Hi again!

I am taking some time to polish things up a bit. This unfortunately means no new splashy features for a week or two. But this is needed so that I can do some serious beta testing during the holidays. The current code base has a few sharp edges…

While making defects vanish, I figured out it was time to finalize the launcher GUI. Since no designer had suggested to help me at the time, I just did it myself. Here’s the result and – for those who wonder – my working environment when designing OCTGN 2.0. (Click on the picture, it was too big to be put inline)

Designing the launcher

Yes, I am a fan of the bluish, glassy themes. I would like to have a white plastic theme, too. And maybe a darker/black ones because they are quite popular at the moment. Anyway, alternative themes are delayed until I have some time to do them.

Speaking about design and designers, one guy has stood up amongst the crowd. Fred is willing to help with the design of 2.0! I still have to have some talk with him (hopefully this week-end). Anyway I hope good things will come from this collaboration.

Bye all,


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8 Comments on “Design”

  1. eyerouge Says:

    off tropic: I’m currently involved in the development of a free ccg ( and we’ll use octgn2 for the online play. Where can I find info about how the spoiler files should look like and the syntax used inside them? Haven’t seen it discussed here and don’t know where to turn.

    I think it would be quite a large benefit if these details were released to the public since it would also mean that the first games for octgn2 can come out much faster, insuring that users don’t download a great engine that only has 1 – 2 games, resulting in them abandoning it.

  2. jods Says:

    I want to encourage as many people as possible to create games for 2.0. The details of the game format will get published as soon as possible. However, the game format is not complete yet, and may change.

    Nonetheless I am willing to help you create a game for 2.0. If you tell me what your game requirements are (send me a PM), I will try to include them in the first beta, and I will provide you with the details you need to create the game definition.

  3. Gryc Ueusp Says:

    Strangely enough, we over at are waiting on a working version of OCTGN 2 so we can move along with development of our cardgame.

    Just thought I’d let you know that there are a few independent card game projects waiting on that beta.

  4. Jobie Says:

    I haven’t been around here in a while. I’m glad to see the large amount of progress going on. Good luck with the rest of development. Can’t wait to be one of the first of many downloaders of the final version.

  5. Looking good so far – one thing I will state is tat you really need to use a fairly standard file/options/help menu bar, no matter the theme. The nonstandard interface is what stops a lot of new players getting into OCTGN 1.

  6. Loxodrome Says:

    I will toss my card on the table as one of the people waiting for 2.0 to start testing my CCG as well.

    Looks good so far though, and from what little has been released on features for “open source” games with multiple Dbase support is great..

    Though I am wondering about support for games that are not magic based in so far as interface modifications.. I understand that Dbase is “supposed” to support non-magic based… just not sure how the interface will react to this.. or how to customize it after release.

  7. Many of my users are trying to play with OCTGN. I’d help in any way possible and also would like to be a tester for 2.0 with wowtcg.

    Let me know, thanks.

  8. jods Says:

    no worry about the standard interface. I think I mentionned in one of the first posts that it was a big problem for new comers with v1 – and I agree with them. 😉

    v2 is buit from the very beginning as a very generic virtual table to play card games, in particular the CCG kind. The GUI has absolutely nothing “Magic” built in, or any other game.
    The screen shots are a bit misleading as they often depicts Magic cards. That’s because I’m testing the table with this game, which I know well. But if you look at the early posts in this blog you will find screenshots of Blue Moon. The truth here is that I’m too lazy to create new test games.
    I can promiss you that MtG is no “better” citizen than any other game when it comes to OCTGN v2.

    hey, that’s really great to see so many people interested in v2. What excites me most is that we have so many different games community interested!
    I definitively wants to include the best possible support for all games. That’s the reason why I will open a “alpha” test phase opens to game designers. So stay tuned to this blog: I will call out for game creators when the time comes. And at this time I’ll do everything I can to help you create a WoW patch (or whatever game you’d like).

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