A Better Hand

Hi everyone,

I’ve done plenty of boring fixes and tweaks to OCTGN.
Amongst the boring stuff, there’s one new feature that shines. One can now reorder his hand. Here’s a screen shot of this feature in action.

The reordering features comes complete with nice animation to indicate where you are about to drop the card plus very nice layout-to-layout animations. The overall feel is extremely dynamic and cool.

Also, I have made a list of issues/features I’d like to do address for the next release (tentatively called alpha 2, how original?). Although the list is subject to unpredictable growth it currently contains 14 items.

Have a nice day!


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11 Comments on “A Better Hand”

  1. Jods Kicks Ass Says:

    14 improvements for alpha 2!? Sweet.

    I just hope those 14 includes the four things that everyone seems to care about and wants most badly asap. The four things that would let us install the ugly looking magic workstation and start playing games with this…

    Being unlocked and including a game maker so someone can make MTG for it and release a version via torrents that comes preloaded with MTG and all the card images for MTG from all previous sets.

    The ability to make and test decks in single player mode.

    The ability to find people via a forum and connect with them to play multiplayer games, preferably with support for up to six people at the same time (for a game of emperor or two).

    Such an all in one complete version easily searchable and downloadable through a torrent.

    If the alpha 2 has support for Magic, support for playing against someone else, and is released on a torrent with pics of all the game set cards, it would blow everyone away and people could finally make the swap from Workstation to this.

  2. Milo Says:

    “Test decks in single player mode”
    I hope you don’t mean he has to insert some AI into the software.

    Also, the thing with the magic cards and all bundled up is not going to make Wizards of the Coast happy (Read: they may shut octgn down)

  3. Kempeth Says:

    The list he mentioned is about things he still needs/wants to do before releasing Alpha 2 and not about things he has already done…

    And OCTGN2 bundled with Magic isn’t going to happen any more than OCTGN 1 bundled with Magic. It’ll probably be BlueMoon again…

    I’m looking forward to the first version where you can make your own games for it…

  4. Indy Says:

    Is there any informal documentation on the various xml files that run O2? I’m looking at the BlueMoon.xml file (inside the BlueMoon.o8g package), and I’m wondering if there are any instructions yet on how this file works. I realize that this format is still subject to change, but I’m guessing the vast majority of it is set in stone.

    Most of the file makes sense, but there are a lot of predefined keywords that are still a bit of a mystery. If you’re like me, you probably don’t have much documentation yet. 🙂 But, on the off-chance that you do, it would be great if this were released so we could get a head start learning the syntax for the various xml files.

  5. jods Says:

    @Jods Kicks Ass (awesome pseudo btw):
    Although you will get a few of your wishes, I think you may be asking for too much in an alpha. But hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised.

    I would love to document the file formats and get other people on board with game creation. It’s on my mind all the time! Currently two things hold me back:
    – Lack of time. The time not spent on building the client… well it’s not spent on building the client.
    – The file format are not set in stone. That said, they are pretty close to their final form, I think.

    Speaking about the game format: do you think you need a tool (I will create one eventually), or is there enough people out there, who are tech-savy enough to go without a tool (this means: creating XML files, building ZIP archives, and so on)?

  6. Indy Says:

    I think the type of people that would be interested in building game files to begin with are probably fairly tech-savvy (people without computer know-how aren’t typically inclined to do things like that, regardless of the tools at their disposal). Even a great editor would be hard-pressed to offer some of the features that appear to available from the XML file. Or better put, a person with know-how would be able to do more than what the editor would expose to them.

    That said, a separate standalone editor (outside of O2) could be a decent (and relatively simple) project for someone that wants to help, but either doesn’t write in C# or is not advanced enough to dive into the full app code. Ultimately I’m sure you’d want to integrate an editor into the main app, but for the interim I’m sure everyone would appreciate something as opposed to nothing.

    As far as the documentation goes, most of the format makes sense (a little exploration reveals how things are linked to one another). There are only a few parts that aren’t super-intuitive. It’s these parts that could use a little further explanation. The people that are interested in working with these files directly (like myself) don’t need everything documented, just some of the XML functionality.

  7. jods Says:

    I don’t plan to include the game editor inside the OCTGN client itself. I don’t think it makes sense. I don’t want to bloat the game with an editor that only a tiny porting of users would use.

  8. Kempeth Says:

    A thorough documentation of the files will probably be enough so that every game finds someone to make the module for it. There might not be as many people doing patches/modules for V2 as for V1 but still enough…

  9. Jods Truly Does Kick Ass Says:

    Nope, not talking about AI.

    All I mean is that the program is unlocked so that it can accept custom modules, has documentation so that some one can make said custom module, and that the game has a function to let you connect to someone else just by typing in their ip so that people can find fellow octgn players on a forum somewhere and play them until the final build comes out with a built in chatroom or chat function or something.

    I don’t mean that jods should bundle OCTGN with the mtg module. I just meant that whoever makes an MTG module with the card pics for it could upload a torrent with the module incorporated with the program.

    But once again, this is just a wishlist. Whatever jods chooses to release I’m sure will be fantastic.

  10. Chops Says:

    Would it be helpful for users to start documenting for the game files with a wiki? Sourceforge offers one, so if you’d set it up, jods, I for one would be happy to contribute. Sometime before the release of 2.0 it could be compiled into a single document, so you’d only have to check that we hadn’t missed any features.

    If there are significant changes in the format for Alpha 2, then perhaps this should wait until then. In the meantime, are you open to the idea?

  11. jods Says:


    sure. Documenting the format is time-consuming so if someone would like to try to write the most intuitive parts of it he is welcome. So that he doesn’t spend his time in vain, I shall have a look at how to document O2 (wiki or not? which wiki? and so on)

    There are changes for alpha2, but nothing so big that the documentation couldn’t be updated.

    For those who are able to read a xsd document, I have one mostly up-to-date available.

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