New group window

Rainy water made me work on OCTGN! Lots of progress, although I’m unfortunately not ready to publish it.

In the “nice but not very noticeable” category:

– Pictures handling is a lot better, faster, and shouldn’t freeze the UI anymore (could happen when loading a lot of images at once, e.g. when revealing your whole library for the first time).

– I hope that I have fixed some keyboard shortcuts and disabled menus issues (you usually had to click on the table to fix them).

Now for the “long overdue” category: I’ve completed the new group window. It looks exactly like the existing one, but with this “toolbar” on top:


You can still close the window with the red X at the top right. It basically does that: it closes the window. Nothing more. Now recognizing that most games require you to shuffle after peeking inside your piles, there’s a shortcut to close and shuffle in one click. Speaking about that: the “Show to > me” non sense is gone as well. When you look at cards they are automatically revealed and hidden when you close the window.

Now, what are those mysterious 1,2,3 and A-Z buttons? Obviously there’s still some work required on their look!
The 1,2,3 view mode is exactly what we have today: all cards ordered according to their position in the pile. You can drag and drop from and to this view.
The A-Z mode is all cards ordered and grouped by name. A picture being worth a thousand words:


It’s ideal to quickly see everything there is in your opponent’s deck, or search for something in your own! You can even use move shortcuts or drag cards by the count label on them. If you do that, all cards with that name are moved. Quick example: you want to remove all “Giant Growth” from your opponent’s library. Put your mouse on the Giant Growth “x4” label and hit “Del” key. Done.

Finally, if you still need help looking for cards, there’s the new “Search cards” box. Type anything in there and the view is filtered to only display matching cards (and automatically switch to A-Z mode). All texts on the card are searched, so it also works if you want to see only “Basic Land”, “Goblin” or “Plainswalk” cards. Game authors can exclude some card properties from this search by applying the new ignoreText=”true” attribute to them (e.g. exclude flavor text or copyright line). Hint: ESC key quickly empties this box if you want to see everything again.

Those are excellent improvements and I’m excited to share them with you! Unfortunately I still have a bit of work to do:

– The buttons aren’t skinned properly (very minor);
– The Top X and Bottom X feature, while mostly coded, needs to be completed and properly tested;
– I still want to rework some contextual menus a bit;
– (Probably not in next update?) I’d like to review the way one moves card to the bottom of a pile.

That’s not much (except maybe the last bullet) so you can expect an update as soon as I work on it again (yeah I know…)!

Enjoy the summer if you are lucky enough to have nice weather!

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8 Comments on “New group window”

  1. Oen Says:

    I love it. When are you thinking though? It has already been a month and a half without an update published. Are we looking at another month or sooner you think before we see all these changes?

    I know you are busy, but keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. jods Says:

    I know it’s been a lot longer than I would like since the last update…
    I am busy at work and I enjoy being outside when it’s warm and sunny. Truth is I haven’t touch OCTGN for several weeks. :-/

    The next update contains a lot of work, which is mostly done now. I’d say it will be published next time I work on OCTGN, hopefully this week.

  3. Kurt Says:

    Changes look very nice. Would it be possible for you to include some sort of method of when discarding cards, their not random in the order they go to graveyard? I’d like there to be some sort of correct method so this doesn’t happen.

    Also would you be able to add in the discard a card at random feature from hand in this as well? It doesn’t seem like the one that was discussed in forums works very well. =(

  4. jods Says:

    Random discard: this will not be built inside the client if it can easily be done in xml (at least until I have too much time and don’t know what to code). Please post in the forums *why* that method doesn’t work well and I’ll see what I can do.

    Regarding ordered discard, I think I answered this one already. The only way I see to do that is to preserve the order in which cards were selected. But if you have to Ctrl-Click all cards in order, I’d say you’d better move your mouse over each card in order while hitting “Del” or whatever shortcut your game has set up. It would be quicker (and works in the current build).

  5. Kurt Says:

    Is that new view for piles for graveyard too? If so I hope it doesn’t have that option to close and shuffle, as most games I know of never let you shuffle graveyard, and I can see players accidentally shuffling graveyard with that new option.

  6. jods Says:

    It’s for all piles. OCTGN doesn’t know about any games rules and you can define any number of piles.

    Yes, a player could click “Close and Shuffle” when he shouldn’t. I would hardly call that an “accident” since the label is very explicit. OCTGN is not meant to be idiot-proof, sorry 😉

  7. Kurt Says:

    Can you not set it up so for graveyard/remove pile it won’t have the close and shuffle? I don’t know any game where they suggest you should shuffle/remove your discard/remove pile.

  8. Oen Says:


    “I don’t know any game where they suggest you should shuffle/remove your discard/remove pile.”

    He is saying that it is up to the author of each game. If you dont’ want the option, you have to disable it. The game doesn’t see it as a “Graveyard”, it just sees it as a pile. Your library is a pile, your graveyard is a pile, your side deck is a pile etc… I am assuming in the long run he will give the option not to click that button or disable it through the Game XML, but for now… people should know not to shuffle if they are not suppose to shuffle.

    I am sure there are games out there that could use the feature, so I am glad it is in.

    I agree with jods, you can’t make the whole thing idiot proof, if the people don’t know how to play, they don’t know how to play. 😦

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