A tidbit of news, for a change

Hi everyone,

Here’s something new. It’s not much, but I’d like to post something so that you don’t think I’m dead 😉

I have re-done the game picker in the first dialogs. Instead of the ugly textbox with codenames, there’s a nice looking, animated, coverflow(tm)-clone with card backs and full name.

 Game picker redone

Hopefully I’ll post something more useful/interesting next time 😉

Enjoy Easter!

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8 Comments on “A tidbit of news, for a change”

  1. bykr Says:

    Does this mean that you are adding MTG functionality or is this just a tease? 🙂

  2. roblethal Says:

    if memory serves correctly, jods already has had crude mtg functionality, but has reseved releasing it publicly until it’s more refined. if so, would minimize the amount of complaints and/or suggestions until he’s ready to tackle them.

  3. jods Says:

    I didn’t mean that! Although I see how one could ‘interpret’ the screen shot.

    If you go way back to the first posts in this blog you would notice that MtG has always been one game I’ve used for testing (simply because I like it).

    The december 07 release was artificially locked to a single game.
    I will surely unlock future releases, but bear in mind that I will never officially distribute a full MtG game. The system is open but the community will have to provide the actual games.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Jods, would you consider releasing your set conversion tool or set documentation so that the scene might start making the game sets for OCTGN v2?

  5. jods Says:

    Yes, of course!

    The main problem currently is that I am still making addition and modifications to the game and set formats. Although those generally are small adjustements, it makes a “large” distribution very uncomfortable.

    But I think I am going to start working with a few game makers soon. And hopefully a more “open” phase will follow.

  6. Joesnuffy Says:

    Great work! I can not wait to see this program come to light. 🙂 I do have one question is this going to be linked to an update server or source? Just incase you update to 2.1 or so will we need to check the site to see if a new update is out or will you have an update function in the app to do that on startup.

  7. jods Says:

    Yes, I have plans along those lines. More specifically, I’d like to use .NET integrated deployment facilities (called ClickOnce). It provides transparent, incremental, automatic updates.

    This is great because you don’t have to check manually for update, you only download the pieces you require, and you don’t experience manually executing a setup and so on. The consequence is that I may more easily deploy frequent small updates. Plus it’s easier to keep everyone using the same version 😉

    But I didn’t really dig into that… yet.

  8. Vikram Says:

    Great job on the alpha’s release jods. You truly are a marvel at programming.

    Jods, I really hope you release a game maker and an unlocked version of the program soon.

    In my opinion, the next goal for this program should be to get a beta out that has support for Magic, support for playing against someone else, and release it on a torrent with pics of all the game set cards. The game maker is the best way to ensure such picture packs can be avilable via torrents by the time a format official beta version gets released.

    Thanks to torrents, downloading a 7 gig file containing OCTGN with all the card images from all magic sets released so far is no big deal.

    It wouldn’t require any site to host it due to the nature of torrents, and the file could be downloaded in a couple of days even with a slow connection.

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