Cardfloppers is down

Ok, reading the many comments on my last post, it is obvious that something has to be said.

The cardfloppers website is down. The reason is, phpBB boards are crap. No conspiracy involving the Willains of the Coast or things like that, please.

Cardfloppers will get up again. Your beloved administrators are working on it. This community is run by a small group of generous people doing this as a hobby. Which means that they have no time, no money and they do the best they can to help besides having a real life. It will obviously take a little more time to get the web site up again than your average paid-for professional support.

In the meantime, the IRC chat is always functionnal. Thanks for your patience.


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23 Comments on “Cardfloppers is down”

  1. Endurion Says:

    I would be happy to host a download link to the core application files! That is, if anyone could provide me with them….

    Could someone please get them to me somehow? Contact me at or send them directly to endurion_at_gmail_dot_com

  2. Carter Williams Says:

    yea… A download link would be appreciated… if someone could post a link here that would be awesome. If someone emails it to me, then I’ll upload it somewhere so that others can download it. Cause any link I find to it simply links to the cardfloppers site and it’s down.

    Please post a link here or email it to me at simoyd@at@rogers@dot@com

  3. anonymous Says:

    Hey… does anyone know why i would be having trouble connecting through the OCTGN chat client? What server/port should I be using? I am currently set to 6667… is this correct or should i change it?

  4. Carter Williams Says:

    Since the devs are apparently incapable of posting a link to their software on their own site, I will post one for them:

    Enter the letters required and click download (at the top). This link will only work for a couple weeks, then I’ll have to put it up again, If the devs still don’t have a link to their own software by then and the link doesn’t work anymore, then just email me at simoyd@at@rogers@dot@com.

  5. roblethal Says:

    Mr. Williams,
    The developer for Octgn 2.0 is not the same developer of OCTGN 1.x. The fact that a link to Octgn 1.x has not posted it here has nothing to do with incapability. I can only assume the reason for your malicious comment is attributed to the fact that you are simply misinformed, or ignorant. In the future, please be aware of the things you post, so you don’t look ridiculous.

  6. endurion Says:


    I think the fact that Williams posted the wrong version of the file could well be due to the fact that OCTGN 2.0 IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. I also believe that is the reason for his frustration, and hence the comments. Is it malicious to say that the devs are incapable of posting a link to OCTGN 2.0 when in fact they simply have not? Why is this?

    Perhaps you would instead care to be of help to those of us who are still looking for a link to OCTGN 2.0?

  7. jods Says:

    “I think the fact that Williams posted the wrong version of the file could well be due to the fact that OCTGN 2.0 IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.”

    Indeed, OCTGN 2.0 is not available anywhere and has never been. It is still in development and no public beta has been published yet.

    I don’t know how many of you are “still looking for a link to OCTGN 2.0” but if you read this blog I think you should have known better. You came here and complained about the fact that cardfloppers is temporarilly down six times. If that’s why you’re here, please stop. This kind of discussion should take place in the chat room.


  8. God of Thunder Says:

    Any ETA on cf being back up or the release of OVTGN2.0?

  9. netanelbi Says:

    when can we download OCTGN 2.0??
    i can’t wait anymore

  10. Fox Says:

    Is there a prevision for the date of liberation? It’s making me crazy! Please.

  11. jods Says:

    @God of Thunder, netanelbi and Fox:
    Sorry but I have no good news for you, yet. Currently I’m having a few trouble in my real life, so I have to say that I put OCTGN aside for a moment. Hopefully things will get better in the weeks to come.

    As for the final release, it’s still too early to be able to make a good guess.

  12. Discord Says:

    Best o’ luck sorting your current troubles, Jods. Look forward to having ya back.

  13. Ziktur Says:

    Sorry to hear about life troubles Jods. Life is a bitch some days.

    I’ve had computer troubles, and with the time change last month put us even farther off on trying to meet up online about the gui.

    I got a few basic windows done up, but was lost after that. LOL.

    I’m still trying though.

    For anyone trying to get the Octgn 1.x software,

    Just jump on to the chat and someone will probably send it to you.

    They did it for me. I’ve been needing it since my last reinstall of the os. LOL

    Otherwise drop me a line at and i’ll send you the .exe.

    Hopefully things get better for you Jods. Send me a line too since I lost my contact stuff for messenger, and the info I had was on the cardfloppers site. LOL.


  14. Jojo Says:

    I’m crazy about realesa date too 🙂
    Cant’ wait to download it 😉

  15. Askjosh Says:

    Hey just thought you all might like to know that there is a new deck builder and inventory management software being developed as we speak.

    The software is being developed by fortyeightkb. I am in charge of developing the website and testing the current alpha release of our deck builder / inventory manager software.

    I have created a site to host the project and will get some screen shots of it up some time this next week. the site is

    Please check the site out and sign up. I will post some screen shots of it by next saturday the 5th of may, as well as a brief description about the software.

    untill then good night and im sorry I cant get this done sooner but I have to work for a living.

  16. Ziktur Says:

    Ok, I registered, but what exactly is all of it? Other than whats known from the name.

  17. Askjosh Says:

    The site has two goals. One is to provide and online database of cards for all of the major trading cards starting with world of warcraft. The second goals is to promote a new deck building and inventory management software that is being designed from the ground up to support all the major trading card games.

    The CGDB software will be modular with a universal core that will display the cards in a table format, with a preview pane that will display an image of the card that is currently selected. The trading card games will be loaded as modules, thus allowing you to manage your world of warcraft and magic the gathering trading cards and decks from the same interface.

  18. Askjosh Says:

    we will be starting with world of warcraft, but in the future we have plans to include magic the gathering, yu-gi-ho and others.

  19. zaroastra Says:

    hi, is it possible to get the code? I could help in particular I’m quite interested in doing the few teaks necessary to play vampire TES.
    I could also help you server wise. drop me a mail if interested.

  20. BlackMamba Says:

    This is an open source project, and like many open source projects, it’s hosted on The source code is available for browsing here (if you’re not familiar with SVN):

  21. Will Farrington Says:


    First, I would like to express my sympathies regarding your recent issues as far as the website goes. It’s a pity when things like this occur, and they often result in hours of redundant work.

    But, to the issue at hand: development is slow. Are you, as the developers at fault for this? Not really. We all have things in our life that need attending to before coding. No one can nor should hold you at fault for addressing personal issues before sitting back down at the computer. However, there are ways that you could attract not only potential developers, but also have an active set of people testing OCTGN for bugs throughout development. In the FLOSS world, we usually refer to these as revision control systems.

    I’m not sure of your level of interaction in the past or present regarding FLOSS, so if I end up repeating a lot of information you’re well aware of, I apologize. Anyway, one of the most popular revision control systems on the Internet is Subversion, more commonly known as SVN. Since you’ve stated already that OCTGN 2.0 is probably going the route of the GPL anyway (a move I must commend heartily!), implementing an SVN repository would, I think, be in your benefit. Naturally, with SVN, you can restrict uploading capability and the like to people who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable coders. However, in the interim, SVN would effectively allow even moderately experienced coders to checkout a copy of the source tree and apply their own bug fixes or extend bits of functionality, and submit a diff to you to apply to the SVN trunk. Similarly, those users who absolutely must have new-as-can-be code can use it as they please and save you a lot of time trying to find possible bugs – this would of course be best supplemented by a Bugzilla or Trac or similar.

    In reality, .NET 3.0 and C# in particular are widely taught languages; there is not exactly a shortage of people who know either. Furthermore, with .NET 3.0 now being implemented in Mono – an implementation of the .NET ECMA standard that is chiefly employed on Linux in order to use the .NET platform, C#, et al. – there will almost assuredly be interest in making the changes necessary to have a Mono-ready (and hence, Linux ready) port of the 2.0 source.

    In the end, the project really only stands to gain by opening up development. The only real drawback is that yes, some idiots will checkout the trunk and build it, and bitch when it doesn’t work. But the fact of the matter is, they’re idiots for expecting anything in SVN to be stable. This is an opportunity to help speed up development and encourage new developers to help: it should be considered.

    Thank you for your time.

  22. Fred Says:

    Dear All

    OCTGN and Mtgcast proudly presents – the new place for all of your OCTGN needs.

    Come and join us.


  23. LordHawk Says:

    Hello my name is LordHawk and im working on an online website for online magic the gathering play. This is a 100% free league. I would like support octgn but i know very little about it. If you could contact me back it would be much appreciated

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