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Although I have all the features I wanted for the alpha release, it doesn’t mean I have stopped coding new features.

Here’s a cool one: games can now define two layers of background!

Background sample

(Click for the full picture)

The bottom layer (the stars) is a non-scrolling, non-zooming picture. It’s basically a wallpaper for your viewing pleasure and to set the mood.

The top layer (the board) has a precise size and position on the table. So you can use it as a playing board, to place the cards or whatever your game may require. (And although it is not my objective, it may make board games a little more feasible inside OCTGN.)

Hopefully having a board may help new players know how to play a game. And this sentence is not innocent. The alpha game to test the release I’m making later this month is Blue Moon. I will blog more about this soon.

As for the actual alpha release it looks like we have a few problems with the hosting. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon and I may upload the client between X-mas and the new year.

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21 Comments on “Background pictures”

  1. Koryu Says:

    Puh… Blue Moon?
    I looked a bit in the rules of it… end I didn’t really like it… it sounds so chaotic to me… or do I mix it up with another game?

    Well, but maybe this is the second chance to appreciate this game. ^.^

    Doesn’t Blue Moon require a board with figures and such?

    Impatiently awaiting the release.

  2. Milo Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I read all of your updates from RSS, and I appreciate your hard work. =)

    Patiently awaiting the release.

  3. Aggersborg Says:

    Count me in for the testing please 🙂 I can wait to use OCTGN 2.0.

  4. wowtcgame Says:

    Woot nice feature. Guess i should start making some wallpapers for OCTGN2.0 Alpha!

  5. Looks good to me – can’t wait to get this thing uploaded 😀

  6. jods Says:

    @Koryu: you may have looked at the “Blue Moon City” rules. This is a new board game based upon the Blue Moon card game.

    Basically, Blue Moon is a simple two players bidding game. I am going to blog more about it soon.

  7. Wihl Says:

    There are some problems with the hosting? What about hosting it as a torrent? That would cut down the bandwidth that’s required a lot (and pretty much everyone has a torrent client or knows how to use it nowadays).

  8. Pascual Says:

    Good work Jods!!

    The client is looking pretty good
    I’m waiting for that alpha release.

  9. Gadeek Teeg Says:

    You have insane coding skills. Seriously, every time you upload a picture my heart jumps up because of how beautiful and simple and elegant and clean and unassuming the program looks.

    You should be proud. You created something here that is truly remarkable.

  10. Xenocyde Says:

    Geesh, it’s almost here! Can hardly wait. A cool Christmas present for us all 😀

  11. MrTypo Says:

    Hey man, looking forward to this.

    I can help with the hosting if you want to share the application, i have a domain.

    let me know at my email

  12. Keb Says:

    I second what Wihl said: release it via bittorrent if you have hosting limitations!

  13. Matthew Says:

    Wihl and Keb: I believe what Jod is referring to when he mentioned hosting is the server side software that the client we run on our own personal computer might connect to. So either players will connect peer-to-peer and cut out a server intermediary or they will use the server intermediary as a score keeper or something.

  14. Keb Says:

    Oh 😦
    That makes more sense, I guess.

  15. eyerouge Says:

    To avoid copyright and all other kinds of legal trouble I suggest you don’t officially host Blue Moon or any other copyrighted game, as it could get you in serious trouble sooner or later. However, that said, it wouldn’t surprise the community if “somebody” actually would put Blue Moon online as a torrent or something as a fan made patch 😉

  16. Open Source Says:

    I don’t understand why a better effort of promoting this program isn’t taken.

    It looks really really awesome. But the only way it’s going to get more players is if a description of the program as well as a link to it is posted where the players are… – Forums – Forums – Forums – Forums

    The first two sites and the last site would probably love to have someone associated with the program write up an article describing the program to people and would post it on the main page.

    Then people who play the game would find out about the program and would download and use it.

    The program looks really awesome though by the way.

    Thank you for making it.

  17. Discord Says:

    Mind, you have to be careful about advertising specifically for copyrighted games, otherwise you get all manner of legal ninjas with cease and desist letters. Advertising a program that lets you play ANY CARD GAME FOR FREE on a MtG site isn’t too far from advertising that your program lets you PLAY MTG for free. While true, it’s a side-effect of OCTGN 2.0’s adaptability, not( from a legal standpoint ) the intended goal of the program, which is( again from a legal standpoint ) to allow you to play any free or octgn-licensed game.

    Once a octgn 2.0-licensed or free game is available, that will allow for problem-free bundling and subsequent advertising of the bundle. Once two such games are available, with easy switching between the two, even the slowest of users will realise how adaptable the program is.

  18. wowtcgame Says:

    I hope that the program runs peer to peer. If there’s a server involved in the middle of the transaction my fear is they could be liable for some of the legal issues. Think napster 1.0

  19. Open Source Says:

    I don’t think so. Magic Workstation didn’t have any difficulty, neither did Apprentice.

    But yes, the game should come prebundled with a free or octgn tgn game.

    To play custom made tcgs in the goal.

    I think that bundling with such a game, blue moon was the plan all along anyways.

  20. Aggersborg Says:

    The reason Magic Workstation and Apprentice didn’t have any difficulty is the lag of the real art (and yes I know it is possible). As I see it – the beauty of OCGTN is the easy acess to the art. I play by the art – feels like the real thing – and I know many others do to. So it is importen not to get OCTGN in any trouble with the law. I must say I agree on Discord´s point of view.

  21. Pinder Says:

    edit – Finished. And wow. The program, overall, is amazing. It will only let you play a game (and at this point only with the blue moon cards), so I can’t speak for deck editing, but the program is very, very pretty, and by the looks of it, functional. One thing I like is that graveyard and library views are of the actual cards, which make it a lot easier to pick certain cards out than the list MWS gives you. Also, targeting is very well done, but it requires you to press the middle mouse button (and therefore have one) when you could just right click and drag like MWS.

    A few qualms, though:

    -When you double click on the library, it refills your hand. This isn’t really intuitive, as most players (especially those who’ve played with MWS in the past) will assume that it draws a single card.
    -You can’t drag boxes. If you click on the playing field, and drag the mouse pointer, it moves everything on the field. You can’t select more than one thing at once (at least, I couldn’t figure out how), and you have to move things individually.
    -Some things work differently than they do in MWS. This is important, because a lot of people will be switching over from MWS if they start using this program, so keeping the things that MWS does well the same will make the transition a lot easier. No one wants to relearn how to do everything they already know.
    -There doesn’t seem to be any avatars or representation of a player, so it might be hard to drag arrows for cards that target players because there’s nowhere to drag them to. This might just be because I was in a single player game, though.
    -Joining your own game with a second instance of the program causes the program to crash, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to play single player with two decks.

    Overall, though, it’s still the Alpha, and if it keeps going this way, it could easily outclass MWS as the premier free online Magic utility.

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