By popular request

Selecting several cards makes its apparition inside OCTGN 2.0!

It works pretty much like everyone asked for:

  • You click on the table and drag to create a selection rectangle;
  • Any cards which intersects with the rectangle is included in the selection;
  • You can add or remove cards to the selection by clicking on cards while holding Ctrl down;
  • You can move cards around as a block on the table, or move all the cards to another group (incoming order is random);
  • You can apply any action to all cards in the selection. This usually works nicely. There may be some weird cases, though. E.g. if you have 3 selected cards, one of them being tapped. If you tap them, 2 will become tapped and the third will untap;
  • Double-click will apply the default action to all cards (e.g. tap them all).

Screeny of selecting cards:


(I know that yellow doesn’t come out well over the background. Of course there’s no color that fits all possible backgrounds. E.g. yellow is awesome over the Blue Moon background. I think I’m just gonna change the default background color.)

This feature is enabled on the table only. I think it’s by far the main use-case. I may add it to other groups as it has a few benefits. But this requires extra work (mainly with the visual feedback when moving cards) so it won’t be added at the moment. Also, it will never be possible to select cards from different groups at the same time.

Speaking of the visual feedback, everything is nice and you get a preview when moving the cards. Also, if you go to another group the preview collapses into one card (you’ll have to wait for alpha 2 to see it for yourself)!

Many people have asked for it after alpha 1 and it’s a big feature, so I’m glad it’s finally inside the code base! And it was actually easier than I thought, so I’m really satisfied!

5 features left before alpha 2! Yeah that’s two less than last week because I decided to remove one feature from the list. It was über-cool so I surely will add it for the beta. But it’s a bit complicated and not really required… So in order to speed-up the release of alpha 2 I postponed it. (And don’t ask what it was… it’s a very nice surprise.)

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12 Comments on “By popular request”

  1. Jamison Says:

    You are officially KILLING us with these screen shots that include Magic Cards. I wants it…I wants it NAO! Standard OCTGN 1.x card updates are going to work with this, correct?

  2. jods Says:

    Nope. 1.x patches are NOT compatible with 2.0.

    Since this is buried very deep in this blog, I would like to remind everyone that OCTGN is not going to contain any copyright game. Alpha 2 is going to be unlocked to play any game the community provides.

    I am mostly using Blue Moon and Magic as “testing” games. But this is only to confront OCTGN features with real-life game needs.

  3. UN17 Says:

    Looking pretty awesome now. Will colour coding be configurable in the Beta/Final? (ie. A menu where we can select what the highlight box, background, selected card border colours are?)

  4. Indy Says:

    Looking very very nice. It looks like you’re really picking up steam with the additions. Really getting anxious for the the next version.

    Great work!

  5. Kempeth Says:

    very nice!

    The preview while moving cards seems a bit strange though. I had to look for quite a while before I could tell the preview from the card’s old locations. I suppose it’s easier when you can see it move but is it necessary to display the old location at all? In most programs I know you can just hit ‘ESC’ if you want to cancel the move.

    I’m looking forward to the next release more and more with every update.

  6. Kamal [sorry about my english] Says:



  7. jods Says:

    I would like to expose as much as possible as configurable stuff in the options. The color of the selected stuff is a good candidate.
    But customizable options are “nice to have” rather than a requirement so this goes for final 2.0 but surely not in the betas.

    A screenshot does not do justice to the general feel of the application… Wait till you can experience it on your screen 😉

  8. Koryu Says:

    Maybe it would be better to let the previous card positions solid and not semitransparent?
    Though it’s maybe not difficult to tell when moving and knowing before what you selected and where the cards lay…
    Manualy changing the colour was also my proposition. Nice job… ^.^


  9. Hans Dracow Says:


    I would like to know if this game will be released with several languages. I don’t have any problem to translate OCTGN to spanish if you agree. =)

    Hans Dracow

  10. Kamal Says:

    I could help you Hans Dracow O.O

  11. jods Says:

    When it OCTGN 2.0 is complete yes.
    I will provide English and French versions. Other languages can be provided by the community.

  12. Matthew Says:

    Even on passed Christmas days I have not been as excited!

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