Update Published

The update containing everything I talked about in this blog since the last update has been published right now. Your client should automatically update.

Breaking Changes

If your game uses a board, the game definition will require an update. The default table layout has slightly changed. Before it went from (0,0) to (width, height). Now it goes from (-width/2, -height/2) to (width/2, height/2). So old boards will be misplaced.

The communication protocol had to be extended to support some of the new features, that’s why the minor version number went from 0.4 to 0.5. This means that new clients can’t connect to old servers.

For most of you this means this is a “no game/set change” update.


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38 Comments on “Update Published”

  1. Gaspare Says:

    Cool !

    Thanks Jods, but I have a little request…

    Could you by chance provide also a zipped version for those who have the GAC issue with windows 7? It would be much appreciated 🙂

  2. jods Says:

    For Gaspare, and for those, who have problems with the ClickOnce deployment:

    I don’t support this distribution, nor upgrades from it. So I’d rather advise people to use the install link.

    I don’t answer questions regarding how to use the ZIP file above.

  3. Gaspare Says:

    Of course, no problem at all with that, and thanks very much!

  4. Oen Says:

    My only problem, I think a thin line should be allowed to be enabled. Once you zoom in and out some you can’t tell where that dividing line is any more. I would say it should always be enabled, but I know some games would not use it. So I think a toggle based on the each user’s choice would be great.

    Would this single line be hard to implement?


  5. jods Says:

    I actually wanted to code such a thing. One aspect made it slighlty tricky so I cut the feature to be able to complete the release sooner.

    I’ll try to find an easy solution and add it in a future update.

  6. BoB Says:

    Just a question where do you get the update as my octgn doesn’t seem to have auto updated or anything.

  7. BoB Says:

    Also, i tried to go to octgn.net but for some reason there was a error saying “the address could not be found”.

  8. Gaspare Says:

    octgn.net is working fine, i guess you have a problem with your browser

  9. jods Says:

    I currently only support running OCTGN from the red link on this page:

    If that’s the way you installed it, it should update automatically when it starts. To check if you have the latest version, look at the version number ( on the first “menu” window.

    All links seem to be working at the moment, I don’t know where you got a 404. Maybe you did a typo?

  10. BoB Says:

    Hi, sorry for the trouble i had caused. Tried it after a couple of days and it worked fine. Might have been unlucky during that peroid of time.

  11. Tony Murray Says:

    Hey Jods,
    Congrats on another release.

    I was just editing a deck and I was thinking of a couple of changes for the deck editor. For the load and new there should be some of recent game/file functionality.

    Maybe change the menu into a toolbar. It seems to be quite functional (especially after you added the set filter) but I was wanting to combine filters by _or_ in addition to _and_.

  12. Kurt Says:

    For the line in middle problem, couldn’t we just add a line in the background image?

  13. Oen Says:

    Kurt, no.

    The background image moves with the screen. A fixed table would not, but then when you zoom out it wouldn’t fill the screen.

  14. jods Says:

    @Tony: yeah… honestly I wonder what to do with the deck editor. It was a quick dirty job to have something (it’s better than nothing, right?). Now I am not sure if I should invest more time to make it better, or just start over again with a better design. <_<

    @Oen: spot on. The only one that would work is to have a “board” kind of background, but it doesn’t scale well with the infinite table. I’ll try to build a better solution inside the client when I get some time.

  15. Joesnuffy Says:

    Will there be a lobby for this when it is finished? By loggy I mean a central server that the game conects to so you can find opponents etc.. Wasnt sure if that was in the works or not. Great game keep up the good work.

  16. jods Says:

    A central server, surely not. We don’t have the money or the infrastructure required for that. That’s why the client connects directly to one another (it would have been much easier to have a trusted central server, for all aspects related to cheating as well as connectivity issues – e.g. firewalls and NATs).

    On the other hand, when it’s completed I don’t exclude the idea of creating a P2P community model. So a lobby may actually exist… But don’t hold your breath! 😉

  17. Joesnuffy Says:

    Jods- I created a Yahoo group for Octgn2 located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Octgn2 do you know of any other groups or one you have started to look for players?

  18. Oen Says:

    Joesnuffy.. pointless. 😦

    There is an IRC chat dedicated to finding games in OCTGN1/2.
    No offence, but it is listed on the front of the site.


    There are people there. I think setting up 20 different places just spreads everyone out.

  19. Joesnuffy Says:

    Heh didnt even see that. Logged in and using that now. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Joesnuffy Says:

    One more question. Octgn 1 had a random booster and startr pack selction that you could get into a game and play with whatever was in those packs. will the second have the same feature?

  21. Oen Says:

    Yeah, jods mentioned it in a post on the forums I think.

  22. jods Says:

    For sure it will have that feature!

    Regarding the place to meet other people, I don’t know any other one than our IRC chat room. As Oen wrote, as the community is very small at the moment it would probably be best to try to keep everyone at the same place.

  23. Kurt Says:

    Just wondering is there any updates that will be coming out soon for OCTGN2?

    Hoping there is an update for viewing Library/Graveyard etc. so it’s in a list form, and a way to look at top X in Library. =)

  24. jods Says:

    The good news:
    The top X feature is the next update planned (not sure about the list form).

    The bad one:
    my real work is getting a bit difficult right now. I have lots to do in short amounts of time… This means that I probably will set OCTGN aside for a little while.

  25. Kurt Says:

    Hopefully the list form can be changed as well in the next update. =) Problem we’re having right now is the game we use depends alot on viewing your Library/Graveyard etc. and a list form makes life a whole lot easier if your able to view it in a list type form, possibly having like a small box in that list form view where you can click it, so your able to see the pile in alphabetical order, making it nice and easy to see what’s all left in the pile, while not actually putting it in alphabetical, as if you uncheck it it will quickly go back to how the pile of cards should be setup in terms of order.

    Hopefully things at your work go well. =)

  26. Kurt Says:

    This is what I was referring to to try and explain it the best possible way I can:

  27. Nok1 Says:

    Hey, just want to report a bug:

    -Add two games (game A and game B)
    -Click on A but load cardset for game B – will pop up msgbox saying that it’s the ‘wrong game’, but after that you will not be able to import the cart set into the correct game (the GUID is cached as added even on failure?)

  28. Nok1 Says:

    Actually, after clearing the master games file, i’m unable to reproduce the error…

    Not sure if that was my problem before then… Possible false alarm.

  29. Aggersborg Says:

    phew .. the development is sooooooooo slow of OCTGN2. I have being following the last year. I know it is a almost one man show and not a paid project. But I feel that the slow development is kill my enthusiasm. Pls make the project more open so others can contribute (I am not a programmer my self – so the only work I can do is translate it in to Danish).

  30. jods Says:

    Yeah, sometimes it’s quite fast, sometimes it’s very slow. It seems we are in a very slow period. 😦

    I am considering any volunteer who wants to help. A few people have contacted me in the past but none ended up coding anything…

    But rejoice, top X pile manipulation is coming next and I think that with this feature, the big majority of games will be playable, whatever the dev. status is.

    • Kurt Says:

      Do you think the list feature with the graveyard/library/remove pile etc. can possibly be included? It’s a pain the way it is now to actually have to search your library for a specific card. =P

  31. Kurt Says:

    Any update on this with the addition of a small line going down the middle?

  32. jods Says:

    Line in the middle when using 2-sided table:
    yes, it’s done and will be published in the next update.

  33. Kurt Says:

    What about a change in the tokens? Maybe leave it like it is now, but also add a different option when right clicking, to have it so a User can just right click on a card, and set a value of how many counters should be on a card, instead of selecting what color you want etc. everytime? Possibly maybe just have it post a number on the card?

  34. Oen Says:

    Um.. Kurt wasn’t that discussed on the forums?

    THe problem with your idea is if there is more than 1 type of token on the card.. which one does it set?

    I think simply hitting plus or minus works fine to adjust the count is fine for 99% of games.

    How many tokens does your game use?

  35. jods Says:

    I have taken notes of those requests and I have the following plans regarding markers:

    – hitting +/- on a card, but outside any marker will add/remove one marker of the “default” kind (“default” is to be defined per game, preferably customizable by user)

    – *Maybe* have some kind of “most used markers” toolbar on your tab, so that you can drag&drop the most frequently used markers

    – Try to make the marker count editable on cards.

    I think this should ease the pain for games, which use one (or few) markers a lot.

  36. Kurt Says:

    Yeah I definitely would like a feature where you don’t have to have all these options to choose which color marker etc. My game only requires one token, and doesn’t need to have all these options, making it more time consuming to set the amount of counters on a card.

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