Who would have thought ? I’m still posting!

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a long time.  I’m starting to admit that my life leaves me very little time to work on OCTGN 2.0. But I don’t want to just drop it. I’ve spent (extremely) much time in this project, and from the early test sessions, it’s very promising.

What can I do about that? Unfortunately not much and the immediate future doesn’t seem any brighter for me. But I’ll continue to work on it, as fast (slow?) as I can. There seem to be a few people interested in the source code… maybe even contributing? I’ll write a post about open source development soon. My first plans were to build the first 2.0 release alone, and then open it for all to expand and modify. Given the lack of time I’m experiencing at the moment, I’m going to try to manage the development of 2.0 by a small team of volunteers instead.

On the website front, I heard that progress is made, so hopefully a new site will be up soon.

Finally, I have done some work on 2.0. I have applied the new application look and feel to the bottom section of the play area. It was a lot harder than expected… Anyway, now it’s done and I can move on.


As I said in a previous post, the experiment with a new GUI was not very satisfying, so I stick with the old concept for now. A few differences with the old “grey” version:

  •  I’ve created”spin” buttons for the counters.
  • The hand doesn’t scroll when there are too many cards. It squeezes them all into view (see screenshot below).
  • Also, because it seemed to be popular, the card under the mouse curor is zoomed a bit, just for coolness (also on screenshot below).


One thing annoys me with the zoom, though. It’s that the card under your mouse is under the next one in your hand. The problem is that if it comes into front, it may become impossible to select, or even view the card next to it. I’ve thought about it for some time but I couldn’t find any good solution. So for now, the card is bigger, but doesn’t come to front.
Thanks for being with me, and bye bye for now.


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13 Comments on “Who would have thought ? I’m still posting!”

  1. dzejkej Says:


    In Magic Online III card zooming is activated as long as middle mouse button is hold. After you release it, the card returns back behind in the approriate layer. This way you can move it to the front without mentioned drawback.

    What do you think?

  2. Discord Says:

    Hey Jods,

    Welcome back! Work on the GUI looks good, and I presume other players don’t see what cards you are drawing to your hand in the chatbox. 🙂

    I notice the zoomed card in hand is raised slightly from where the other cards sit. This should enable you to put that card in front(so you can read the card if you need to).

    Thus, if you need to immediately zoom on the next card in hand, there should be a little bit of the card visible underneath. Or if that’s not super-obvious, then just move the mouse somewhere else first. 🙂

  3. Dark Spot in the Corner Says:

    Hi there!

    Why not do it like the famous OS X Toolbar? Simply enlarge and give padding to the card you are over and push the rest a bit more together to compensate.

  4. Fred Says:

    Dear All

    OCTGN and Mtgcast proudly presents http://www.octgn.org – the new place for all of your OCTGN needs.

    Come and join us.


  5. Koryu Says:

    wow, finally news! I was awaiting them very impatiently!
    Looks fantastic!
    Nevermind, take as much time for your private life as you need! It’s so much more important!
    But don’t forget us, your awaiting fans.



  6. fox Says:

    Thanks a lot !!!! Good job jods

  7. jods Says:

    The idea is nice and I shall keep that in mind. But currently:

    1. The card is not zoomed enough to be readable, it’s more for the UI to be shiny. Anytime the mouse is over a card, a very big rendering of the card appears on screen. So I think that bringing the card on top is not really required.

    2. For now the middle mouse button is reserved for targetting (but it may change, so I keep your idea in my mind).

    Of course other players don’t see which cards you draw in the chatbox! 😉
    Indeed you could use the lower section of the hand to go to the next card, or just move your mouse away. But I find these behaviors very annoying. When you’re looking at your hand, you just want to move your mouse from left to right in a straight line. Having to wave around is just uncomfortable.

    @Dark Spot in the Corner :
    Yep, I tried this for a little while. But I didn’t really think that the card constantly getting smaller and bigger and moving around were a good metaphor for a hand. Moreover, something really annoyed me. With this system, to select something it does not matter what your mouse is over, but where it lays in proportion to the whole width. I don’t know if I’m very clear, but those who have played with such a “fisheye” list should know what I’m talking about.
    I have spent a long time trying to get this to “feel” good, but I didn’t manage to. So I went back to a simpler design, which is quite nice, too.

  8. Dark Spot in the Corner Says:

    @ Jod:
    I think i know what you mean. 😉
    How about some kind of “inspect” button. Simply mouse over something (a card e.g.) and hold down the “inspect” button (the “alt” key for example) and a large visual representation of the element under your mouse will be displayed on the screen (i would suggest to layer it on top of everything, just on the screen center. This would represent the physical act of pickung up a card and reading it closely). This would not hamper any layouting of the play area, or catch any mouseclicks.

  9. hidetesktaitO Says:

    How are you?

  10. xztheericzx Says:

    i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
    forward to participating. hehe unless i get
    too distracted!


  11. oOgerryOo Says:

    I’m oOgerryOo.

    Just saying hello – I’m new.

  12. Testttyq Says:



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