Boring stuff


Quick follow-up on previous week poll. I have decided to keep what is currently coded, i.e. Shift + left click = targetting (single card as well as drag and drop to create arrows). I take note that many of you would like to see the possibility to choose to use the middle button as well. I can easily put that back into the code as an option and I may do so when I get some time (as usual: features required to play are implemented before features which are “nice to have”).

Nothing fancy to show off this week, unfortunately. I did a good amount of hard work on a few problematic inner workings of OCTGN and fixed a bug or two. There’s a very basic “About” window as well. Anyway, it’s not fancy but I’m sure you would love to hear that after that “boring” work the countdown to alpha 2 is now at 10.


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8 Comments on “Boring stuff”

  1. Aggersborg Says:

    Meaning 10 weeks or what? πŸ™‚ (CanΒ΄t wait)

  2. Azuria Says:

    @ Aggersborg:
    He means he has 10 points to work on before Alpha2 ^^ Read 2 entries below thisone~

    @ Jods:
    I’m impressed anew how fast you actually work, the whole concept is great! Best luck on continuing it

  3. jods Says:

    Azuria is correct, 10 points. I don’t have a schedule time-wise since work is mostly done on an “as-I-can” basis. So it depends on many things, like my real job, if the weather is nice, etc.

    Moreover it is not impossible that I add a few items to this list.

  4. Oscar Wilde Says:

    Sweet. I’m glad you have a list of thinks to do and keep us updated on it. This way, we have a rough idea how close it is to release.

    If OCTGN is any indication, you do absolutely fantastic work and are a great service to us all.

    Feel free to add items to the list.

    Alpha 2 really should allow support for user created modules so someone can make an mtg module for it.

    And it really should give a way to connect to another gamer wiht their ip address like Magic Workstation does and allow multiplayer play for 3vs3 games.

    So if those two things aren’t on the list, I highly recommend adding them. πŸ™‚

  5. tNag Says:

    @Jods: Good job! I discovered O2a two days ago, tried it and it is fantastic! I can’t wait to the release day πŸ™‚

    but, don’t hurry, this must be done little by little to end up with a perfect product. =)


  6. jods Says:

    The big news: I really hope to open alpha2 to other modules, yes.
    As for connecting to someone else with their IP address and playing games with 3+ players: this is already possible in alpha1 πŸ˜‰

    thanks for the nice words

  7. psynautic Says:

    Keep on keepin on. Good luck!

  8. gt Says:

    I stumbled upon this and am mega hyped for the next release! Please do allow custom modules in alpha2. A WoW TCG module would make my year. πŸ™‚

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