Last time I wrote that I still had a few tasks I wanted to complete before publishing the next update.

Unfortunately, because of some problems I couldn’t do everything I wanted to… Those things are NOT done:
– Skinning the 1,2,3 and A-Z buttons;
– Thourough testing (this release has only be superficially tested, and it includes big changes. So hopefluly there won’t be too many bad surprises, please report any problem);
– Rework some contextual menus a bit;
– Review the way one moves card to the bottom of a pile.

Anyway, since you’ve been very patient since the last release and there is major new functionnality available I decided to publish the new update!

One is now available to view and manipulate Top/Bottom X cards, which is a major step forward. I think it enabled many new games/cards.


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44 Comments on “Update”

  1. Oen Says:

    Nice work! πŸ™‚

    I will let you know if I find any bugs.

    Now to begin work on the next set of games that can now be played. πŸ™‚

  2. Hearn Says:

    Are there any plans for sealed/draft play for OCTGN v2?

  3. yoink Says:

    Can you please make Octgn2 do sealed (for Magic the Gathering)? Sadly, many of us will not use it otherwise! Looks good though!

    • Kurt Says:

      I don’t think having a sealed aspect is needed atm. I say he should first get all the gameplay aspects done, then after that is all done, maybe look into something like that.

  4. jods Says:

    Sealed and Drafts are slowly making it to the top of the list.

    I’d like to code them not too late because they will make the set and game file format change a little bit.

    Next rounds of update will probably be consolidation of what we already have, but then you can expect to see Sealed games…

  5. Oen386 Says:

    Cool. Don’t worry about set changes. I am ready for them. πŸ™‚

  6. Kurt Says:

    I would also like to suggest if you can possibly set it in a options box or something so you can change your nickname. ATM it seems the only way you can do this is if you reinstall OCTGN.

  7. Kurt Says:

    One other thing if possible that I would like to see is if you can have an undo draw type of feature, as well as a option to draw from bottom of deck.

  8. Kurt Says:

    After viewing the update… hopefully there can be a “Set Note” feature in the next update, as well as a way so you can quickly set counters on cards, instead of the current format.

  9. jods Says:

    Yeah, I’m really starting to miss some options dialogs, i.e. Nickname. I think I’ll get to that soon.

    A draw is basically impossible to undo. You can’t forget what you’ve seen… So if you made a mistake just put the card back, as in real life. Yeah, I know, you could move *any* card back and your opponent probably won’t notice. You should be more careful, really πŸ˜‰ Seriously: if this ever gets into OCTGN, it’s an extremely low priority feature.

    Set Note and additional marker features are on the list, but probably not the next update…

  10. Kurt Says:

    To clarify what I meant more for markers I really should’ve said counters. You can keep what you have, but also just add an option when right clicking a card, where it will say “Set Counters”, and you just enter the number of counters you want on a card. You could also have a “Remove/Add Counter” where it would just Remove/Add one counter.

    What it would look like on the card is just a number. So if you put Set Counters “5”, it would display a 5 on the card. I wanted this seperate from notes, as alot of times I would like to have counters and a note on the card.

  11. jods Says:

    I have a consistent naming, independant of game, regarding features. When I speak about counters I usually talk about the numbers in the player tab. For things you put on cards I usually talk about markers.

    So I think we’re talking about the same thing.

    • Kurt Says:

      How long do you think it would be until we see a “Set Note” feature and the “Set markers” where you just have the number etc. like I was explaining?

      I’d like to see his updated if possible sometime in July, so we can use this great program for the game we play, which currently are using MWS.

  12. Hearn Says:

    You may be underestimating the value of an ‘Undo Draw’ feature. Of course, players should be careful, but drawing is a very common action in most games and it is very frustrating to have a game ruined because of an accidental draw. Is there any way to simply have a field remember the last card that entered it, and then make ‘Undo Draw’ a game-defined action?

    • jods Says:

      Maybe I do… I’ve actually never had a game “ruined” because of an accidental draw.

      Can you elaborate on why this is required, and what makes it so much better than moving the incorrectly drawn card back to the pile yourself? (I understand that if you’re not playing fair, you could move *another* card back… but if you’re not fair, maybe you drew that card on purpose just to see what was coming next, and there’s just no way I can undo that. Hopefully you play against fair opponents, because cheaters are a plague).

      PS: sorry I just noticed your comment was caught by the spam filter 😦

  13. Kurt Says:

    Yeah Markers is what I’d be referring to then. I was basically just trying to see if you can put markers for the cards where you can just have a small box giving you the option to just put the number in the box and it will just display a number on the cards, with no counter images etc.

    I’d also suggest to change the color of the text on the card so it’s not black. It’s awfully hard when your zoomed out farther. πŸ™‚

  14. Oen Says:

    Wasn’t this marker thing already resolved? There is no reason for a set markers when you can click the +/- keys to quickly add or reduce the markers.

    Also most games can easily have more than 1 marker.. so how would set marker function there? A set marker function might help one game, but OCTGN is about allowing all games to be played.

    As I suggested before, maybe if you right click on a marker that has already been added, maybe then there could be an option to set the number. Also I can see a use for set note.

    • Kurt Says:

      No, the marker thing wasn’t resolved, as it still takes way too long to set markers etc. for multiple games, I’m not just thinking for one game.

      It’s not like I’m suggesting to remove what he has already, I’m asking if he can add this as well, which shouldn’t be hard at all, considering it’s a really simple function.

  15. masterjundai Says:

    hi Jods, maybe its just me but when i open octgn and click deck edit and load a deck to edit and that deck has 16 or more different types of cards in it (16 different cardnames,)there will be extreme lag which makes it hard to edit the deck. The deck editing menu also gets glitchy when I make a new deck (instead of loading a deck) and add more around 16 different cards into the deck.

    I don’t think my comp is so bad, its vista, 2.40 Ghz T8300 intel duo core 2 cpu, XPS M1330, 64 bit operating system

    • jods Says:

      Sorry, your comment got caught by the spam filter.

      I would like to dig into that a bit more. Can you please open a ticket at octgn.16bugs.com ? That’s where I keep track of things I have to fix.


  16. Oen Says:

    Well it was resolved with the suggestion of using +/- to quickly change the marker count.

    • Kurt Says:

      It wasn’t resolved. =\ As that only works when you have markers on the cards. I think your missing what I’m trying to say. I don’t want markers with images on the cards, I just need numbers involved. Jods I believe knows exactly what I’m talking about and hopefully can be added possibly in the next update or so. He can simply just have a option so it says “Set number count or whatever you want to call it”.

  17. Oen386 Says:


    I think it was requested earlier, anyway to implement that way you search in the pile into the deck editor? Like where as you type it redoes the search?


  18. Oen386 Says:

    You are talking about 2 different things.

    First you want a “set counter” menu item. That I don’t think is needed since it already exists (even though it might take a little longer, it still works for now).

    The other item you want, which I agree could be added is text on top of the card to say how many of each counter there are instead of having to mouse over them.

  19. jods Says:

    I don’t get it why one has to use the mouse to see how many markers there are. 1, 2, 3 don’t have a label but are clearly identifiable in my opinion, starting with 4+ there always is a number next to the markers.

    Now, please stop discussing future features on this blog and use the forum for that. This place is meant for blog post comments.

  20. Oen386 Says:

    Oh, I didn’t notice it had the number already. Don’t remember that being there when I last played. πŸ™‚

  21. Hearn Says:

    I like how Kurt says sealed play is unnecessary, but then goes on a rampage about a ‘Set Markers’ button.

    Keep up the good work jods. Is this still an open-source project? How many programmers do you have working on this, or do you code everything yourself?

  22. Oen Says:

    It has been a month.. any updates? πŸ™‚

  23. jods Says:

    Oh my… indeed it’ll be one month soon.

    I am currently working like *crazy*. This is a two-sided coin:
    – unfortunately the probability of having an update before August is slim 😦
    – but I have so many overtime hours that the rest of the year should be a lot easier for me… So OCTGN will probably evolve much faster than before starting August.

  24. Oen Says:

    Good news then. πŸ™‚

  25. Shadow Says:

    Thx for the update i’ve just check it i was wondering if you could add a filter in the inventory for formats, because some games restrict the cards that can be used based on this. Like in MTG, that are what they call “type”. Thx anyway for the last update ^^

  26. Kurt Says:

    Can’t wait for the next update! Looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

  27. Kurt Says:

    Can you possibly give us a preview what will be in the next update possibly? I really hope the “set counters” seen here in my suggestions:


    Can possibly be added in this next update. I been looking forward to this update in awhile in hopes of my game being able to finally play in OCTGN so I can ditch awful MWS, but I need that one update. =P

    Also, I was the one who posted the game crashing when I was moving cards from play to graveyard. Any chance on that being fixed, or did you find the problem? I did give an error log.


  28. shiva Says:

    anyone look into getting octgn2 ported/working on windows mobile? I don’t know what all is involved in making it work for the compact framework (or all the UI changes needed to make it usable on a mobile device), but am interested in seeing if there is minimal code changing that needs to be done.

  29. Oen Says:

    shiva, I doubt it would work at all. The issue being on most devices the resolution is only good enough to display 1 card, let alone the table and other necessary information.

    I am just pointing that out before you sink some serious time in, but right people like Kurt think the counter images on cards are too small, so I doubt putting the game onto a screen 1/4 the size would help. 😦

  30. jods Says:

    “if there is minimal code changing that needs to be done.”

    Big changes, I think.

    First, I don’t think WPF is a supported platform on Windows Mobile. That means porting all the GUI stuff to another platform (but you can keep the rest of the code, hopefully). That’s a big, challenging task.

    Second, you probably have to re-think the way information is displayed and how to interact with it. Because phones usually have small screens and resolution, no mouse, and so on. This would definitively be a very interesting challenge, but I wouldn’t tackle this without having LOTS of time to spend on it.

  31. Etienne Says:

    Awsome work jods.

    All I need is sounds in o2 and im an happy dude!!!

    would’nt be cool to hear my die rolling.. ahhh

  32. brinelol Says:

    is there any chance the 2-way table will be fixed for the next update? Specifically, being able to have a playmat mirrored on both sides, or have a playmat overlap both sides of the table?

  33. jods Says:

    maybe… if you describe more precisely what the issue is!

  34. Oen Says:

    jods, I am pretty sure he means how you can’t use an image/background when using the 2 sided table. Anything that is in the negative from 0,0 doesn’t show up or is mirrored (can’t remember which).

  35. jods Says:

    The cropped board bug has already been fixed.

  36. brinelol Says:

    so it’s going to be in the next update, or it already was in the last one?

    For my specific issue, it would be useful if you could have a playmat image duplicated and rotated for the other side of the table, so that both players of a two-sided table could use a separate (yet using an identical image) playmat.

    Now that the cropped board is fixed, would I be able to simulate the flipped playmat by using an image that has both sides of the playmat already on it, then placing it at (-X,-Y) to (X,Y) so that it overlaps both sides of the table?

  37. jods Says:

    The cropping issue is fixed in the latest codebase. It hasn’t been published yet.

    Regarding the two-sided playmat, I think you have the right idea. I won’t code anything specific for that at the moment, but you could easily create a picture with both sides of the playmat and place it at (-x,-y), just like you suggested.

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