Here’s something, which should have been done a long time ago: support for turns.

As you can see in the screenshot, during your turn there’s a new “play” button on the player tabs. Clicking on it has just the same effect as double-clicking a player in OCTGN 1.x: it passes the next turn to the chosen player. You can click on yourself just in case you would take some extra turns 😉

Turns support

What you can not see in the screenshot is that the support for OCTGN 1.x “End of turn” feature is there, too. During an opponent’s turn, the “play” button becomes a “pause” button. You can push it down (or up again if you changed your mind). When you do, the opponent is prevented to end the current turn.

I know some of you are taking notes on every word I say and you may notice that the feature list I posted some time ago for the very first alpha release is now complete. Indeed.

So rejoice: there will be a very first alpha release this year! Currently I am having some discussions about how we should distribute and support it. More about this later.

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10 Comments on “Turns”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I am so very impressed by your tenacity. To go this alone after asking for help from programmers and not receiving any is admirable. The OCTGN scene has been incredibly weak since the demise of cardfloppers, I do believe your program will be the single greatest tool for bringing in new users!

    Congratulations on Alpha completion! Perhaps the software versions should follow the Magic sets? 😉


  2. Matthew Says:

    I’m sorry for double-posting, but it just occurred to me that with the new file format you could also save disk space another way.

    Say you have a Host computer with the file UrzaSaga.o8s.
    Client does not have that set.
    Host and Client connect and want to play a game.

    On connection Host and Client Oracle databases are compared.
    Client is asked if he/she wants to update the Oracle database with Host’s UrzaSaga rules set.

    From then on any Urza’s Saga card placed into Host’s hand or played on the table has its picture uploaded on the fly to the Client.

    Since Client had updated his/her Oracle database with the Urza’s Saga ruleset the UrzaSaga.o8s file is created and the pictures played by Host are added to it when downloaded to avoid the messiness of downloading separate pictures to a directory.

    *Bandwidth used would have been used anyway to download the fullset
    *If TorrentZipped, the newly created file container gives the Client a head-start on downloading the rest of the set from a torrent: sourceforge.net/projects/trrntzip
    *Since card rules had already been updated on the Client, the Host can play a card and have its representation read and used by itself or the client while the picture downloads in the background, thus not interrupting play.

    *Bandwidth consumption
    *A few seconds lag to view the picture of a card after a card has been placed on the table straight after being drawn (drawn cards that remain in the hand are uploaded to the client in the background to prepare for the time when it will be played)
    *No other negatives because I’m super cool

  3. Koryu Says:

    Wow, just fantastic!
    You’re now one of my most admired kami!
    I will build you a temple!

    In the recent time you progressed quite fast with the program after a long break. Thumbs up that you didn’t forget that project!
    Can’t wait to try the program!

    “Congratulations on Alpha completion! Perhaps the software versions should follow the Magic sets?”

    And after some time we can expect three times in a year a little update and once all 2 years a major change? :b (That’s the expansions releasetimes, isn’t it?)

  4. Michael Says:

    Holy baals, YES YES YES.
    I’m rejoicing.

  5. Aggersborg Says:

    Great jod again. I think that the release and the distribution of the program is very importen to do in the right way. The community nomber of playmates using this program has to grow! If OCTGN has a easy play interface – and a way of easy bulding decks and last but not least a way of organising your decks. It has the pontial! It would be great if the program was the prifered online program to play free cardgames – without causing copyright problems. (The fact that OCTGN has the art of the real card is single most importen reason why I use it, and I think that is why OCTGN will find its glory days again)

    (Personaly I hope the OCTGN 2.X will feature a way to easy organise and register and export lists of cards I own in the real world. Maybe maybe in the future OCTGN could have a plugon with some trade features)

    Aggersborg – Denmark.

  6. Discord Says:

    Just a little note to say “Great work as always, Jods.”

    Looks like I’m going to have to get that CCG finished.

  7. MrTypo Says:

    Man this look awsome. Could’nt not stand version 1 or MWS..

    Looking foward to try this!

    Great motivation and work. Keep it up!!

  8. wowtcgame Says:

    Jods man you are rocking, woot for the xmas gift. In addition to or a complement of octgn.org I would love to be involved in creating a community to help bring new members into the fold of using OCTGN for card games. Would you be okay if I created a website to help distribute the new OCTGN and related information/material? At least from a warcraft tcg standpoint?

    Loving the new features, keep up the good work. I’ll place a few cookies under the xmas tree for you.

  9. Pascual Says:

    Good work Jods!!!!!! I’m really happy with this news!!!

    This Alpha will be the perfect gift for xmas

    All the features are amazing, and I can’t wait to try this wonder by myself

    Keep the good work.

  10. daddy Says:

    Really looking forward to this. Increadible work!

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