Feedback on alpha and what’s next

Hello everyone!

Welcome in 2008, I hope you all had a great time for new year.

Last time I released the first alpha, which didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks to all, who tried it and left a little feedback. A few comments on a few feedbacks I got:

  • Double click = refill hand. Double click triggers the default action for the group/card. You can identify the default action because it’s in bold in the context menu. This is game-dependant. For Blue Moon, you always refill your hand to 6 at end of turn, so this makes sense. For a game like MtG, the default action would be to simply draw a card.
  • Select multiple cards. Yeah, this is a request I got a lot. I want to code it but it’s not trivial and not on the top of the list. But it will definitely be in 2.0.
  • It’s not the same as MWS. Sorry guys, I have never used MWS. I am OK to copy good ideas/features, but not to emulate MWS for the sake of emulating MWS. I hope that OCTGN quality will be enough to make people switch.
  • Lack of avatar. Don’t know what to do about this one. Should I, should I not ? I don’t know what will be done about this. Targetting an opponent is not as much as an issue as you could simply wrote “to you” in the chatbox.
  • Crash when joining oneself. Yep, there’s a technical limitation. To join oneself you have to use two distinct copies of the game on your HD. I will try to remove this silly limitation.
  • Impossible to change the stack order on the table. Yep. This is an alpha. Will be availabe later.
  • Moving the table around when left clicking. Indeed this may be more suited to multiple selection. So moving the table will probably require a modifier like space-drag-and-dropping, which seems to become the popular shortcut to pan.
  • Middle button to target may be a poor choice (no middle button on laptops?). Maybe. I have a new mouse and the middle drag-and-drop is not as comfortable as with my old mouse. The suggestion to use the right button is not a good one because you also can single-click to target one card, but single right-click brings the context menu (very standard). Probably targetting is going to need a modifier, e.g. shift-clicking or whatever. My fear is that OCTGN becomse an unending list of modifier (shift + drag a card = face down; shift + click = target; Ctrl + drag a card = move to bottom of pile; and so on…)

Overall the client was very well received and the feedback positive, which makes me very happy.

You may have noticed that I have been quiet during January because I wanted to make a little break. I worked hard in december to make the 2007 alpha release a reality. I plan to resume development in February. What’s next?

  • Set up a new website for OCTGN 2.0. Discussions, bug reports, and software updates require a good infrastructure and using this blog is surely not good enough.
  • Fix a few reported problems. Target number one is to consolidate Blue Moon, add a basic deck editor. This means that very soon the whole Blue Moon game will be available and 100% playable. This means that in a way the alpha OCTGN release would be a 100% functional Blue Moon release.
  • Work with people to include other games and missing features. With incremental updates until we reach OCTGN 2.0 final.

Thanks to everybody for the encouraging comments. They were much appreciated.


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14 Comments on “Feedback on alpha and what’s next”

  1. Claire Thomas Says:

    Thank you once again. If you are creating a new site for OCTGN, may I recommend It’s one that I use frequently. You can make the site and thus have a very easy to remember web address.

  2. Claire Thomas Says:

    Oh, and may I kindly ask that you unlock the game by 2.0 so that we can start making modules for it to play other games? That would be fantastic. Thank you. And thank you so much for listening to and acting on our feedback. 🙂

  3. Jon Stewart Says:

    Could you please post the link to the source code for the alpha? Thank you.

  4. jods Says:

    The latest source code is always available from the sourceforge SVN repository.

    Look at this post for more information:

  5. Koryu Says:

    I noticed a glitch in the alpha, but I can’t write in the forum on the official site of OCTGN. For some reason the site lacks awfully and doesn’t load properly… so I’ll post the comment here I hope it’s not too annoying.

    If you make a right-click on a card in game to open the context menu and then without selecting any option try to drag the same card, there appears another card over it, that is transparent as though you would drag it and can’t be accessed by the mouse. It shows whatever card your mouse is on in this style and goes away when you put the card from which the glitch started from play into graveyard I think…
    The enemy doesn’t see the card and I could see this glitch on 2 different computers.

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to a release where we can play Magic ^.^

  6. jods Says:

    Thanks for the bug report, but I can’t reproduce it. What are *exactly* the steps I have to perform?
    When you drag a card, you can see a transparent overlay of the card you are dragging following your mouse. This is normal and is always the case.

  7. Koryu Says:

    Yeah, but this transparent overlay stays there the whole time… and after clicking on a card in the hand it goes away with the error in the chat window: [Release Control] Called with no matching call to KeepControl().

    Ah, okay, I tried it just now and it seems you have to do a leftclick on a card, then rightclick on a card, then drag a card (it doesn’t have to be the same card in no one of the three steps).
    If that doesn’t work try holding the left mouse button on a card without draging, rightclick, release left mouse button and then drag the card.

    What I noticed was also, that you drag the table instead of the card.

    I’m a bad bugreporter… >.<

  8. Pascual Says:

    Yeah I also noticed of this bug when trying the Alpha ( just like Koryu )

    To do it, just do the following:

    Put a card on the table, left-click in that card once, then right-click over the card and finnally left-click on the card again without touching the menu. You will create a ghost of that card.

    To get rid of the ghost card, just touch a card in your hand. Doing that also will put this line in the chat box: [ReleaseControl] Called with no matching call to KeepControl().[ReleaseControl] Called with no matching call to KeepControl().

  9. ubes Says:

    Hey, thanks for all the hard work!
    I liked the alpha very much and can not wait untill other games will be supported. Is there going to be a tool to convert OCTGN 1.x patches to OCTGN 2.0 patches/sets?

  10. jods Says:

    The automatic conversion of patches is relatively easy to achieve and is much needed to leverage the huge amount of work, which has been done in the past.

    I can’t say a fully automatic tool will be packaged inside the client, but at least a solution will be provided on a case by case basis with the game creators. Or maybe something within the “game creator tool” when/if such a tool ever exists.

  11. jods Says:

    @Koryu and Pascual:
    Thanks for the details about this bug. I can reproduce it.
    It is a bit tricky but I’ve fixed it.

  12. kamiza Says:

    This is superb. I’ve used OCTGN for the Vs. System TCG for years, but when the old site dissapeared, I lost track of things and moved to MWS. I’d be very interested in helping to make OCTGN the premium platform for online VS play. I run a Vs System website myself and would be interested in helping in any way I can, including hosting.

  13. Koryu Says:

    Was happy to help.
    Thanks to Pascual for the support. ^.^

    jods, do you look in the forums?
    Left a message there about help in programming OCTGN and translation in other languages.
    I don’t quite figure out how I can contact you, so if you could possibly write me a mail or contact me on MSN (with the same adress) or ICQ 86922979? I would very appreciate it.

  14. jods Says:

    @Koryu: You should have received a mail from me.

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