The lobby

Just to keep your interest level high, here’s a new little screeny I’ve done this week:


I like to call this screen “the lobby”. When you start a server (or connect to a server, in which case the Start button would not be visible) this window pops up. It is a place where you can chit-chat with others until all players have joined the game. When everyone is here, the “server” hits the start button and the game area appears. Notice that at this time no player would be able to join the game any more.

I don’t think it’s a big issue that players can’t join a game in progress, since it usually maks no sense… I want to allow spectators to leave and join at any time but haven’t done this yet. (Spectating is probably a 2.1 feature).

By the way, the red and green colors on the left don’t reflect any “error” status. In 2.0 each player has an associated color to make easier to spot “whose is that thingy”. It just happens that in this screen the first player associated with green and the second to red (a third one may be blue, fourth yellow, fifth whatever…).

I will probably have something more exciting next time!

Bye for now,


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12 Comments on “The lobby”

  1. roblethal Says:

    looks pretty slick, jods! I’m digging the Vista look. Curious though, and this may have been previously answered. Will 2.0 ONLY run on Vista? Or will it be backward compatible?

  2. roblethal Says:

    BTW. It says OCaTGoN, not OCTaGoN.

  3. Kempeth Says:

    I sure hope it’s backward compatible. A Vista only OCTGN would suck big time!

    Anyway. I would make the user list a little smaller and with thinner bars. It would free up some space for the chat. It looks rather bulky right now and just overwhelms the chat panel.

    I like the general design though. It’s hot!

  4. exspecto Says:

    >>Will 2.0 ONLY run on Vista? Or will it be backward compatible?

    I thought you just needed .NET 3.0 (

  5. exspecto Says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to make the page look weird with the long url. I am putting the link in the “website” field this time in case you want to delete my other comment.

    Original comment text follows:

    >>Will 2.0 ONLY run on Vista? Or will it be backward compatible?

    I thought you just needed .NET 3.0 (click on my username for the link)

  6. Kempeth Says:

    Well. I don’t really think it would be Vista only. My post came out a little overreacting. It’s just a sensitive nerve of me…

  7. jods Says:

    OCTGN will work on XP. Actually, all the screen shots you see are made on XP: although I have the Vista DVDs laying on my desk I probably won’t install it before I get a new computer.

    (BTW: the official release to market for Vista is 30th January. It is currently only available to MSDN subscribers).

  8. x Says:

    Looks good – clean and usable. I’ll be very excited when this is ready for use or even testing!

  9. exspecto Says:

    argh! is down. it says that someone needs to pay the bill.

  10. Gaspare Says:

    Hi, I want to thank jods for the hard job and hope to try a beta version of octgn 2.0 soon. Also, I want to ask if there will be an option in the deck editor to modify the deck “on the fly” by adding or leaving cards, when I’m testing it in the play window.
    Now with octgn 1.0, when testing a new deck I’ve created, if I want to change some cards for example, I have to:

    1. Enter the editor
    2. Search the cards
    3. save the deck.
    4. Reload the deck
    5. Test it.

    It would be nice to make these steps directly usable when testing, for example with a context menu with editor options (search/add/remove cards) or something like that…
    Could it be possible or it is too difficult/not useful ??
    Thanks again!!

  11. jods Says:

    It shouldn’t be too difficult a feature to add, but it wasn’t on my plans.
    I think it’s a good idea, and I’ll probably consider it when planning the 2.1 version.

    Thanks for the input!

  12. hugo letona Says:

    please give a try!!!!!!

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