Controlship and Visibility

I’m glad to say that 2 big features are back in the current build of OCTGN 2.0!

I say back because just as last time (table animations) the features were already coded during the .NET 2.0 days and weren’t ported during the transition to 3.0. Now they are!

Controlship. Just as 1.x a card or group is controlled by one player only. This means that only one player may manipulate it (move, rotate, etc.). If you try to use something you don’t control, a small red tooltip appears and tells you that you don’t control the object you clicked on.

We would have liked to create an “everybody can touch everything” environment, just like a real table. But this creates issues (like what happens if I take one card from your deck at the very same time you shuffle it) . The protocol to enable such scenarii is quite complicated and would make the game seem lagging/unresponsive. So this idea was put aside.

Another idea which was kept is that in addition to passing control of something you own to another player, any player is free to “take control” of any object. This enables some neat things, especially with shared objects.

The second feature – Visibility – works pretty much the same way it does in 1.x. You can set the visibility of any group you control to either: Everybody, Nobody, or a custom list of player. For example, in MtG your library is visible to nobody, your graveyard to everybody, and your hand to the list { yourself }.

Now, I think I deserve some sleep… 😉

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8 Comments on “Controlship and Visibility”

  1. Discord Says:


    You mentioned in your earlier “developer’s call” that the program wasn’t ready yet for a BETA. Out of curiousity, what are the main hurdles remaining?


  2. jods Says:

    Good question Discord.

    OCTGN 2.0 does indeed look good now, and is very playable (I am doing my own tests with the poor Fork, who has to endure all my debugging sessions). But going public with a beta requires your software to be very mature. The amount of feedback you get is usually huge, so I better be well prepared for that.

    Here are some issues I can think of, which would prevent me to publish a beta:

    – Some key features are still missing. I’d like to have a turn structure, random support (dice, coins) and tokens before the first beta.

    – The user interface has to be nice and intuitive. A lot of effort has been put into this recently, so this issue is almost closed.

    – The user interface has to be complete and present all required options. This is not exactly the case yet. For example, you can’t change your nick without manually editing a config file.

    – Thoughts must be given about how I’m gonna handle the versioning, upgrade the beta (especially when there is breaking changes), and which game to ship for testing (there might be legal issues).

    – The deck editor hasn’t been ported from the .NET 2.0 build.

  3. darksys92 Says:

    Sounds like some good old fashioned “progress”. 😀 Keep up the great work!

  4. Discord Says:

    As far as the game to ship with is concerned, I’d be happy to volunteer my CCG, which will hopefully be finished around the same time as OCTGN 2.0.

    The new layout looks great, and everything(fonts, art, etc) is either mine or public domain.

  5. Mike Says:

    I’m very much so looking forward to this program. I love the original and think that this one is going to be nothing short of fantastic. Here’s to your progress!


  6. BlueFriday Says:

    One thing that I’ve always wanted in OCTGN1 is option to reveal hand/library to spectators at all times. Sometimes when I play with friends we play 1v1 with the third player staying as a spectator. We then reveal our hands to the player. The problem is that we have to keep doing that every time turn :/

    Also, is there a combat log in OCTGN 2.0? (I hope there is) If there is a combat log, would it be possible to customize it a little? For example, it would be great if instead of “X moved a card from Library to Hand” it could say “You moved a card from Library to Hand (Card Name)” (Of course the card name would be hidden for other players).

    Last but not least.. sounds.. OCTGN1 sounds were horrible (for example the ‘attack’ sound makes my ears bleed every time i hear it). If you have sounds for events, please pick sounds that are so.. ‘sharp’.

    Just some of my thoughts, sorry if this is the wrong place to post it in. Keep up the great work!

  7. Kirb Says:

    I second BlueFriday’s suggestions.

    Those are some features I’d like to see, if you have the time to implement them.

    Keep up the good work, the new interface looks great so far.

  8. jods Says:

    @Mike: Thanks for the kind words. It’s encouraging.

    I don’t really know how the spectators will fit into the picture yet (but I know this is a must-have feature). The strong security makes it a bit harder to have spectators. I suppose you will have to reveal your hand to spectators, if you want to. But for sure you won’t have to do it every turn.

    What’s the combat log exactly? Do you mean that all actions are written into the chatbox? It still works that way. There will be standard messages to indicate what’s happening and preventing a client to cheat by not telling what it’s doing. On top of that each game will be able to customize the messages to fit its vocabulary. E.g. it’s nicer to see ‘Player takes a mulligan’ than ‘Player puts 7 cards from his hand to his library. Player shuffle his library. Player draws 6 cards.”
    I don’t think there will be a way to customize the templates (although there could be one), but I’m open to suggested wordings, for sure.

    About sounds: there’s none currently. Maybe there will be one small sound to indicate incoming chat (draw your attention to it). I’m no fan of combat sound either.

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