“Move To” shortcuts

I’ve added a little feature, which can be quite handy.

In the next update there is a new menu item on the table, which lets you quickly move a card to one of your zones, without drag-and-dropping it:


The real benefit is that each game can define shortcuts for each group (as the above screenshots shows). So in effect one can move a card the graveyard just by putting the mouse over it and hitting the Delete key. As I said, not much, but handy.

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10 Comments on ““Move To” shortcuts”

  1. Gaspare Says:

    This is a very handy feature jods, i guess that when you will add library manipulation, new shortcuts will be possible to add, such as for example “move to the position X of library” (I know at least one magic card which does that thing).

    Get some rest and cure yourself, in the mean time thanks for the news! 🙂

  2. lutrotis Says:

    Hi,first of all a lot of thanks for your amazing work and many more thanks for the fact that you are developing this program in your spare time.I am using OCTGN 2.0 in order to play online the fact is that I am not very experienced with programs like OCTGN.I am running version and I have the module for playing mgt.My major problem is that I cant connect online with any of my friends and neither they can.I send my IP to them and nothing,they send their ip to me and again nothing sould I disable firewall or anti-virus again nothing.What is that I am doing wrong?Plz help me.Also I cant get a shortcut of OCTGN on my screen why?Please help me

  3. jods Says:

    The fact your connections attempt time-out without any other message is most probably due to a connectivity problem.

    The server has to be able to accept incoming connections. If it is behind a NAT (Network Address Translation, typically occurs in some routers provided by some ISP. My old DSL was that kind), you have to set up proper port-forwarding on the device. (The port used is indicated in the server screen, and you can change it if you need to.)

    The NAT is the most common problem preventing people from being able to serve. Your firewall has to allow the connection as well (outgoing if you’re joining, incoming if you serve). I suppose some antivirus may be agressive as well, although I’ve never heard of one problem related to an antivirus.

    If you need more help regarding the connection, it would be best to ask in the forums (at http://www.octgn.net/forum ).

    If you want a shortcut on your desktop, you can create one by dragging the Start menu entry to the desktop and holding the Alt key.

  4. defmoose Says:

    Hey Jods, the recent updates have been great and it looks like the program is really coming together. I’m curious as to what else is still in the works (planned to be done) until OCTGN2 becomes a beta? It seems so complete already, the only thing I can think of that’s missing, in terms of functionality, over octgn1 is a sealed deck and draft editor. Are these the only things remaining on the to-do list, or are there still a myriad of things to be done? Thanks for all the hard work! I look forward to future updates! =)

  5. Deafmouse Says:

    theres still the set filter

  6. jods Says:

    My plan is to call it a beta when:

    1. most cards are playable. I think we’re nearly there. The big thing missing currently is viewing and manipulating the top X cards…

    2. the file formats become more or less final. And I can see quite a few features, which are going to impact it: include data to generate draft/sealed packs (either just card distribution by rarity, or even full print runs); include sets properties (release date, block, etc.); include card legality for various formats; include rules inside the game package; digitally sign the sets files; and probably stuff I’m forgetting at the moment…

    On top of that my TO DO list contains *tons* of thing. But everything doesn’t have the same importance and there are a lot of things, which can be done later – even after the first 2.0 release.

  7. Gaspare Says:

    Some of the things at point 2) mean that o8s set files must be reworked? Just to know so I prepare myself 🙂

  8. jods Says:

    Yeah to take advantage of features listed at point 2 you’ll have to add new information inside o8s files and/or o8g files.

    It’s because I know the o8s format isn’t final that I’m not encouraging people to build full games with all sets at the moment…

  9. Gaspare Says:

    I guess that when time will come, we will create a batch script that replaces the update files into the various o8s patches. I think it should not be hard to do…

  10. Oen Says:

    Super easy.. go go database! 🙂

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