Work in progress

It’s be a month since I last posted, so I thought I’d let you have some news!

I haven’t worked on OCTGN for a long time, but I’ve resumed coding. The “View cards” functionnality is under heavy revision…

– First it disappears from pretty much everywhere except on piles.
– When clicked it automatically reveals the cards in the group. No need to manually select “Show to… me”.
– When the window is closed the cards are face down (it they were) again, and there’s a button to automatically “Close and shuffle”.
– You can select to view “Top X cards” or “Bottom X cards” only.

I still have some work to do to complete everything, but it should be ready soon. There are other modifications I’d like to do in this area, I’ll see if everything is done in one release or if I split it in two.

I have done more minor modifications as well:
– There now is a line in the middle of the table when playing in 2-sided mode;
– The content of input dialogs (e.g. when using Draw many…, or the new Top X…) is now selected and focused by default, so one can directly type (or hit enter) instead of having to click in the box.

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15 Comments on “Work in progress”

  1. brinelol Says:

    After these updates I’m convinced that the program can be fully functional for many different games. Any further updates will be just bonus ;D

    The work you’ve done on this program is amazing.

  2. Kurt Says:

    When you say…

    ““View cards” functionnality is under heavy revision…” does this mean it will not have lets say 6 cards in the first row, then in the second row have another 6? If so that’s great! Hopefully it can be in some type of list form like I showed you in the last update thread, making it quicker to find cards etc. =)

  3. jods Says:

    I noticed your comment about lacking num keypad on a laptop… Don’t you have some kind of “Func” key which let you emulate this? You usually have one on laptop, it’s kind of a Ctrl or Alt key and let’s you type keys which are lacking on the reduced layout of laptops.
    Otherwise, do you have any idea what would conveniently replace the num +/-?

    I have mixed feelings regarding the “grid” view (similar to the one in the deck editor). What if…

    1. I give you a box to search a card by text and the list is automatically filtered to display only cards matching.

    2. I offer an alternative view where cards are ordered by name rather than position, and grouped (i.e. you’d have Plains x 20 rather than 20 times the card).

    I think it keeps the client very visual, it’s enough to easily search cards, and it’s easier to integrate with the existing drag and drop system (so it’s less work for me, compared to enabling drag and drop from a grid).

  4. Kurt Says:

    I’ll have to see what it looks like. I just hope the search a card by text isn’t cluttering things. =)

  5. Kurt Says:

    Also regarding the tokens… would it be possible to have it a function where you can do “Set Counters” to a card and you can just input the amount in a small box, and it will display a number on the card, rather then having to choose the color of the marker etc. everytime?

    Also… is the option where you can select multiple cards in hand/deck/graveyard to drag onto the field going to be available in this update, as well as an option to discard a card at random from hand?

  6. jods Says:

    Multiple selection in hand: definitively not in this update.
    Note: using keyboard shortcuts to move cards to another zone (except table) do actually work on hand, even if they (currently) don’t show up in menu. This may help.

    Discard at random: as I said previously, I don’t think any additional support from OCTGN is required. This action can be coded by the game author today (the actual code is in the comments in the bug tracker, and in the forums as well, I think).

    Set counters: I don’t think this will exist the way you describe. But:
    – I want to add a feature to add random notes on cards (which is practically what you ask for).
    – Creating a default marker by hitting + on the card, and clicking on it to edit the number should do it as well. (Or for smaller markers, just hit + repeatedly)

    (Nothing of all this is in the next update. Next update focus is on Viewing cards in groups, and a little bit of cleaning in contextual menu)

  7. Oen Says:

    To refine this:
    “Also regarding the tokens… would it be possible to have it a function where you can do “Set Counters” to a card and you can just input the amount in a small box, and it will display a number on the card, rather then having to choose the color of the marker etc. everytime?”

    I think you should have to set the counter the first time, but from then on you can right click on a set of counters and set the amount if you want.

    You NEED the menu since there could be multiple counter types depending on the game. If the game only has 1 counter type I see the reason for a “set counters to” option, but since every other game like Magic, Pokemon, and WoW seem to have multiple counter types, I think it would have to be refined so that the menu only shows up once a counter has been set and you right click on that counter.

  8. Kurt Says:

    Hmm… I’ll have to ask Oen more then. He seemed confused on how to code it still by looking at the forums.

  9. Kurt Says:

    Also jods not sure if you saw my topic about the situation, I’d suggest changing the text when you right click a card to “Reveal Card” when a card is already faced down, instead of having to click “Face Down”.

  10. brinelol Says:

    I’d have to toggle into the num lock (via function + scroll lock) every time I wanted access to the pseudo-numpad, plus the vertical rows of the numbers are arranged at an angle due to the way the keys are positioned.

    When I mentioned this problem in the other post, I was just backing up Kurt’s idea of right-clicking the markers to change their numbers. My issue was just supposed to be an example of a situation where the +/- keys weren’t the easiest way to do it.

    By all means, keep the +/- function in, because for 95%+ of the users it will work fine. Maybe as a failsafe, you could allow the – and = keys between the 0 and backspace as well.

  11. Kurt Says:

    As far as counters on cards, I think you should have a number on the card at all times. When you only have 2 or 3 counters on a card there is no number next to it. Also would be nice to have a “set counter” feature.

    The notes feature that you suggested isn’t the same as you will have to put the number in it everytime.

    If you have ever tried Magic Workstation’s counter system, that is what I am referring to. If you have never seen it, I’d just taking a look at it, as it’s alot easier to add counters etc. for games only needing a number count instead of selecting colors etc. on the counters.

  12. Kurt Says:

    BTW Here is an image of to what I was referring to:

    Not sure if you can possibly have what you have plus this, for games who only need one type of counter to have the process fast and easy. =)

    As you’ll see the counter number on the card is 10, and I have counter renamed to Power Stages for my game. There is an option to add a counter, which just adds one, same thing for remove a counter, and there is a set counter, which you just put the number in and hit okay/enter and it sets it.

  13. Oen386 Says:

    “If you have never seen it, I’d just taking a look at it, as it’s alot easier to add counters etc. for games only needing a number count instead of selecting colors etc. on the counters.”

    But the point of OCTGN2 is to work with ALL games, and some games need multiple counters like jods implemented. I think that system is fine how it is. I know people that use multiple counters on some cards, so having just 1 number to represent all possible counters is a bad idea.

    Like I said I think an option to right click on counters already on a card and to be able to quickly set them to a new amount would be good, but right clicking on the card brings up the normal menu.

  14. jods Says:

    Oen, the current support for all kinds of markers is not going away. I am definitively not going to completely change the markers system.

    I am simply going to make some improvements to simplify counters handling where possible (e.g. if you use one kind of counters a lot).

  15. Kurt Says:

    Oen I never said get rid of what he has, I was suggesting to add this as well as what he has.

    Jods for simplifying it, can you leave it for the most part how it is, then add what I showed you as something totally different? I’m looking for something so I can simply set/remove/add numbers like I showed you above, and do not want this part of the notes feature, as I would like to have it so I can set notes and the numbers like I mentioned.

    Basically I’m suggesting to leave how you have the multiple counters setup then another feature where you don’t have counter images, and just numbers in the bottom right or w/e, where you can set the number, or remove one on the number, or add one to the number. If you set the number count to 0 the number goes away.

    I’d also suggest for any type of counter number colors to change the color to red/yellow instead of the black you have now with a glow around the number. It’s really hard to see when you zoom out quite a bit and doesn’t stand out. =)

    Keep up the great work!

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