Summertime (and the livin’ is easy)

I hope you all got the quote in the title. If you don’t, you really need to refresh your standards.

Anyway it’s now summertime and having worked hard the whole year till now I deserve a break. I am finally going on holidays. 😀

So I’m going to enjoy the sea, sex and sun for a while. I won’t have any internet connection so don’t worry checking this blog, leaving messages or sending me e-mails. For your information I come back mid-august, so come check this blog at that time.

I hope you can do (or have done) the same, too.

Enjoy the summer!

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2 Comments on “Summertime (and the livin’ is easy)”

  1. Discord Says:

    Have a good break. Hopefully you’ll be fully refreshed when ya get back and you can plow into OCTGN 2.0 with your newfound energy. 😉

    Oh, and fish are jumping, and the cotton is high.

  2. R. Says:

    Everyone has to listen to more jazz, its great 😉

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