and improvements”

  1. UN17 Says:

    Very nice! Little updates like these are appreciated! Is there any non-coding support you require or is this mostly a one-man show?

  2. jods Says:

    Today this is mostly a one-man show, but all help is welcome.

    Regarding non-coding support, you can:
    – help other users in the forums and on our IRC channel;
    – volunteer to write some documentation like an introduction video to OCTGN or a user manual. (Please don’t use copyrighted materials, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to use it);
    – if you are able to, contribute to the game development wiki;
    – later OCTGN will be translated in other language and I’m only providing English and French.

    And maybe more… 😉

  3. Oen Says:

    Awesome, great work! 🙂

  4. brinelol Says:

    I must not be doing it right, but I still can’t get the board image to overlap both sides of the table. It seems that any negative coordinate is read as 0 in the program

  5. jods Says:

    It seems that I can:

  6. brinelol Says:

    I tried the random tag, for a “random discard” option. Here’s the code I used.

    I’ve tried it several times, and for some reason the card on the far right of my hand is never discarded. When I get down to 2 cards, the card on the left is always the first one to discard. Either it’s the way I coded it, or the algorithm for randomized selection isn’t perfect.

  7. jods Says:

    unfortunately your code doesn’t show in the comments. I tried it on my side and the following code works perfectly (I replaced the angle brackets):
    {groupaction menu=”Discard randomly”}
    {mute /}
    {move to=”me.#Graveyard”}
    {random group=”this” /}
    {print text=”{me} randomly discards a card.” /}

    let me know if there’s a problem (you can report bugs here: http://octgn.16bugs.com

  8. brinelol Says:

    yeah, that’s the same code that I used. The actual code works fine, my issue is that the card that the randomizer picks is not as random as it should be.

    Draw a hand of 5 cards. Do the random discard command. Any card in the hand seems to be equally likely to be discarded, EXCEPT for the card on the far right of hand. Keep discarding until you get to 2 cards. The card on the right will still be there. Now this is where it gets really obvious. For any 2 card hand, the card on the left is the only one discarded. Draw back to 2 cards, do it again.

    It’s a rather nitpicky issue, I’ll admit. I don’t expect you to deal with it anytime soon, I just wanted to make sure that you knew that it exists. I’ll add it to the bugs list as well.

  9. jods Says:

    OK, I didn’t understand your previous comment correctly. Indeed, the last card was never picked because of a bug. That’s now fixed (will be in next release).

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