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After two polls, it’s time to draw conclusions.

Last time I asked what your config is. (If you haven’t answered yet, go back and leave a comment!) I learned two things:

  • I have at least 15 readers (whoo-hoo!);
  • Most of you have a good PC! In fact, I have a worse computer than almost all of you. (My specs are AthlonXP 2400+ (2GHz), 512 Mo RAM, GeForce4 MX (MX is the worst model, not even able to do pixel shaders). This is a good thing (well maybe not for me) because it means that if OCTGN works well on my computer, it will work way better on yours.

The previous poll was about the group window. If you don’t remember I was wondering if I should create it “inside” the main window or “outside”. It turned out that “inside” was easier for me to code and you didn’t mind. So that’s the way I did it:

Group window

It’s very nice and has lots of enhancements compared to 1.x:

  • The window is very visual. Card pictures are displayed (no text list). Adding or removing cards is animated, resize is animated as well.
  • The window is fully interactive. You can drag and drop cards from/to it just like any other place in the GUI.
  • The window is not modal. If you want you can keep it open all the time while you play. If your mouse is not over it, the window gets translucent to let you see what’s under it. You can also open several groups at the same time and drag from one to the other if you need to.

The client is really getting better week after week and I can’t wait till you can all experience it first-hand.

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9 Comments on “View cards in group”

  1. Wihl Says:

    “The client is really getting better week after week and I can’t wait till you can all experience it first-hand.”

    How is it coming along? Do you have a alpha/beta/something test planned soon?

  2. Koryu Says:

    Well… is it not a bit “cheaty” to have your library all the time open?
    You’ll surely have a chat message saying that the player looks at his library, won’t you?
    I also can’t wait to see OCTGN 2.0 on my own laptop! >.<

  3. jods Says:

    yes this is more and more in my mind.
    1. I want to add three or four essential features, which are still missing.
    2. Then before putting an early alpha out, I MUST polish everything. I know this sounds like not much but in fact it’s a lot of work. Make sure everything looks nice, all errors are handled gracefully, …
    3. The code is currently running on .NET 3.0 but I think it will end up being .NET 3.5. There are improvements in 3.5, which I care about. Currently .NET 3.5 is in beta 2 (which means very close to RTM. There probably will be one RC before it). Now the point is that I don’t want to push the beta to all of you and make you later upgrade to RTM. So I may wait for 3.5 before shipping the first alpha, or I may ship an alpha on .NET 3.0, I don’t know yet.

    Anyway, progress is too unpredicatble to be able to announce a date yet. The only thing I can say is that 1. we’re getting closer and 2. there’s still a long way to go.

    depends on the game… As far as I know in MtG you may look at your graveyard as much as you want. Of course the status of the group (visible to noone/one player/all) will be known by all other players. So you won’t be able to look at the cards with the other clients unaware of this.

  4. DysBlink Says:

    I’m really looking forward to it. Especially when I have the full set of scanned cards for mws! It’ll probably be a better experience on octgn once it come out (hope the pictures are still useable in octgn as in msw as well!).

  5. Mike Says:

    It looks great! I’m anxious as all to see this work first hand so I’m also waiting for a date on the Alpha release but understand why it’s hard to put a date on such a thing. This looks to be a massive improvement over the first; Thanks a lot for donating your time for is shaping up to be a brilliant project for us all to enjoy.

  6. Kirb Says:

    It’s looking awesome.

    Keep up the good work, man.

  7. Clark Kant Says:

    Once again, thank you SOOO much for putting so much time into this. Is there anyway we can send you paypal donations for your hard work (god knows it’s a cheaper way to test out new cards and deck ideas here than via Magic Online).

    The program looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to play my first game of Emperor, Multiplayer, and Draft on it.

    I just hope and pray that an alpha might be ready for release in the next month or so.

  8. Justin F Says:

    The 2.0 build of this program rocks and you’re awesome for putting so much time and effort into it.

    I just ask, a lot of people have been waiting on this program for a long LONG time, almost two years now.

    So please, as soon as 3.5 is released, finish the program and get a beta out there with the source code.

    That way, people can work on the source code to fix any problems they find. And if the changes are good, you can add them to final official build.

    If we can get a final build out by this Christmas, it will be a fantastic Christmas present for a lot of people.

  9. Justin F Says:

    One last point.

    It’s pretty minor, but it should be very very easy to do.

    I notice that all the windows borders are a light blue.

    I think it would look a lot better if they were the same color as Vista’s black windows.

    I know most guys would prefer black to light blue.

    Once again, I know it’s a minor and stupid point. Just brought it up bc I thought it would be a very easy fix.

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