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Hi everyone,

as you see we are very busing setting up infrastructure for the OCTGN 2.0 project. After releasing the alpha 2, creating a wiki for developper, here come:

  • An issue tracker, to keep record of bugs and feature requests. You can access it at this URL: http://octgn.16bugs.com. It is a nice tracker because (unlike many others), it is very simple, clear and concise, even for “regular” users. Hopefully you’ll be able to use it without too much effort.
    Anonymous users can see the bugs, but currently only registered users can submit new ones. In fact, allowing anonymous submissions cost $8/month, which we can’t affort. I asked the people there if they could do us a little gift, as those companies sometimes do for free/open-source projects (e.g. the JIRA tracker gives free licenses to open-source projects). I am waiting for their answer.
    UPDATE: the generous people at 16bugs.com have given us an extended free license. Now you can submit bugs anonymously (no need to register). In addition to that, those who register can subscribe to bugs and be notified of updates by mail or using an RSS feed. Kudos to the 16bugs team for this gift!
  • The web site and forum is somehow still under construction, but you can start to use it at http://www.octgn.net

Thanks for the awesome feedback you gave so far! I have the feeling this alpha has been well received and I am extremely pleased about it.


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14 Comments on “Bug tracker and website online”

  1. Talking Shotgun Says:

    Great. This should work out better than using the wiki. Any plans on a way to ask other users questions about making games or such without filling up the comments here??

  2. Talking Shotgun Says:

    Eh, my browser messed up and didn’t have the link to the forums there… got it now. I’m a dumb.

  3. Makkert Says:

    As said previously, I’m watching the site now regulary again.
    I picked up the alpha, installed it.
    Still have to work out the installing of sets, as the dl-site is down :/

    But I hope to test this alpha a bit soon.

    ~ Makk.

  4. Makkert Says:

    for first time users, it must be clearly made they can’t connect / host a game before loading game defenitions.
    It took me like 10 mins to figure this one out.

    then again, i’m bad. :/

  5. jods Says:

    yeah, I should display a message when you try to start a game without a game.
    I just did a quick fix because it was crashing… 😦

  6. Makkert Says:

    just played my first match again in 3 years.
    quite fun to see the masterpiece come to life.

    hope to catch you folks for a game.

    ~ Makk.

  7. dragonclaw7000 Says:

    Just wanted you to know that my antivirus tells me it blocked a hacking attempt when i create a game.

    Security rule: Default Block Silencer Trojan horse
    Date: 2008-10-04

    Port: 1001 TCP

    I use Norton

  8. jods Says:

    Hopefully it doesn’t say “I’m blocking a hacking attempt”. It detects that I’m opening and listening on port 1001 on your machine, that’s all.

    This is just normal and the only way to let another person connect to your computer. I can’t do it any other way, so you should put OCTGN on some whitelist…

  9. dragonclaw7000 Says:

    Tnx. Just wanted to check with you.

    It said it was an incoming signal so i thought it was best to check it up 🙂

  10. netshadow Says:

    Turns out port 1001 is commonly associated with the Silencer trojan, and Norton will block it by default with its default, out of the box rule called “Default Block Silencer Trojan horse” (Even though Silencer was UDP-only)


  11. jods Says:

    Thanks for the insightful details netshadow.
    I should have pointed out that you are always free to choose any available port to serve.

    But knowing that 1001 is often associated with a Trojan, I’m going to change the default to 8088. According to the database you pointed to, this port is not used by any known application or trojan.

  12. pyyhttu Says:

    About 16bugs:

    I noticed you asked and was offered a gift of extended hosting on their propietary, hosted bug tracking system.

    How “free” is this solution anyway? What happens in general when they drop the free gift?

    Do we have to start to afford to pay that $8 then? If not, can we afford to fall back to their free subscription model and lose the rss/email notification+anonymous submitting of bugs?

    If we ever decide/have to migrate for some unknown reason, can we export already submitted bugs without fuss, to some other bug tracking system and continue from there?

    No personal attack meant in here, but I _had_ to write this when noticed we were offered “an extended free license”.

  13. jods Says:

    We can change our subscription model at any time. They have a range of subscriptions starting at free and up to $100 / month. The difference is in availability of “advanced” features, like RSS feeds, anonymous submissions, mail notifications, upload limits, and number of projects.

    16bugs have generously offered us the more or less equivalent of a “Basic” subscription ($8/month) for free.

    What I would miss most if you had to stay with the free subscription is:
    1. Anonymous subscriptions;
    2. Email notifications.
    Nothing critical, but very useful nonetheless.

    I have to say I have searched for a long time for the best solution we could decently use. Between expensive, user unfriendly interfaces and incompatible solutions I am extremely happy with 16bugs. They offer us the right balance between features and simplicity, with a nice presentation. Plus they are hosting it for us, which means: less trouble.

  14. Alex Says:

    Free website hosting : bowenhost.com

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