Happy new year!

I wish an happy new year to all my fellow readers!

I hope 2007 will bring all kind of goodies to each of you. One goodie that should be available in 2007 is OCTGN 2.0 and I am very excited about it! *crosses fingers*

Speaking about OCTGN, 2007 was the opportunity to have the first round of tests on the .NET 3.0 implementation with Fork. Fork had already tremendously helped with the series of builds based on .NET 2.0, but we haven’t had any games since I ported to code to 3.0… way back then!

Everything went quite good – except that we discovered that OCTGN 2.0 seems to make MS Virtual Desktop crash. 😦 We pinned down a few things, which could be improved in the new GUI (done by now). When asked about the new OCTGN client Fork had only three words: “I like it”. Maybe he’ll be willing to share more impressions with you if you ask nicely πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the new year!


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8 Comments on “Happy new year!”

  1. Fork Says:

    No need to ask, let me just check the OCTGN 2 logs, as I said something more than “I like it”. πŸ˜‰

    EDIT: Uh… jods: You haven’t implented logging into .NET 3.0. yet? I remember logs were there before code rewrite…

    Well, here are some cool things from top of my head:
    -Animation of cards when morphed, flipped and tapped them.
    -True full screen play area by pressing f11.
    -Automatic zooming of play area by mouse scroll wheel and smooth, automatic scalability of area when a card was played outside opponent’s view area.
    -Options were made more ‘standard like’ when compared to octgn 1.
    -Fast and intuitive counter adding system.

    So in overall the client is definitely on the right tracks:The overall ‘feel’ when using it is good, it’s stable (I couldn’t crash it even if tried to) and a lot has changed since I last tested it with jods.
    But as jods has stated many times, there’s still lot to do.

    Thanks jods, and happy new year to you too!

  2. exspecto Says:

    I was sitting around hoping and wishing for an update. It’s a dream come true!

  3. Kempeth Says:

    Sounds cool!

    What do I have to do for a peek on it of my own?

  4. jods Says:

    it’s very, very easy. Really. Just sit here and wait. A lot of patience and you will get there, eventually.

    To be more specific I plan to do the following:

    1. While developing v2 Fork has been and is still the only person, whom I am testing with. He is a long-time member and a very active one. He volunteered when I first needed someone to test my code…

    2. In a few months I hope that v2 will roughly become playable at least for several games. At this time I am planning to open an alpha for all the game creators out there. Their feedback will be very valuable since they are the best persons to notice missing required features.

    3. When most bugs are gone and all the required feature there I will open a beta phase. Open to all, or maybe first restricted to some players followed by a second open phase, I still don’t know.

    4. Finally we go live on cardfloppers, and enter a new development cycle: 2.1 will be the maintenance of 2.0 (i.e. bug fixes) plus the development of the many features, which were left behind in 2.0.

  5. roblethal Says:

    2007 is the year for OCTGN 2.0?!? Exciting indeed. I just downloaded the patched for 1.x… should I wait? Oh jods, oh jods… if only you didn’t have to eat… or sleep… or work… then that would really be something! πŸ˜›

    In all seriousness, I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog while abroad, and I look forward to seeing what you have for us!


  6. Kempeth Says:

    Indeed… πŸ˜‰

    Especially work and sleep. Eating is fun and doesn’t take that long…

  7. jods Says:


    I actually enjoy eating and sleeping. But work…

    I like my work, mind you. But it should be forbidden to work that much. I have so little spare time during the week… 😦
    Anyway, I suppose that’s how life goes.

  8. makkert Says:

    My oh my….
    haven’t you been a busy bee?

    First time I noticed this blog.

    ~ Makkert

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