For those who try to build games

I have already leaked quite a lot of information about building games to several people.

We will benefit much from sharing this knowledge, so I started a wiki there:

I have added some basic stuff. Don’t hesitate to fill it with your own findings, or ask me to write the parts you don’t understand: mail me at dev[REMOVE THIS]

For those who missed the previous post: Alpha 2 is out, just read below.


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18 Comments on “For those who try to build games”

  1. Indy Says:

    I will try to add some of the stuff I’ve learned on the wiki tomorrow (getting late here). At the very least I can demonstrate how to recreate a smallish CCG with 1 deck, limited number of cards, and a handful of menu customizations.

    BTW, I haven’t publicly commented on how awesome O2 is. Obviously there are bugs and crashes, but thus far those mostly occur when I’ve screwed something up in my game or set files.

    Can we dedicate somewhere in the wiki for bugtracking? For your sake it would probably be better there than a flood of emails.

  2. Kempeth Says:

    I’ve documented a large portion of the game definition. There are still a few holes and uncertainties because the XSD does not contain all the tags I’ve seen in the magic module.

  3. jods Says:

    Thank you very much Kempeth. You wrote a whole lot of text!

    I will try to document the missing tags when I have some time.

    At first glance everything seems correct. You are a bit more strict than required at some places, but it’s OK since it’s not creating any error. I’m especially thinking about the structure of the contents of game definitions or sets.

    Using OPC, everything is linked with relationships, so file names and folders structure do not matter at all. This part should be refined anyway, since the way relationships work in OPC is not well documented yet.

  4. Kempeth Says:

    HUGE HUGE Warning for my fellow game builders: PNG’s don’t work for card images. I’ve wasted hours until I figured that one out…

    What works are JPG’s and that strange WDP format…

  5. jods Says:

    PNG should work. Most probably you are simply missing an entry inside [Content_Types].xml. I think I only put jpg and wdp in there.

  6. Jorbes Says:

    Is it possible to play with higher res / different pics than my opponent?

    Like, I play against people from other counties alot who dont read or speak proper english, so they use spanish cards.. but I need to use the us ones.

  7. Thank You Says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

    The program is AWESOME.

    One suggestion. In this blog’s directions, please provide a link to download both .net 3.5 and .net 3.5 sp1 and instruct them to download these two in the correct order.

    I had a hell of a time getting this program to work because I downloaded the link you provided first, but didn’t have .net 3.5

    Then when I got it, since I never removed 3.5 sp1 first, I kept having errors.

    But finally, I removed .net 3.5 sp1, then installed .net 3.5 and reinstalled .net 3.5 sp1 and it finally worked!

    The directions you gave don’t even make it clear that there are two different entities, 3.5 and 3.5 sp1 and you need both, in the correct order.

  8. Kempeth Says:

    @jods: You’re right. I’m sorry. I could have sworn I added that line… I re-checked it and now it works.

    A question about the card properties: Is there any way as a player to take a look at it?

  9. jods Says:

    @Jorbes: yes you can. You can use different images, and you even can use completely different sets definitions, with translated card texts.

    @Thank You:
    Mmmm… I’m not sure what’s the problem with those .NET 3.5 installs. The link I provided points to .NET 3.5 SP1 (or that’s what the page says, I haven’t installed that package myself, since I already had it).

    In theory I think you can directly install 3.5 SP1, you don’t have to install 3.5 first.

    Another thing, which confuses me: if you already had 3.5 SP1, why did you uninstall it and re-install everything? The software wasn’t running fine?

  10. jods Says:

    Not yet, but there will be ways to see them of course! Everything will be exposed inside the deck builder. I also want to add a “properties” window inside the play module, which will show all details of a card.

  11. Kempeth Says:

    That is what I was thinking about. Because if you have cards with corrected gametext, it would be handy to look up that during a game.

    Another question. Is there a way to subtract one variable from another? I was thinking about an action to refill your hand up to X cards. So I got the hand card count and subtracted that from the answer i got in the question popup. But the tag didn’t like that… Another possibility to implement this action would be with a loop statement but I didn’t see anything like that.

  12. Kempeth Says:

    I’ve updated some of the Blue Moon files to the new Alpha and uploaded them on filebeam…

    Blue Moon (Game Module):

    Hoax (Set):

    Vulca (Set):

  13. jods Says:

    @Kempeth: look at how refill is implemented in Blue Moon (double-clicking the deck in BlueMoon fills your hand to 6).

  14. Indy Says:

    It seems like the wiki does not allow anyone other than the original page creator to edit a page. I wanted to add more to the annoyances page, but it wouldn’t let me edit that page. I was able to add a few bugs (because the page didn’t exist yet).

    I’ve created a login, but for some reason can’t edit pages that already exist.

  15. jods Says:

    This is totally strange Indy.

    Kempeth has been able to modify pages I’ve created. And I am able to modify pages he has created. Moreover, I’ve checked and pages aren’t locked for anonymous users, so you should be able to modify them even when you aren’t registered.

    I even tested this further: I have logged out, and I’m still able to edit the annoyance page, which I haven’t created. The “Edit Page” button is a the top left, in the green bar.

  16. Indy Says:

    Must have been a browser issue, because I got it to work in IE 7, and then after I closed/reopened FF 3 it appears to be working fine. Sorry for the panic.

  17. Kempeth Says:

    @jods: Yeah. I stumbled over it in the blue moon files. Cool…

    The wiki sometimes acts up and doesn’t show the editor in FF.

  18. jods Says:

    sorry about the wiki… You can try to report the issue to the FireFox guys? :-/

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