I’ve been doing some works on tokens. It’s nearly completed, I expect to publish the update next week (or maybe the following one).

OCTGN doesn’t really know about tokens, but I added a new action for game authors: “Create a new card”. So basically a token is just a card like any other. This action pops up this dialog, similar to the markers one:


The cards displayed in the dialog are restricted by an arbitrary condition on card properties.

Of course, to experience this feature, one needs to update game definition (to include the new action) and game sets (to include token cards, if they aren’t already included).

Tokens can very easily be included inside sets files. The trouble of including new tokens in OCTGN 1.x contextual menu are gone.

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18 Comments on “Tokens”

  1. Oen Says:

    AWESOME! 🙂

  2. Stuart Says:

    OCTGN 2.0 doesn’t work on Windows 7 Beta.

    Windows 7 Beta does come prepackaged with .net 3.5 sp1, I checked.

    Yet, when I run the installation, it displays this error.

    “System Update Required
    Unable to install or run the application. The application requires that assembly Sentinel.v3.5Client Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) first.”

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    What do I need to download in order to fix this. Any links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Stuart Says:

    Yes, I ran windows update. And yes, I double checked that windows 7 comes with .net 3.5 sp1.

    Does the below SDK to 3.5 SP1 here offer any help?

    Would it work if I were to download that?

  4. Gaspare Says:

    I got the same error and i’m running too windows 7 beta build 7000. I wanna try with the new build (7022) but i’m not sure I will have results.

  5. jods Says:

    Sorry guys, someone else already reported this “Sentinel.v3.5Client” error on Win7.

    I know all reports say Win7 is really great, but I’m waiting until it comes out of beta before installing it on my box.

    So as long as Win7 is in beta I am not testing or supporting it in any way. You’re on your own, maybe Google will help.

    @Stuart: I doubt the SDK would help but you can try… who knows?

  6. Stuart Says:

    Gaspare, if by any chance, it ends up working on build 7022, please let me know.

    Also, I sent feedback to Microsoft reporting this error to them. Perhaps you could do the same. If enough people on the Windows 7 Beta report it, MS will work on fixing it, if not now, atleast by the time they release the next build.

    Jods, its cool. I didn’t expect you would know what was causing the issue with Windows 7. It’s really MS’s screwup, not yours.

    I mean .NET is their own Framework, the least they could do is make sure that software built around it works with their newest releases.

  7. comport9 Says:

    Can’t get the download to work.

    I have the proper plugin for FF, but it doesn’t work in IE either.

    “Application is improperly formatted”…

  8. Win7 guy Says:

    I was having the same problem with windows 7 as you all have reported. After extensive research I found that it will run, though you have to download it from a site such as megaupload(where I found mine).

    This site will link to megaupload where you can get a working verison.

    Hope this helps

  9. Gaspare Says:

    @win7 guy: I’d like to test new versions, I already tested old ones 😉

    By the way, I tried that version (which is for the records) and it loaded. This is another confirmation that Seven has .NET 3.5 SP1 already installed.

    @stuart: I’ll try the new beta, hoping they fixed this thing

  10. Gaspare Says:

    No luck, also build 7022 has the same problem 😦

  11. Nicolas Says:

    So if I understand well, there’s no way to use tokens right now with OCTGN 2, we’ll have to wait for a new release ?

  12. jods Says:

    it means that token support is included in the next update (prob. this week-end).

  13. Nicolas Says:

    Many thanks, Jods ! You’re doing a wonderful job, OTGN 2 is a great way of playing MTG ! I’m back to this game because of your great software !

  14. Makkert Says:

    cool beans

  15. kersh317 Says:

    Anyone know if the token update is available anywhere yet? Great job guys, keep it up.

  16. kersh317 Says:

    Anyone know if this token update is available anywhere yet? Great job guys keep it up.

  17. kersh317 Says:

    Wait, I found it! >.< lol I should really read thru these forms before posting…

  18. jods Says:

    Indeed, and there’s no need to double or triple post everything. 😉

    Have fun…

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