Highlights and shortcuts

Last time I showed multiple selection, which was highlighting selected cards.

This feature has been extended to be available to scripts, which now can highlight cards using whatever color they’d like to.

As an example, this can be used to implement the OCTGN 1.x “Attack” and “Block” commands.

You may notice a second new feature on this screen shot: game-defined keyboard shortcuts! So just like in 1.x you can simply hit F4 with your mouse over one of your cards to attack.

Of course, every game is free to define its own actions and shortcuts.

3 features left to do for alpha 2. I know it may seem like few, but the three that are left are a bit more complicated than today’s.

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12 Comments on “Highlights and shortcuts”

  1. Indy Says:

    Just out of curiosity, what are the remaining 3 updates?

  2. Matthew Says:

    I am most impressed Jods, my birthday is on June 5th. Perhaps you will have the next three things done by then? Probably not :p Quality is best not rushed.

  3. Kempeth Says:


    Since we are talking about games and defining actions: Is there some kind of documentation on that so we can start with working on it before Alpha 2 is released?

  4. Hans Dracow Says:

    Yeah man! This program rocks! ^^ I can’t imagine how mane games I’m going to play when this is released!!

    Thanks for your great work!! =)


  5. jods Says:

    Curiosity kills the cat 😉

    You mean in in three days? No way! But happy birthday to you anyway!

    I regret that, but I haven’t had time to write documentation so far.
    You may go by example (although there are no good example out there currently). For the more tech-savy from you, I may share an xsd schema, which is (more or) less up to date.
    I definitively want to find a way to improve on that by alpha 2 release, which will be unlocked to allow any game.


  6. Kempeth Says:

    @jods: making a module only from the xsd and some examples might be a bit tricky but I can try… Others probably may want to try it too for their games and we could take a crack on it together.

  7. Anthony Says:

    I previously owned onlinetcggames.com. It was a website that allowed users to play TCG games online with each other. I closed it down recently due to cost and overall not being real happy with software. Since then I have had a few former users ask to have it started back up again as it was an amazing resource for playtesting WOW. Sadly I dont like my software. : ( Would you mind if I used your software in the same manner? (because it looks amazing!)



  8. Matthew Says:

    Take Anthony up on his offer, if he knows how to handle the server end of managing a SQL database and handling interaction between players this is a good offer.

    My suggestion:
    Include tracking registered users’ stats.
    Include a customizable ladder system
    Include a listing of current games for users to browse and then connect to to watch
    Include a vent server for voice chat

  9. Kirb Says:

    Looking great, jods.

    I am extremely excited at all of the progress.

  10. jods Says:

    Sure. Hopefully the main community is going to be centered around the (new) official octgn website. But I don’t mind at all if other communities using OCTGN emerge (e.g. playing a specific game, or whatever).

  11. Stephen Colbert Says:

    Yay!!! Just three more to go. I’m so giddy about getting a build of this fantastic program that’s not locked down to just Blue Moon.

    Jods, you are a godsend, and a programming genius too no doubt.

  12. Kamal [DAH DAH] Says:

    Keep on the good work, lad!

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